Waves TrueVerb
Waves TrueVerb

TrueVerb, Software algorithmic reverb from Waves.

BadApple 03/22/2011

Waves TrueVerb : BadApple's user review

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With waves truverb it was a very easy installation, I had it in one of the bundle packs that I bought but I have forgot the name of it at the moment.
There was a big manual in the bundle pack but I have not gone through it as I know quite a bit about effects plug ins from some vast experience that I have had. I am sure that it is very sufficient though.
The installation was basically installing the whole bundle pack which was very easy and adding them to the vst folder of my digital audio workspace which is common for all plug in installations.
everything is pretty easy and self explanatory in my opinion. It is all really well set out and you do not really need to use anything apart from the presets given but having a nice preset tweaked to your taste is the best thing to do I must admit.


Yes everything works as it should do on my configuration which is a laptop with 4gb ram and a 1.8GHz processor.
The performance is great but running too many on my computer can cause it to lag significantly which is really annoying I must admit but creating a lot of sends is the best way to combat this problem I think.
Everything is stable unless you use too much of the plugins.
I have been using it for about 3 months now and it is a great plugin.


I like the default presets on the pack they are very good and only some slight tweaking is needed for optimum reverb in my eyes.
Value is pretty decent I would say.
I would like it to be cheaper though.
Quality of sound it great. Really realistic if you use it well.
I would use this again and again until someone shows me something better.