Music with touch devices reviews

  • A review of the Alesis DM Dock drum interface

    A review of the Alesis DM Dock drum interface - It's Sittin' On the Dock While You Play


    Following in the footsteps of its I/O Dock, which provided iPad musicians with a fully featured audio and MIDI interface with a docking slot, Alesis has released the DM Dock. Aimed at iPad drummers and percussionists, it’s an iOS and Mac/PC MIDI interface featuring 13 1/4” trigger inputs. It allows electronic drummers to access drum and percussion…

  • Review of Alesis iO Dock II

    Review of Alesis iO Dock II - What's Up, Dock?


    The iO Dock II is the latest version of the Alesis all-in-one audio and MIDI interface for iPad, and includes mic preamps, monitoring facilities and more, making music production super easy. Let’s see what’s new in this version, and take it for a test drive.

  • Zoom iQ5 Review

    Zoom iQ5 Review - iPhone with a Higher iQ


    In addition to its H1, H2, H4, and H6 recorders, Zoom has created a microphone compatible with Lightning-equipped iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models.

  • Line 6 Sonic Port Review

    Line 6 Sonic Port Review - A Pod For The iPad


    Line 6 was among the first manufacturers to offer peripheral devices for iOS and now it has decided to up the stakes with Sonic Ports, a guitar/bass audio interface with a very aggressive price/performance ratio

  • IK Multimedia iRig HD Review

    IK Multimedia iRig HD Review - iGain


    After Apogee, now it's IK Multimedia's turn to present an audio interface for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac aimed at nomad guitarists.

  • IK Multimedia iRig Pro Review

    IK Multimedia iRig Pro Review - IK Rigs It Again


    Decisively relentless, IK Multimedia completes its iOS interface series with the iRig Pro. Pro? Three letters that imply that what we have in our hands is an iOS interface capable of managing a microphone, a guitar or a line level signal, while also featuring a MIDI input... The perfect interface?

  • Steinberg Cubasis iPad App Review

    Steinberg Cubasis iPad App Review - iCubasis Lite


    Even at its relatively young age, the iPad has already placed itself at the head of an extensive audio software library, running sequencers that are far more than simple toys. The latest arrival in this category, Cubasis from Steinberg, is not without its limitations, but has enough qualities to ensure its rightful place on the podium. See the f…

  • Making Music on the iPad

    Making Music on the iPad - The iPad for Musicians: Present State


    Considered a bulky iPhone by its detractors when it was first presented, the iPad has been revolutionizing the market of mobile computing ever since — and our DAWs as a consequence. A good enough reason to take a stand on the issue. Let's start with an overview of Apple's offering.

  • Audiofile Engineering Quiztones Review

    Audiofile Engineering Quiztones Review - Ear Training for Dummies


    As engineers, we all have particular strengths and weaknesses. Some are musically gifted and play multiple instruments, while others naturally take to composition. However, what about the most basic of skills – our hearing?

  • Apogee Mic Review

    Apogee Mic Review - iMic


    The invasion of smartphones and tablets has had a big impact on many different industries and the home-studio world is no exception. Many software and hardware products for iPhone and Android phones have been developed. Apogee, which has been married with Apple for several years, followed this trend by launching the JAM last year, an interface to …