Percussion user reviews

  • Schlagwerk CP 404 2inOne Snare Cajon - Large

    Schlagwerk CP 404 2inOne Snare Cajon - Large - steffguibo's review


    Since 2 weeks sound and the ability to change the sound excellent in the promotion baguettrie to 145 € yes and again yes …

  • Latin Percussion Block-617

    Latin Percussion Block-617 - IroncobrA's review


    I have bought yesterday Labaguetterie (about 23). I do not regret my purchase ... The sound is trs pretty, pretty fun and the clip is of good quality. The purple block is usually left (unlike the photo above) and back to orange, you probably un…


    PANArt HANG - madelong's review


    I use it for 9 months (in the Paris metro, among other things) and I pick up yet ... it really is a fantastic instrument! The sonnorité is truly unique, carrying ca ... I tried two in store, a very special (special order, special acordage) and an…

  • Remo Bodhran Glen Velez Signature

    Remo Bodhran Glen Velez Signature - alecton's review


    Used for two years ending for this intrument (22 "x 4") possde particulire an extremely sound, well here we have the characters of the bodhran (a sound full of harmonic consonance with serious mtalliques) but the game adds a subtle finger at any East…

  • Lp sambago bells

    Lp sambago bells - Kahlopsyn's review


    Hello all, 6 months ending for this is that I use these bells and I'm delighted. I complte with them my beats snare drum to give more with charley. They are small but not easy to place because I had to buy a type of clutch to put them on my sna…

  • Lp 009 Rock Classic Ridge Rider

    Lp 009 Rock Classic Ridge Rider - jackvalentine's review


    - How long have you use it? I use it for a year prs - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The rock sound! Be careful, its quite heavy (it is not a normal salsa bala ...). Ideal for rock, but adaptable. I use a lot of rhythm…

  • No Name Derbouka

    No Name Derbouka - hablast's review


    I have 3 years + what I love is that it is specific, that is to say that you will not find the same sound, has its own sound derbouka I try lots of MODELS is that the front and I prfre report quality price t for me is great because I buy in Tun…

  • Latin Percussion LP-008 Rock Rider

    Latin Percussion LP-008 Rock Rider - darksmall's review


    I use the bell for prs 4 years and indeed to play rock the bell is not better, sound severe enough to stand out from the rest of an attack that is selected based on the hit thanks to red plastic block, a length consquente to the proper place it on a …

  • Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo

    Lp compact conga giovanni hidalgo - lkmi's review


    I have a compact conga quinto 11 "for 3 months and I am satisfied. bought for a concert, it lands on a snare stand (watch not all are suited me, I bought a 9006 so no pb Gibraltar. The strength, the portability qd I VAIT in RPET or concert held …

  • No Name Guimbarde

    No Name Guimbarde - neoclash's review


    Jew's harp is according to some sources, a non-musical, which is played by entering FBRIL with the teeth and trying to cover with your finger. (See here ( ) ) this nice little instrument coteux (between about 4 an…