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Waves Software Reverbs user reviews

  • Waves H-Reverb

    Waves H-Reverb - "The Swiss Army knife of on-the-go reverbs..."


    Igniting a reverb so as it integrates to the source material in a perfectly natural manner is an incredibly difficult thing to do. To me, only hardware mabages to do it in a natural, systematic and quick way. But I don’t always have my studio with m…

  • Waves Renaissance Reverb

    Waves Renaissance Reverb - "Solid Reverb but too Pricey"


    I received this reverb plug-in as part of a bundle when I started studying production at Berklee in 2007. I would say it's been a steady, although not usually first choice, part of my setup since then. I would say it's a bit much for someone who …

  • Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb

    Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb - "Convolution "modeling" reverb at it's best"


    Compatability issues are in any myriad ways something that you must figure out based on your own system, software version, etc. I use the IR-1 with pro-tools as an audiosuite or active plug-in, your choice. You can find many manuals and tutorials fo…

  • Waves TrueVerb

    Waves TrueVerb - "A versatile reverb plug-in"


    There were no compatibility or installation issues getting Waves' TrueVerb up and running. Although basic reverb parameters are easily accessible, the more expressive and in turn more complicated ins and outs of the plug-in take a little while to fig…

  • Waves OneKnob Wetter

    Waves OneKnob Wetter - "One knob is too little for wetness"


    There were no compatibility issues installing any of the other six One Knob plug-ins, One Knob Wetter being no different. The general setup of the plug-in, as with the others, is as simple as it gets. One knob sits in the middle of the display. When …

  • Waves Renaissance Reverb

    Waves Renaissance Reverb - "worth the Buy"


    I had no problems at all getting started with the Waves Renaissance Reverb. You Don’t need an iLok to authorize it with, but if you have experience with that it should be no problem. I run it with Pro Tools 7.4 LE and I had no need for the manual. It…

  • Waves TrueVerb

    Waves TrueVerb - "Not a fan really"


    Like all Waves stuff it's quick install and easy setup. Not too complicated with the menu and controls either. I like how their plugins are laid out. No tricky menus and the controls have precise parameters that make sense. Their manuals are grea…

  • Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb

    Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb - "Crazy versatile reverb"


    The IR-1 is like the mack daddy of reverbs. It has everything you can think of and then some. They have some crazy algorithms going on in this, and tons of different spaces were pre installed on this thing. As for the list of features, it has tons…

  • Waves TrueVerb

    Waves TrueVerb - "Flexible reverb and reflections plugin"


    There are quite a few reverb plugins in the Waves lineup, and it's no surprise as reverb is almost always used in a mix somewhere, in some form. A good sounding reverb can make a mix really breathe and give it some nice air. In the 80s, it was shov…

  • Waves Renaissance Reverb

    Waves Renaissance Reverb - "Fairly nice digital reverb"


    Reverb is probably one of my favorite effects to really add depth to a mix. It's been a staple of the 80s LA studios, and it's works awesome on clean passages. This is a pretty powerful plugin, and there are a good amount of options. To me, this h…