Akai Professional MPD24

MPD24, PAD Controller from Akai Professional in the MPD series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 16 reviews )
 8 reviews50 %
 5 reviews31 %
 2 reviews13 %

johnrae's review"A worthy controller, but not the best"

Akai Professional MPD24
The MPD24 is a Midi controller from Akai featuring 16 pads, 6 faders and 8 knobs. It has USB and midi in/outs. It's pretty easy to use, and the quality is nice. The pads feel good under your fingers and are responsive, featuring velocity and aftertouch and such. There are four available pad banks. It also has a set of transport controls. The thing is well built, but not as good as some of the other pad controllers out there, and rather small. The big pads are nice, but you only have 16 which means you can pretty much only use it to record drums. If you have the cash, you should spring for the APC40 or the Novation Launchpad, my favorites. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you need more pads than come on a lot of midi keyboards, and only want to do drums. Set up and installation are easy, factory presets work fine. The sliders are actually of exceptional quality, and the knobs are pretty smooth. I'm still not sure how useful or economical the thing is though. It's only use is playing drums and samples. It's basically a midi version of the MPC. If you need an MPC type thing, save up and get one, way worth your money compared to this. Also, one thing is that the pads are square, but the sensors below are round! This can cause some velocity and feel issues that can actually be pretty annoying, whereas something button based like the novation launchpad is a better option. I sold this not long after owning it, as it just sat in my unused junk closet gathering dust and taking up space. It's really not a good alternative to the MPC type approach to making music, though I don't like that approach anyways, so you may want a second opinion.

songboy's review"Almost perfect."

Akai Professional MPD24
What I like most about the MPD 24 is the super great feeling knobs on this machine. I know that the most important aspect should be the pads, but I will get to those. The knobs are endless encoders and feel like they belong on a unit three times the original price of this guy. They are very smooth and have just the right amount of resistance so they feel absolutely solid. The faders are also extremely nice. Both faders and knobs blow away my M Audio Axiom keyboard as if the keyboard was the pig in the straw house and the MPD the wolf. What I don't like about the MPD is really just one thing. The pads are not as sensitive as they should be, and that of course is a huge problem. The main issue is that akai built the sensors under the pad in a round shape....the pads are of course square...hello!!!! So, if you strike the corners, you get about a 50% in my experience of triggering something, and if you do, its very low on the 0-127 scale (about 10-15). I have ordered the sensitivity upgrade on ebay and will be installing it very soon. If you only want to use this for single velocity hits or triggering scenes in ableton or something along those lines, you can set the pads to send "full" hits (127) with any hit of the pad. That seems to respond perfectly.
As for value, I got mine used for $75 so after the pad upgrade, I have invested $90. If that solves the problem than I am going to be crazy happy and feel I spent very little to get what I need.
This is just a midi device so there is no sound quality rating needed. I have used a few different drum pads including older akai models, the m audio trigger finger (better pad sensitivity but crappy everywhere else) and the Axiom pads which are also a little better. Again, if the sensitivity upgrade works, then this will be the best pad I've owned. For the little price of $75, I would buy this again just for the encoders.

Wedges2's review"Quality Product. Good Choice. "

Akai Professional MPD24
Great for bangin out some drums, samples, or whatever you choose to put on the pads. It’s even a pretty useful midi controller when you take advantage of the faders and knobs. I got a great product for the price, which isn’t too bad either.

The thing is durable. I’ve been bangin my drums out on it for over a year. The build quality is just plain solid. The faders have resistance to them, same with the knobs. It’s got a nice solid weight, so it doesn’t feel like your gonna break it by going wild on it. The pads have a solid feel to them as well. So far nothing has broken on it except a knob that has come out out a little, but it still works perfectly fine.

I’m pleased with the way it interacts with my software as well. You could use the midi learn function to map out any preset you want, so that the pads control whatever you need. The more impressive thing is that it actually has a preset made for the FL plugin “FPC”. It’s called “MPC2500”. All the pads and banks correspond with the right pads and banks in the FPC. The knobs and faders you can easily assign to any parameters in your DAW as well.

One major complaint I have though is that the pads are VERY unsensitive. There is a mod to fix it but it requires you to open up the unit. Even with the sensitiviy all the way up I have to disable the velocity sensitivity on my DAW to use the MPD.

If you need what the MPD has to offer, and you won't something with more knobs and faders than the PadKontrol this is for you. I don't regret buying it at all.

JayDMusic's review

Akai Professional MPD24
This is a review for the MPD24 MIDI Control Surface. It's a USB device that plugs seamlessly into your computer for use as a MIDI Controller in your various DAWs. In general, I think it's a great investment for the short price of $150.

What you would notice first is the striking resemblance to its older, bigger brother, the MPC series of Samplers and Drum Machines. They are both made by Akai, which is the reason for this resemblance. Once you realize that it is made by Akai, the well-known father of the drum pad machine, you will feel much better about purchasing the MPD.

As we get into the bulk of this review, I just wanted to say one thing. I had originally bought the MPD16. It does not have a screen, and it looks like an M-Audio Trigger Finger. (I will review the MPD16 next). I loved the MPD16 so much, and I thought that the MPD24 would be even better, and I was not disappointed.

First off, the MPD is built very solid. It's a great piece of handiwork. The faders and the knobs are solid. The buttons will not stick in, and the overall solidity of the product is unprecedented. You can probably take it around with you if you travel because it's a rugged little piece of equipment.

Delving into the features is what this next section will cover. First off, it has eight knobs and six faders that you can program to link to aspects in your DAW. That seems to be a great feature of this piece of hardware. Many other MIDI controllers will skimp on the knobs and not even have faders, so this is a big +1 for the MPD. Another feature that I really love is the presets for the drum plug-ins on your favorite DAWs. As I sit next to the MPD as I write this review, I'm going to name off a couple of the presets for your favorite DAWs:

- Presets 2 and 3 are for Reason's ReDrum.
- Preset 5 is for Ableton's Live.
- Preset 7 is for the Battery Drum Machine.
- Preset 11 is for Cubase LE, the free version.
- Preset 12 is to emulate the pad setup of the MPC 2500.

Those are just a few of the presets. After that, you have over fifteen slots to program your own configurations in.

Under the screen, you have a selection of FOUR pad banks. You can change your programs here, too. Not to mention the classic 16 Level switch and Full Level switch.

When it comes to features, the MPD is teeming with them.

The last part of this review will cover the thing most are worried about, the price. Worry no more! One week's paycheck for most of you on a 9-5 will score you one of these. It's a shallow price at just $150, and I feel that it is worth it. You can go with the PadKontrol or the Trigger Finger, but I picked this one because I trust Akai, especially in the drum pad control market. I would recommend this to anybody, for the price.

Overall, I think that this is a great product. What I liked most about it was the feeling of the pads. They feel great, like a true MPC. They're a little thinner, however. What I liked least was the little ease of navigation on the screen. If you do not study the manual very carefully, you will get lost in a world of confusion when it comes to the fragmented words that display on the screen. The value, going for $150, is unchallenged. If I could buy it again, I would.

vincislex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential with a soft"

Akai Professional MPD24
For how long have you been using it?

I bought ± 1yr ago, on a whim to play with FXPansion GURU (which I finally did not buy). Then I discovered Ableton Live Intro ... and I started to use. Too enchanted by the pair Live - Akai ... I then bought a MacBook Pro 13 "to rotate smoothly Live. Since then, I created rhythms and I pilot the software with the MPD 24.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

No. On a whim ... Akai has a good reputation with its series MPC ... and it was within my budget.

What thing do you like most/least about it?

The "Plus".

- Robustness
- Continued. The big "feet" rubber block out the MPD on the desktop ...
- The "presets" for many publishers are practical
- Midi In and Midi Out ... Used to connect a MIDI keyboard and use that as an MPD 24 midi interface ...
- Pads ... Certainly they seem hard to top ... but it can really refine the game especially percussive sounds ...
- The 6 sliders, 8 knobs, the transport bar ... can forget the Mac keyboard and mouse and play on the "hardware" ...

The "Minus"

- Editing of presets ... Since we can do "what we want," Ben is complex to modify
- Saving presets. Ben would have preferred just a save button ... Is "surfing" in the menus ...
- The pads are tough ... Well you still have "hit" ... which requires a work plan very stable ... It makes noise, so. I thought I could do this in my living room ... I quickly turned my girlfriend into my studio so the "shock" was annoying (you can understand)
What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Excellent! So far I was quite hesitant about the idea of making music on computer ... Thanks to Live and the MPD 24 and of course the Mac ... disappears and the computer uses very little mouse ... It really plays with the hardware ... a beautiful cross two worlds.

Well, he misses a footswitch input ... but it exists on the MPD-32 ... Aker sells well be the one.
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... Yes of course, whatever I may point me to the PK-25 ... since there is a keyboard of 25 notes ... It would allow me to repeat this unit to control Live, play some keyboard issues ... I told you at the intro, I bought on a whim ... Since then, I completed my equipment and the MPK-25 is more in my use (but not the same price) ...

bobbiche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPD24
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How long have you use it?


About 6-7 months.


Have you tried many other models before buying it?


I had the Korg padKONTROL.


What thing do you like most and least?


The pros: The knobs and faders really numerous and effective.
The button just below the faders to practice mute, solo ...
The transport keys.
The general appearance a bit mpc that seems solid (dailleurs the controller is quite heavy), and the great and understandable display.
Easy to set up or the supplied software or directly with the 4-5 keys and the wheel provided for that purpose.

The -: The pads that I find a bit less precise than those of padKONTROL (can be a matter of habit, because it's true that it's weird to spend my pad of padKONTROL those of MPD32 at first touch is different) but are still of good quality.
No on-off button ??? have to unplug the usb, not great in the long run I think.


With experience, you do again this choice? ...dropoff Window


I went to the MPD32 because it has a large number of knobs / faders, a total of 16 physical and 48 assignable on a preset, which is very aprciable recording and also live. It meets all my expectations and I was never problem up here, so yes I would do this choice without hesitation.
Menestrel de malheur11/07/2009

Menestrel de malheur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPD24
Bon voila, it's been a year since I have this machine and it makes me very good service for the moment everything works fine on my MPD24.

I must say that I do not use once a week or so because I have acquired several keyboards in the meantime, therefore I use them more often to drive the software.

In fact I bought it a bit on a whim thinking I would use it as a hardware sampler piloting the samples through Reason, but I did not yet launched in the live mix for the moment as I compose songs on Reason and Cubase and many other instruments for my rap group and my group of black metal / hardcore / experimental.

So finally I do not use that shit for when I "write" the drum part in Reason or drumkits from hell, so I use this pad for difficult passages (which I then realigned note by note well on) is much more efficient to type quickly what one has in mind for the moment without forgetting it is more natural (I am a drummer based) after we recall everything and that's it !

I will also use it to send samples in my metal band and I play the keyboard (the korg m50 does not sampler)

Here, bought especially for the quality of its pads, this machine does not disappoint me, although I do not have too much use every day (I am very fussy about the compound, it has to be square so I all types in the grid of reason), I am glad to hand in when I have besoin.Je not find that plastic is a bad bill and I do that is very rarely noted potentiomètres.A also, we had fun driving a sampler once in the evening for a live and it was great fun and much more convenient than the pads of shit from home boss.

Good value for that gear. 7 / 10

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPD24
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How long have you use it?


I'd say six months intensively
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What is the particular feature you like best and least?


I love its simple integration with live, are pretty ct supplied type controllers divers.Ce I like least, its finishing quality. Besides the fact that I had to abandon the connection via USB, which engendr that worries me (crunches, dcalages, noise launch / cut), the very quality of the cheap type controllers (apr s 6 months of use difference of "force" between the knobs and faders (almost none like you get used but good)
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Have you tried many other models before acqurir?


No it's my first and probably the mpd Last

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How do you report qualitprix?


150 new, will still have to report the level dpanner but otherwise, I'd rather mediocre (because of the many cheap finish and the differences between type controllers)

<ul class="ul">

With experience, you do again this choice? ...dropoff Window


No, in fact I'm bientt replaced either by an Ohm Wood / metal (see for finishing) or a launchpad
(Although it is not at all the same budget ^^) view. All coupled with a Russian tank named beatstream x 3 (which be replacing my old xboard 25 or at least 16 knobs that remains)
Don lemone05/09/2009

Don lemone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPD24
- How long have you use it?

Less than five months with FL6, I make hip hop and reggae.

- What is the particular feature you like most?

Ah well i like the pads, that's a that I wanted, I felt I am bring more freedom in the dcoupage samples, the rapping beats. And good, too fantasize about the fact for nearly a CGPA home. I am not. 16 Level I function, especially to hit the bass drums and HH. The rotary knobs and knobs is also good, especially for me to dub sessions of the house or just cuts, I have not had the opportunity to test live ...

- The least?

Ben just something which does not care a bit, keys, play, stop and FF are not assigned, I have to hit the space bar on my computer to start the beat. Nothing too serious, except it leaves out the manual indicated that c'tait automatic. But hey, nothing serious. Least take over my config and that MPD FL.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

J did my first real beats on a Yamaha QY 700 from home, nothing to see, to have the computer branch j in twelve one QY my PSR 100 or 330 to ultimately connect a 303 on my MC be. Galre. J have acquired the MPD at the same time a keyboard matre all that I can E 50 rquisitionn have a boyfriend, I have now a config apprciable given my ambitions and the quality of my work.

- How do you report qualitprix?

230 E the era, may be a little expensive for what it is, but more accessible than c'tait MPC, so good.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes! Even if j is planning one day to offer me a MPC, but the computer is on taf perfect condition to pair it with a keyboard matre for more openness ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPD24
J uses this controller for 6 months with Ableton Live 7,. I like the pads well faders and knobs that are well made. j I try the trigger finger before and IPAS ja tro hang, otherwise I were on mpc 1000 before and I wanted to lose the pads so I took the day mpd. Besides, I'll add to that even if there had been no ableton or the 24 mpd J will never let go of my mpc that I loved her too and that I had mastered perfectly. c simple I work always the same except that c on computer and that with the plugin the possibilities are much greater and I were frustrated at some level with the mpc.
the pads are enjoyable but asser c less than an mpc 2000 n the matter is not the same and can give ca bulbs to take off the nails and fingers (yes I m used lol) gift ca c the weak point of No matter which is not all enjoyable, but otherwise it passes c c clearly not the crap either. quality faders feel we see that it will not you stay ds hands on first use they can be a hard and are very well to mix tracks Sparer but neither are only 6 c so quickly. knob the rotary can be configured and also good quality but does not serve a m fact, only an emulation of tb 303 c and then all eight amplemet enough for me, they are endless which is very well thought as the otherwise t would debile on one controller midi.l edition is simple asser in ableton is a midi learn when we not take more akai head and made a preset for live really think so c D elsewhere I would have m more used for the edition of my smpler or otherwise.
In any case I find that c is a very beautiful remote control for DAW to compose (I do not know piano) surment again I think that choice may be, but that I will go about the 32 mpd because there is a note and repeat c is an option which I used a lot on the mpc but there is a way around this problem with ableton c so not really vital to have the 32. over a 200 euros it's going to ruin it is not the branch and c usb party.
sinonj I try to fly with an old sampler (Roland S 330) is ca nikel it works like a mpc with an old sound because there is a sequencer integrate S 330. ca is the mpc the poor lol.
good little controller and frankly I do not see that J will have to buy another this one apart. (Except for 32 100 euro, but again I do not know if it's worth it).