Softube Tube-Tech CL1B
Softube Tube-Tech CL1B

Tube-Tech CL1B, Software compressor from Softube in the Tube-Tech series.

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Micky201 08/18/2011

Softube Tube-Tech CL1B : Micky201's user review

«  Compressor magical and colorful »

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Can not say, I tried it on a system where it was already installed.


Relatively low CPU consumption.


Let us come before it. This compressor is very colorful, it provides warmth in the mids. It is still quite transparent compared to other such qu'un1176 of variety and density of sound (simulation fairchild). But the color is there. It erodes still a bit low, but to bring out the low mids. I have nothing better to put a bass in a mix in just a few seconds. It brings out the bass in a perfectly controlled (dynamic and clarity) and with adequate heat without drooling or be crushed. The voice he brings out the mids not seem muddy, it shows the dimension "throat" of the vote but in a smooth, almost as if it was out (but subtly) the harmonic basis of the song.
It is very (too) expensive. But I think it's a good investment. Maybe one day I'll buy ...