Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C
Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C

Tube-Tech PE 1C, Software parametric EQ from Softube in the Tube-Tech series.

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pilip 02/10/2011

Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C : pilip's user review

«  EQ very mudical, superb emulation! »

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The placement of the knobs is pretty damn bad I think, the first knob "mitigation" attenuates frequencies identical to the bass boost. The treble attenuator has a variable frequency cons that can be chosen via the selector in the upper right (5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz)

The change of Q (in the middle of the ring road) is only designed to boost the treble.

it's so damn bad, that many shops on the net are wrong in saying that the first attenuator attenuates the medium, which is completely false! (And as they copy each other information about the products they sell, and although they were all wrong! HOME STUDIO WORLD SOUNDS etc. ... all this not very serious)


conso correct (not transparent)


very good EQ. I've never used the original, but after many videos and listened to demos, gait and stains are made in the same spirit as the original (well the TUBETECH the pultec I do not know, apparently he would have 2 frequencies less in the treble switch)

It really works on battery bus, especially on BAR, the bottom is very punchy, as if the sub planing and swelled to death following frequencies.
but I often read that the bass is very special, we're talking about serious "pultec-ien" and it is clear that it's clean and distinctive. The kicker BAR becomes big "ball" which collects and mixes easily. (AC also needs some compression as it is a ring road "all tube")

You have to play with the knobs and faders boost this changes the frequency curve I do not know how but it stains and the result is very interesting.

This emulation is perfect for me, after it has no equalizer in the medium, I think it should be used to color more of a source additional EQ, and not as the main EQ.

TUBETECH this EQ is a reference, it is part of the pantheon of EQ!

(The guys at tech tube were impressed rendering plug-in, even if they insist on saying: "There's nothing like the real thing!")