Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle
Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle

Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle, Software channel strip from Softube in the Tube-Tech series.

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Akleson 10/15/2011

Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle : Akleson's user review

«  Bluffing! »

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Very easy to install. You download the installer global (all plug-ins Softube), we choose one that fits, and it works. Used in Pro Tools (RTAS in), fits perfectly. A priori, no need for manual, the app works like the real machine, except for the small additional band, but very explicit.


Config: Intel i7 2600K OC to 4.4 GHz, 16GB RAM, 64bit W7 on an SSD, sound card Digi003. Everything is perfectly stable. On an empty test session (without audio) in 24bits/88.2KHz, I reach 60% of the CPU by opening it 50 times. But using it is actually much more greedy.


Purchased by chance, to try, in a case falling US eBay. I have this plug-in for about 2 months and uses it every day mix music. But I know the original machines for several years, and have often used in the studio, and I'm a fan! Well now the same for this version software. There are many characteristics of both EQ, you can exaggerate the boost without obtaining a result delusional, it's still soft and musical. But most impressive is the compressor (CL-1B), which both still cash big cuts, type bass drum or bass, and keeps a total control of the signal. And the real novelty with this software (except when we have the means to the hardware) is being able to make a bracket to put on the stereo mix ... almost there I discovered a new world: I was used to SSL master bus compressor (real and software), but I changed my favorite! She can get into it without fear, and brings the body, and even space by building up the instruments or stereo reverbs. So, I repeat the previous mix, and the remake just for fun. A very good surprise.