Softube Metal Amp Room
Softube Metal Amp Room

Metal Amp Room, Software Amp Simulator from Softube in the Amp Room series.

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madchap 08/09/2010

Softube Metal Amp Room : madchap's user review


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No. bp


this plug in is really not very hungry =)


Metal Amp Room .... we already know what to expect ... jai waited a few months before posting this notice in order to know well the plug-in

then to begin, yes there is a amp! and yes there are only 2 cab Offer (each with 2 mic anyway) ...

But who needs 500 amps when it sounds! the grain of the amp offers is resolutely modern and perfectly adapted to the (very) big sound ...

lheure has now is simply the only plugin that brings such a level of realism. The sound of one hand and punch "organic" absent among competing ... it makes really like an amp that is recorded, and it does not sound "chemical"

despite the fact that there is a choice that more restraint, we can obtain many textures by varying the placement of microphones and options (deep / scoop / lead / phase ...) which allows for addressing has any style of metal and rock.

wholesale AC goes from big crunch to the AC / DC, although distortion of thick kind Deicide, Behemoth ... (Or any other group of barbarians ^ ^)

also integrated noise gate is great.

I put 9 because the software saves the format of the DAW ... so if you use more than one DAW you end up with multiple incompatible formats ... apparently this will be corrected by an update to see ...