Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Boss OD-20 Drive Zone

OD-20 Drive Zone, Overdrive pedal from Boss in the Twin Pedals series.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 15 reviews )
 6 reviews40 %
 5 reviews33 %
 1 user review7 %
 3 reviews20 %
Audience: Anyone
Michael McFarland05/29/2020

Michael McFarland's review"gotta know how to use it"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
I tried. And I tried. Could never get a great sound. However, I A/B this unit with some of the originals and it sounded BETTER than BOSS originals.

Just now I was morbidly curious and I put it at the beginning of a pedal board with 15 pedals.

DS-1 is screaming in quality tone. I never liked the original. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

My suggestion is to place unit different parts of your board and see what happens.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss OD-20"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
I bought this unit at a local music stor for $400 (canadian), the price seems a bit high, but this little box lets you have 5 different types of distortion (4 memories and whatever you have the knobs set to), and to buy 5 different distortion stompboxes (even cheap ones) would cost more, plus i live in a fairly rural area, so if you live a city it would probably cost alot less.

I like just about everything about this effect. you can choose between 22 base types of distortion that you can make you 5 settings from, so no matter what style you play, this things got it covered. this box gives you alot more freedom to explore and find the sound you want than a single effect does. i would definatly recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a distortion effect, especially if, like me you would prefere to have more than one type of distorion available.

the fact that you have to cycle through all five settings in a certain order can be anoying, but you can set it on a different memory mode that gets around this, or you can just be quick with your foot, but besides that its an amazing pedal

if you've been looking at any reviews of boss products they all say that their built like tanks. its true, boss made this unit to take what ever kind of abuse you give it, tho I dont see why anyone would want to try and break it, I'm betting nothing short of a large sledge hammer/axe and a body builder with anger problems could evn sratch this thing. if your looking for quality construction in guitar efects, ur honestly not gonna find any thing that beats boss, ask anyone.

bottom line: the tone quality of the efects is amazing, which is the most important part. the thing won't break under anything close to normal use. the price is kinda high, but its well worth it, and to buy 5 effects of this quality would put yoor wallet quite a bit farther into the gutter. also I would recommend buying the ac adaptor for it, since it takes 6 batteries at a time, and I've heard they dont last too long. all-in-all, this is an amazing product and if you can afford it I would highly recommend it.

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MGR/martin c 08/13/2003

MGR/martin c 's review"Boss OD-20"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
i bought this at my local store for £149.99 thinking i could get many great distortins

its built really sturdiy cause its boss all there stuff is built to last

this pedal sucks. none of the distortions sound like what there suposed to sound like for a sdtart the mt-2 is pathetic you would not guess that there supposed to be exact compies of the origanal as they are all very week sounding also quite tiney .

like i said great its boss no faults there

what u see before u buy is not what u get with as it sports 22 different popular brand distortion and overdrive pedals in one twin padeal unit. but in reality its just a freakin paper wait it has a control on it named heavy octave. u would expect this to give your sound more of a punch but it just turns your sound into a complete mess

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MGR/Jason's review"Boss OD-20 Drive Zoner Distortion"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
I bought this off of Musicians Friend for 149, after price matching with

Very's boss, so (had I been dumb enough to keep it) it would've lasted forever. Not made out of plastic crap, everything was very well put together.

All of the distortion sounds are crap...every single one of them is incredibly hollow, and tinny sounding, no matter how you mess with the eq. The "mt-2" sounds nothing like it. The "ds-1" sounds nothing like it. And the attempts to model the old fuzz pedals from back in the day, and various marshall pedal effects are embarrasing. I've played these individual pedals before...and the od-20 is a sad, sad excuse for any guitar player to poor to buy the individual pedals (like me)

Solid...wouldn't ever break, i dont believe.

I play with a b.c. rich platinum warlock, through a crate 212 amp (the new glx model)'s not me or my's this pedal that made me sound horrible. I promptly sent it back, and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone on this planet. The od-20 is horrible...dont let it deter you from buying boss, its the best pedal company around...but the od-20 is just not up to their standards...or anyone's, for that matter.

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fcalas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TOTAL!"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Here is the pedal in the most controversial Boss. Why? I always ask myself the question. Yet it is a double pedal shipping a multitude of pedals more or less known (22 in total) from the overdrive, distortion of the well until mushy fuzz. Compete connection with a very even HP / Phone output to connect the beast on anything other than a guitar amp (a sound, headphones) since it has a HP emulation. In, out, and amp control.
Everything is 100% digital since Boss uses COSM technology to emulate the pedal. And yes, it is only emulation!


To the beast, no need to leave Polytechnique "Yaka turn the knobs" Drive, Bottom (mean serious in Boss), Tone function (we know, it is the treble) Level (which the neighbors love you not) Attack Shape (manages the dynamics of your playing to saturation) and heavy octave octaver that adds serious to the large metal spot! Then there are the memories 4 total. They change by pressing the right pedal. Moreover, this is also where the shoe pinches, it can only go in one direction 1 to 4 and 4 to go, it must go through 123 rather boring.


Pedals emulated Me, I do not find it so disgusting. I do not serve me any. There are 6 Boss (OD1 OD2 DS1 BD2 MT2 HM2) rather very very close to the original. 6 "exclusive pedals" (boost, lead, crunch, stack, metal, loud,) and 10 competing TS9 pedals, FULLTONE, MXR D +, KLON CENTAUR GUV NOR, PROCO RAT, and 4 Famous fuzz. I have a weakness for the TS9, Klon centaur, fuzz face, MXR D + which are quite successful.
BUT! because there is a BUT, it smells digital full nose. The sounds are close to the original, but not exactly the same.


I bought a misery 50 € OCCAZ, autand say that at this price, it is the best pedal in the world. I glue in my pedalboard from time to time, for fuzz or tube screamer. I do not drive me down when I clicks, but I still find it indispensable. This is a big Swiss Army knife, with all imaginable saturations. And I think well exploited, the OD 20 can be great. But, however, nothing beats the original ...

JPipaci's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not for me"

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Not bad effect but I do not like.


easy to use. Manuel clear


Everything is zero. I could not find anything for me. I hate all sounds.


I for 1 year.
Not too expensive, I prefer it to the GT10. Good price if you like the sounds torn. Not me. I will not go that choice.

lsotis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
See below for description, everything has been said.
On paper ... that's good. There are lots of things, plenty to have a whole range of distortion and OD.


The config is pretty simple, editing is also, we regret not being able to decrement the memory effects in the foot which is really not practical for live.
I had no need to read the manual, the product is very intuitive. I only takes 7 to the history of memories, really embarrassing for my use.


Bah ... we can not say it's bad, effects pedals resemble the emulated without being able to say that it is very close. It therefore lacks realism.
Maybe it's to my amp (Vox AC30) and there is "incompatibility of temper but hey, I was not seduced.
The sounds seem sorely lacking warmth.
Moreover, in distal (including mxr +), she blows one way unbearable ... much more than my other pedals analog ... say it!
To be honest I think it looks gadget. You can have a clear idea of ​​his style that we want ... if we are still looking for him. But it stops there. At home all alone again in a pinch, it can go. Live or studio, the pedal is to be avoided. But hey, is worse, eh!
But again, this is very subjective and my gear next to it is perhaps for something.


I had to replace my Bulldog Laché me just before going into the studio. The mag has lend me to help me ... I never got used. I used the blower tube of my bass player and really, there is no comparison. IT'S A type of OD but one that goes ... very same!
What I liked most: the bin is to browse the different types of pedal in a short time and get an idea of ​​the character of each ... but only an idea.
The least ... ben sound quality (not bad but not break bricks.
After that, I hope that my Bulldogs will finally really work well as a world separates them even if it is not the same concept (for the same purpose anyway) and at a price roughly equivalent (slightly less same price).
Idem, Jacques Tube Blower sounds far better than any available in the OD pedal.
I think for the quality achieved, this pedal is very expensive since it has better (only one or two effects of course) with the pedals mentioned.
I will not make the election again, I'll make it ... and forget ... quickly

CallOfTheMountain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
COSM distortion with modlisation intgrant 22 MODELS dvastatrices of pedals and sounds indict 6
Modlise pedals of saturation / distortion modern and classic pedals such as BOSS OD-1 and MT-2, plus many other vintage pedals and home
The Potpotentiomtre Attack Shape rponse adapts the saturation dynamics of your game
The argument Heavy Octave transpose loctave infrieure notes played on (and below) the 4th fret of the 4th string IDAL To create large playing Riffs one note
4 user memory to back up your rglages
Line Out simulator damplificateur; also works as headphone output
Between Amp Control to switch the channel from the amplifier dun PDAL


Trs use simple branch is chosen on the MODEL of distortion / overdrive RULES on the equalizer as a receiver and is parti.Je hop 9 is a cause of memory that the slecteur does not go as told in the rear view previous ones.


I do not have enough distortion possder to speak, I had a zoom, but the sound did not suit me too rough (with the gain lev then I had a DS1 that my faith is well reproduced ^ ^ on the pedals so if you your amateur foncez.Bien his boss was not worth of a mesa boogie distortion is good but not the same budget ^ ^


I have been using ending for a year and she never of, I would have just a little noise supressor derrire to remove the breath (yes I use a lot of gain) but otherwise nikel

What I like most is the choice of distortion (22 MODELS of pedals) and the equalizer is not bad shape with the Attack and Heavy Octave

What I like least select the presets is a bit boring for someone who likes to change often disto

I test many boss pedals before acqurir, but it included all of them and since I could not make my choice that suited me more is always good to have more distortion to switch AC / DC and Metallica Hendrix.

Report Qualit price is more than adequate just buy sparment 22 pedals and you'll see ^ ^ at least for me it's all good.

Exprience with this choice I would do unless I had a big budget why not a V-Twin pedals but hey this is dj class in a good mid-range CATEGORY (to me) but hey one test is better then go for a notice from your favorite music store!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Same nothing wrong
except that the characteristic is very simple

It does not eats too much its going batteries


Configuration is very simple
A knob to choose its distortion
one for the drive, the bottom, the tone, the level ...

It is very simple it responds to any style of music confused. whatsoever Grunge, Hard rock or pop.


Make the comparison with the TS808 Tube Screamer of od 20 and the true TS808
there is a lil difrrence.
The advantage is that it can be modified very simply.
The fact his very realistic but for a very good muscicien means a difference.
Me who try TS808. This is not the same sound on my oD20.

on the other hand, if you push on a vox AC30 combo style lamp etc.
It's hard you slip.
I use it with a GRETSCH and I can tell you that the sound is good.


I use it for 2 months and I do not regret my purchase.
Before purchase i watch criticism that she and I can tell you that
this is exactly what the other reviewer say. SHE KILLS ....
Qualitprix report is correct

With experience, you do again this choice?

YES it is worth it

bibiStardust's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
22 distos pre recorded, becoming infinite through the custom settings!

Otherwise, there is an entry for the scratches, the output for the amp, a line out (for headphones or to go to a mixer) and output "control amp". I see not what you would ask for that kind of pedal?!


- The general configuration is it simple?
No complaints, it comes with instructions in French, and after one hour, is already beginning to find very interesting settings

- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
Definitely the weak point of this pedal, while the control could be very simple (as a double pedal), we can move from one to another distortion pedal with the right ... So if you want to move from 4th to 3rd disto registered, you need to press 3 times the right pedal ... It would have been simpler to use both for this type of operation!

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Nothing to say the above!


- Effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
Some sounds are too synthetic distos Boss, it's not my case. Personally, it's all good!

- Which instruments do you use?
Then, with an Ibanez S470, connect to my Zoom G2, connected to the OD-20, connected to my amp (112 Hiwatt G100 R), and a Boss RC 20XL in the effects loop of the amp.

- Which ones you prefer, you hate?
I do not see any distortion inutiilsable. It fits all styles (blues, metal). After some purists prefer simple buy pedals, which have more precise adjustments ...


- How long have you use it?
48 hours

- What is so special that you like most and least?
Its versatility, sound quality (compared to the Zoom G2 distos is incomparable!) What I like least is the passage of a distortion to the other which is not easy ...

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Not really ... Some Boss, and of course the G2.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
Excellent! Nothing else to say!

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
A little early to speak of it ... but surely!