Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb
Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb

IR-1 Convolution Reverb, Software convolution reverb from Waves in the IR series.

AudioArtist 09/17/2012

Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb : AudioArtist's user review

« Convolution "modeling" reverb at it's best »

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Compatability issues are in any myriad ways something that you must figure out based on your own system, software version, etc. I use the IR-1 with pro-tools as an audiosuite or active plug-in, your choice.
You can find many manuals and tutorials for any waves product either on the official waves website or elsewhere.
In general the IR-1 is NOT a simple, user friendly plug-in. You really should have a firm grasp of accoustics and "room-modeling" before you dive into this guy. I by no means suggest that you will be unable to coax some excellent sounds from this plug-in even if you are not knowledgeable about such theory/topics/implementation/matematics/etc., just suffice it to say you will become proficient with this plug-in much, much quicker if you know what you are doing.
There, I've said it! Go to school and learn your math, learn your trade, and then put in years of unrecognized and unrewarded experience in before you sound off on a plug-in as sophisticated as this one. In other words, Pay your dues Leeches!!


Depending on your system and your hardware, this plug-in can range from stable to a crash monster. It is completely and totally up to you to work these compatabilty and cpu load issues out for yourself. Do you really expect someone to hold your hand all the way through your training and subsequent "due-paying" experiences? Sorry, that's why the 'pros' get paid son.


The Waves IR-1 convolution reverb is simply the best currently available and will most likely continue to be the best for quite some time. With the smallest possible supplied pre-sets, the engineer with the proper knowledge and education in accoustics and it's relative mathematical implications should find this plug-in to be one of the most powerful and inspiring reverb plug-ins ever. Period.
In terms of value vs. price, the IR-1 is a difficult creature to classify. I personally would reccomend that you aquire the IR-1 with some Waves bundle, you will save tons of hard earned money with that choice, however if you do not currently own a solid convolution reverb and that is your only interest..., if you've got the money, the IR-1 is worth it.
To rate the IR-1 in terms of precision and/or quality is an almost laughable notion. The Waves IR-1 simply is the best convolution reverb ever. The included room models are meticulously crafted. I urge you to research this for yourself. Discover how meticulously each of these environments was analyzed and what effort was put forth to not only capture these "images/impulses" but then to incorporate them into an interface that allows the end user to modify this "space" to accomodate their own functional use. Then add in the end-user option to create your own "impulse response" rooms, or to download other, either shared by peer users or created by Waves, "impulse responses" themselves! Well,... just think about the possibilties.
For now, there is no other choice. Period. If you have the funds to purchase the IR-1 alone or in a bundle, (recommended). Do yourself a favor and buy it, there is absolutely zero chance that you will be disappointed even if you aren't quite sure how to properly utilize some of the higher functions.