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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews )
 8 reviews47 %
 5 reviews29 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

yoTrakkz's review"classic "

Arturia Spark
The spark is a great forward thinking idea put forth by Arturia. I wasn't sure what to expect considering this was Arturia's first walk in the park with a drum type machine and it was to be my first drum machine, but I have been very happy with the results. At this price point, I am very pleased with my purchase. The spark boasts some big time features as well as emulations of the famed 808, 909, and more. I wasn't expecting much from the content that came with the machine, since I already have so many sample drum packs, but I was floored by the quality of the included samples.

The manual was very clear and sufficient. I really didnt even need it!

The quality of the samples caught me off guard. The interface looks a bit tricky and confusing at first, but within minutes I was jamming. The way everything integrates is very easy to understand which was a concern of mine. Spark is a unique instrument and approach to building drums but it is also a very straight forward and easy to understand instrument. Basically, you can create up to 16 tracks, each with up to 64 steps. These tracks are numbered 1-16 and placed in a circle.

Overall, I can sit and play with Spark for hours and have so much fun. Bringing back the tactile feel of a drum machine that’s been missing from my arsenal for so long, but adding features that are very cleverly thought out and making them easy to get to.
Spark ships with a great array of sounds and as I mentioned, it’s easy to change banks or individual sounds within a bank and add your own sounds.
Probably the most amazing thing about Spark is the price. I had to look a couple of times to realize that at $599 retail, the hardware controller comes with Spark. How Arturia does this with such a great piece of hardware is nothing short of incredible.

James...'s review"One of my favorite drum machines"

Arturia Spark
Totally independant unit. Tons of drum sounds. This unit is very much its own thing. I'm not sure I can compare it to any other drum machine. The capability is well on par with the price point. The stock content is actually very good. 808 drums. 30 kits. I could talk about this thing all day but I won't get too deep into the features yet.

The interface is a bit tricky at first. I would describe it as slightly futuristic. But after you get the swing of things and maybe read the manual it becomes quite easy to use. It runs like a mixing board almost. You can run 16 tracks with 64 steps. You select the tracks via the circular dial. It's quite a unique system. Each track has a preset loaded from your bank. You have a number of onboard effects to pick from and they are surprisingly really good, just like the samples. Using it like this it's not too complicated but be warned that's just the surface. You can get very deep with the Spark. Personally I never get too crazy with it as I basically stick to some classic sounds. I use the effects sparingly but not because they are bad at all.

The sounds are kind of a vintage meets modern style. The 808's are of course more in line with newer stuff, while the linndrum sounds do the 80's thing. Honestly there's just a lot of great classic sounds here and no matter what your style of music you can probably find your kit. I use them all at one time or the other. It definitely does lean more toward the vintage sounds though. It's not quite a hip hop sounding unit at its core. The effects are good, although you need to have experience dialing them in.

I really like the unique interface. It's what originally drew me to the unit. This was actually my first drum machine so at the time I didn't realize how weird this thing was. My initial concern was the kits quality but admittedly these are some of the best kits out there even in the computer realm. Especially the linndrum and the 808 stuff. I think the value is amazing considering the quality you get here. Highly recommended unit especially if you do vintage stuff.

LooLoo13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The big fat"

Arturia Spark
Usb port port midi in and out c is hybrid controller requires
Nbrx sounds styles etc. .... (good idea of ​​guys ARTURIA to develop patterns by beautiful people ... Crystal distortion)
Multi thoughtful internal effects (2 +2 per track back two master) list of effects that s the stuff As of SHIFT.
Editable sounds a configurable wish.
Intuitive step-sequencer recording very simple wholes automations and melodies on the fly.
16 pattern on 4 banks to change all that.
Slide pad to control and filter effects bitcrusher repeat the Master.

Instalation no problem authorization online via ARTURIA.COM
Clear and legible menu preferences.
The app is very clear no need for manual in case of trouble I shall be only too you advise regader the tutorial 8 of Franco la muerte that will brighten all your lanterns.

Very quickly seduced by the use of SimpliciTee the number of control and modulation possibilities.
Like any machine, it is important not to stop s internal sounds which incidentally
bill are more than adequate.
The use of its own samples and sound banks will be much more interesting.
Any type of kit eternal LINN TR ... to more current kit there for everyone.
Much relief in the way of playing the game right expression

I ve swapped spark without really knowing the beast
and the least I can say is that I didn t was disappointed.
Who has some groove-box models (MC303 mc 909 rm1x MPC2000XL quasimidi rave-o-lution various Korg drum machines ... and innovation DrumStation jomox ..)
I love the classic BAR Type 909 but I find some interest in new types of production tools such as spark or maschine.
Spark a very good compromise at an affordable price.
Hybrid tools (mi-soft/mi-hard) will increasingly be only developed and are a great addition
Finally the most important orientation sonoritées the beat-making and the price used to make me really SPARK indispenssable a current home-studio.
PS: the big question SPARK or MASCHINE I find them quite different in fact I do not really understand the debate.
Go tchoooo.

jonathan44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" favorite on the spark"

Arturia Spark
I am using my spark with an average hp pavilion dv7 laptop, it runs very well even if I want to change the pc for more fluidity and thus push the software to its connection maximum.niveau c moi.le is perfect for a single default my taste is the lack of a current even though many efforts have been made to the side, thank you simon carter (Crystal Distortion) a very good idea to ask for underground artists.

worthy configuration good old Korg much more opportunity, I would simple ergonomique.l edition of the sounds is in my super easy way, regarding the effects I prefer designe of sparkle or you can assign a single effect on a single pad facilement.sinon a clear manual.

sounds suited to my style of music, especially on the last update: dub step, drum and bass, techno and if compared to a native maschine in it makes little sounds I find good quality in all . sounds are realistic in all because I bluff musician friends all lacks a bit of string instruments, guitar, bass etc. A small flat on the aftertouch response and sounds to the keys.

I used the last more than 2 years before I had several Korg EMX1 esxi, the roland 909 505, the yam rm1x etc. .. what I like about this machine is its c sequencer and effects as well as one, easy and affordable software has in the belly if you want to push a technology anymore loin.un its value for money no doubt! again this choice?? the course because I love my spark.
Jean Bonbeurre08/05/2013

Jean Bonbeurre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good box!"

Arturia Spark
Hard controller with Software PC / MAC compatible.
MIDI In and Out on the controller.
Touch Pad effects.

1500 + instruments with different complete kits.

All the editable sounds of their respective motor (sample / TAE / Physical modeling)
The sequences can be constructed on the fly, via a type TR sequencer and mouse via the GUI.
Step automation is available since V1.7 (released July 2013)

7/10 because sparkle reviews the control interface even more intuitive (I'm on Spark CDM)

Installation is very simple, no worries or other rights, everything is done correctly.
The manual has been enhanced from the 1.7, but sufficient because the machine is not really complex controller shortcuts are simple and easy to use (Select + *)

The issue is simple, though spark in CDM, the controller is provided with enough knobs that that can easily be mistaken, this is fixed in sparkle (my feelings)

The new browser allows you to enter more than just spark 1.5 to change kits / projects / instruments, loading them is almost instantaneous, saving time, more production.


I think it sounds good, not too cheap.
The only downside is that on too many kits factory, using the compressor is everywhere, I would say to give a little more personality to the machine, not missing a lot of elements in TAE and also have the opportunity to put on a bus real little synth inspired by existing thing, but the sauce arturia :)


I used RS700, RM1X, Electribe, and some rhythmic sequencers software (hydrogen), I have unfortunately not been able to compare a maschine or the akai mpc, but the boxes tested, this is by far the machine which I easily create rhythmic and inspiring.

This is a very good product, development continues to progress, from V1, many things have improved summers, access to beta test is open to all and very interesting, because the dev can put your needs for the next version :)

The carrier is arturia reagent.


Very good product.

wxc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's great!"

Arturia Spark
What connections (audio, MIDI ...)?
She plugged in usb, but I also used twelve o'clock via um1 edirol interface

He has an effects section?
Yes it is very good meme

How sounds, styles available? Are they edited? Through a utility Mac / PC?
The spark is delivered with great sounds, and can download other Arturia expensive, but I mostly use my own sounds.

What caractériques sequencer? ...
I use pro tools 11 and I test at the same time the new Spark 1.7 beta 5 software that works very well!

The general configuration is it simple? Editing sounds and effects is it easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Yes everything is very simple.

The sounds they suit your style of music?
Yes it is his as I buy!

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...
808 rpm can not be top but with a bit of work you get a fix it, but the sounds are not the perfect copy but you have to work on it to get something very good!

How long have you use it?
1 me soon.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
There are very lomptemps I had a roland tr 505

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I love everything made, I dreamed for some time!

How would you rate the quality / price?
I lai buy used 150 euros (one case)
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

djfacile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" But less well as NI Maschine or Electribe"

Arturia Spark
effects are correct, the xy pad ca c 'is (Novation inspiration ...)
# The screen is not terrible terrible, however the interface is impeccable!

Super easy to use! No instructions needed. While thinking drag n drop
The manual is thick but really not necessary!

The sounds are very good in all but n # there is not much compared to 16,000 in Maschine. You will need to import your own, but there may be large differences in quality and volume!
The sounds are not as good as on NI Maschine

I use 4 Months, But after having tried the Maschine Native Instruments, I immediately sold!
Problem she can not concentrate on the rhythms ...
Latency is noteworthy is the reaction of the pads.
Face Maschine it is unfortunately not the weight!
c is the most accessible bank in 4 of 16 Patterns
The plastic knobs are not convincing and really annoying latency ca ...
Good Product for 300 Euros secondhand, although NI Maschine Mikro between 199 Euros and has even secondhand Spark to 300 Euros, the choice to wear Maschine.
Not with the experience I would do that choice, however it is a machine which can be very interesting in a future version will be more convincing.
Already by starting to put pads and at least 16 banks A, B, C, D or like Akai MPC Maschine, because 16 sounds Maxima Tracks by c # is that .. See Frustrating Leger has long
Do not count on almost Patterns program is very hip hop R # NB, ca reminds patterns of the EMU MP7!
The spark she seduced very quickly at first, but you get tired very quickly to only 16 songs with sounds .... Damage, but Arturia should be trying to work on Spark MK2 .. patience, but there is work to catch up Maschine or Akai renaissance novella ... They should consider is the style guide Beat Thang on battery, independent and with a good sound bank ..
Even beat Thang proposes 3000d'origine
But the little fifty parts kits has 16 sounds Arturia is Skinny Cow .. especially since they are more hip hop electro Techno (Case of Gout, but Arturia Analog synth which sells to the moog, I do not see # this too that it took them want to go on the field hiphop, especially with 8 pads Poor (Note Invoice excellent however, I love the quality of the pads!) ...) is 479 Euros, think there 2 times for 300 Euros ... Because we can not afford one secondhand Korg Electribe esx which is much more efficient to live the small Grenoble and uses 250 sounds live ... not 16! :)

Maschine Mikro is currently 199 Euros!

justbecause's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" c_est the ball but ...."

Arturia Spark
Everything is good on the spark .... except 2 things:

Ridiculous Screen
only 16 sounds per kit available! 1 to 8 and 9 to 16! Why so few?
at least 4 times as would have been better!
if 48 Pattern in the hands, that 'the ball!

Daily! The manual is not necessary so the machine makes sense!

C # is the Ball

C # is the ball but I repeat myself!
only 16 sounds per kit available! 1 to 8 and 9 to 16! Why so few?
at least 4 times as would have been better!
Damn ca is the big default !!!!

2toki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a killing"

Arturia Spark
I use it in Live 8 in vst. I made deep techno, so the kit oldscool are perfect. everything is editable with amazingly simple.

stand alone or VST is absolutely awesome.

everything is clear. publishing this fact very easily. drag and drog mode is awesome.

perfect for my style of music.

I use it for 2 months, c is the central machine of my configue. manufacturing is super nice and quality. this is the Arturia.
I'd love that she can stand alone sent a twelve o'clock clock via its MIDI port. history really optimize its use. it can be expected in the next update. this machine is the perfect cross between hard and soft.
Bravo Arturia.

e-choes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Arturia Spark
midi in out, usb

I am satisfied for now, is the most .. AC drives ..

Operation is intuitive it really is going on largely manual,

We find all the advantages of a groove box, it's a real pleasure to deal (in loop mode)
AC leaves much to the imagination ..

and the feast of having the knob of stored above each pad is really well thought out .. we can easily adjust each sound independently and create loops really rich sound.

I do a lot of electronic music right now using analog synths more or less old enough color so hot, and spark up to ca largely I think because the sound is powerful, just as aggressive pr sound heavier than a mild directory hottest hip hop, pop show.

SERIOUSLY I CAN NOT do without it!!

namely that banks are very rich may have downloaded extensions or pack in more ..

I was pleasantly surprised by the samples offered by having ambient sounds of the instruments that limit see the full blow of the rif battery perfectly. I remember hours spent Colé above the spark, it can limit itself to sufir itself is addictive and all of outstanding quality, that's what's right, it sounds powerful and incredible clarity c ' is perfect.

I use it for 6 months and I no longer compose a song without yet I made recently of pop, hip hop and ca's always great.

However I have not used a lot of drum machine before. After I also have a groove box 'Maschine' from native instrument, I find that the drum sound of spark tape over, by the sounds against "Native Instruments" are really excellent, incredible. I do a bit of advertising can be dsl but the alliance "Spark", "Maschine" is amazing (we completely forget the MPC, in my simple opinion of course: p) and if unfortunately you added a little sound " moog "more then this is the beginning of a story ... (Arturia pack offers VST, AU "Moog" very interesting ... not as hot as an original but quite frankly with their particular emulation technology TAE instability reproducing analog oscillators at the time)

sorry I just broadens the subject but anyway go there it is blessed bread!