Line 6 Pocket POD
Line 6 Pocket POD

Pocket POD, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 40 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Decent for on-the-go sounds"

Line 6 Pocket POD
With the hype and fame of the POD, it was only natural that there would be something smaller. The Pocket POD is Line 6's creation to help create some sort of modeler that you can take with you no matter where you go. For such a small device, there's quite a bit packed into this thing. There are tons of different amps, cabs and effects. On top of that, there are tons of different presets you can create.


POD did a great job at laying everything out in an easy to use manner. This thing is fairly tiny when compared to the original POD, so I'd say they achieved what they were set out on creating. Editing presets and setting everything up is just like any other POD. If you've used one before, you'll know how to work this without a problem. If you haven't, there shouldn't be too much of a learning curve. I wish the effects had more versatility, but I was never a huge Line 6 effects fan to begin with. Line 6 has some good manuals, so if there's anything you don't get, just check it out. One thing I do worry about is how sturdy these are. I've had a few PODs break on me when chucking them around on tour, so keep that in mind. I'm hoping it's stronger because it's smaller.


If you like the Line 6 tone, you should like this. However, I was never a huge fan of the Line 6 stuff. For one, it has that standard modeler sound. What I mean is, the treble and presence has this certain frequency or something that I can't dial out. The gain is grainy, and it is the same no matter what preset you choose. The effects are weak, but that's not really a huge fault considering all the stuff that's thrown in here. The feel, however, is exactly like a modeler. If you've ever played a modeler, you know what I mean.


For a practice device, this works great. You can take it with you no matter where you go and start jamming with some headphones. However, it's still that standard Line 6 tone which means that it still feels sterile and sounds a bit grainy.

MGR/jonesy's review"Line 6 Pocket Pod"

Line 6 Pocket POD
The pocket pod includes great models of amps and cabinets. It is small, red kidney shape just like it's bigger brother, the POD 2.0. About the size of a handheld tuner, Pocket POD is the only personal amp modeling and effects processor packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by rock stars and professional studio musicians who know great tone. With its 32 classic and modern amp models, 16 cab models, and 16 effects, Pocket POD enables you to create mind-blowing guitar tones wherever inspiration strikes.

This unit is available brand new for $129.99 at American Musical Supply. I was looking for something small and portable I could take to friends house for garage jams or recording sessions. I also wanted something that I could just use as a mini practice tool with headphones.

<a href=""></a>

This pocket pod has great samples. You get the POD, batteries (4 triple AAAs), and then software. It has a CD and mp3 in, any 1/8' audio type will work. 1/4 inch out jack. About 300 preset patches. Different bands and popular songs you can play along with.

It does not come with a DC adapter. A little complicated to get working because of multiple button press configurations control various functions.

It's great. Good fit and finish, small size is not necessarily difficult to operate.

Overall, a great little gadget with some great patches and models for under $130, but would be a super deal if you found it under $100 used on eBay or Craigslist.

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Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Line 6 Pocket POD
Originally written by benbao on Audiofanzine French.

I won't describe the effects provided: you'll find them on the Line6 website.
In short, it's a pocket amp simulator.
Works with batteries. The battery life is not very long: with rechargeable batteries, I can play nearly three hours.
Connections: guitar input, phones out, amp out, line input to play along with a recorded song, PSU connector.
Sold with a small manual but no PSU. It's a pity!


You can do your settings either directly on the unit or via a PC.
Directly on the unit it's a bit difficult because some parameters require key combinations. Browsing within the presets is not very practical: in some cases, you'll press a key by mistake when you want to select another preset.

For PC editing you'll have to download the software. Storing presets is not very intuitive: you can lose your settings by mistake pretty easily.

I use it with headphones when I play guitar at home or when I'm on the road (I don't have to carry my guitar amp with me). It's ok for these applications.


Considering the price, the sound is rather good. However, I found some weak points, like noise with high-gain simulations.
Another con: the simulations don't fully reproduce the sound character of the guitar you play.

Altogether, the sound is ok for me.


I've been using it for three years as a practice tool. Don't expect to be able to use it as your main amp.
Once you made your settings (with the software), it's ok as an additional amp, especially considering the price.

I bought it to play/practice without making too much noise since my big amp is not ideal to play at home. I wouldn't buy it again if I had more money. I would choose a quality compact combo or a good sound card, but it would be more expensive.

MGR/Billy's review"Line 6 Pocket Pod"

Line 6 Pocket POD
This is the miniature version of what put Line 6 on the map: The Pod. There are two versions of the Pocket Pod. One with a screen and one without. I am reviewing the Pocket Pod with the screen. I don't see how I could use this device without the screen.

I was looking for a nice headphone amp to use when I couldn't make noise. I wanted something that did not suck. I ended up buying this off of Craigslist for $40.

I really like some of the sounds. Some are terrible, but hey, different strokes for different folks. There are some very usable, inspiring tones. I would even consider recording with this device to get some layered guitar tones or effects in a pinch.

I like that there is a 1/8' input for my MP3 player. It makes learning songs really simple.

I really like the tap-tempo effects. I'm not very technical, nor did I have a manual, so being able to figure this device out on my own was a big plus. I did upgrade the firmware which was a pain, but I did not notice any changes whatsoever.

I don't like that the power jack is cheap. The device will shut down, then I need to unplug my guitar and replug it into the input jack, since the input jack powers the device

Besides the power jack this unit is built tough. I have dropped at as well have let it get rattled around in a book bag. Just the doggone power jack. That is the only thing holding me back from using this live.

A great headphone amp. Not built to handle abuse or be used live. Definitely some inspiring guitar tones that make you want to play.

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silverbullet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Line 6 Pocket POD
See other reviews.
simulator amp and speakers with some effects.


not easy to fiddle these pimples, often it is necessary to touch both, why the software is much more convenient. And also there is a wah effect on software that sounds good.
I selected some presets in the "song" and I stay dessus.On quickly found her a very suitable choice there.
Sounds to quickly capture all the buzz of the house, or is it my electric installation feared.


I like the simulation of Fender matter of taste. sound "Marshall plexi" is pretty dull, muffled, as far as the "JCM" is screaming. But hey if we could afford the original one would not be there.


I use it for a year, with headphones. Satisfied with the sound and quality very usable presets unlike other multi effects.

geolegx59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Having proper tool"

Line 6 Pocket POD


If you can read, no problem.


Without being ultra realistic, it's still stunning.


This small bean cost me € 20 on LBC. Suffice to say that I can not have any regrets. It is frequently around 40 €.
Personally, I use it at home, when I'm playing at very low volume while having a large distortion, which is by plugging a Bugera V5 that suits me mieux.Il sounds as good with active and passive pickups, single or double.
Some devices of this type on the market are often "stiff" to play, it is very comfortable otherwise.
Tool to have in your gear closet, I think ...
Small video taken:

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredible!"

Line 6 Pocket POD
Everything has been said.


I use it in via computer music editing software .. never tried to set it manually ... but it seems a bit complicated ...


Read below.


I have the Pod XT Live and X3 HD Desktop .... and I must say that from the point of view value this pocket pod than its big brothers (personal opinion of course). Realistic sound and well balanced. All combinations are obviously not good (especially the Hi Gain and Cab 4x12'' in general). So I prefer to use other Cab (2x12'' black type Panel). As usual attention to acute use sparingly as a combination. Opportunities second setting "Toggle" (plus 4 bands) are useful for tweaking the sound.

Brief incredible multi effects not only for amateurs. Small device that can be easily illusion in my studio vis-à-vis more expensive rigs. I would take it step on the other hand concert ...

guitar.bruno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very correct"

Line 6 Pocket POD
editable digital effects to prefer the software.


It takes time to adjust its settings, but I hasten to tell you that I have found 4 sounds I backed up and to which I would say it works very well (one clean, one crunch, one distortion for rhythm, one for distortion leads), and I do not use it more! I think this amp as all other, keep it simple and direct, he will answer! And it is your ability to make your guitar sound that make the maximum.
The manual is brief and sufficient to navigate.


With my Fender Tele and my Gibson Flying V.
I already have the Line 6 POD 2.0, 4 JMP looper and Pocket Pod I use for my guitar lessons, connected to a Marshall VS15R.
Overdriven sounds are good, clean sounds it takes longer to find.


2 years of use, rather like the POD 2.0, good price, again without regrets.

StratoX's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great product for the price"

Line 6 Pocket POD
I do not return on the characteristics also largely developed in particular on Article Audiofanzine dedicated to pocket pod


We must be clear: the settings from the pocket pod itself is not easy (quoique. ..). In contrast with the software once the line 6 pocket pod connected to a computer is a breeze and the settings can be very "fine".

The manual is adequate and clear.


I am surprised to read some extremely negative view on this little simulator. Honestly it is possible to achieve very good sound.
Personnelemment I use the pocket pod in two ways: either as a simulator for home studio recording (I also use the Vox ToneLab desktop and various VST based on Cu), either directly connected to the line input of my amp Roland AC 60 (this amp is excellent for this type of use given its specific connector).
In both cases I end up with excellent results regardless of the type of desired sounds (clean, crunch, saturated). I find the correct dynamics (ok it's not a peavey, vox, marshall or mesa boogie tube but is aware).

The most abundant presets downloaded from line 6 some are remarkable.

I use it with AC power (with batteries too little autonomy)


I useful since December 2008.
and +:
unbeatable value for money
preset banks available from line 6 (no equivalent for my "old" tone lab desktop) which saves time for certain songs: it was good sound directly without wasting time hacking.
small footprint.
overall quality of the sounds obtained
the -
no USB connection to use the machine for use in direct home studio (I have to go through my tascam US122 interface or the zoom H4 audio interface mode)
difficult without the interface settings downloadable from line 6 (but this one is light and well made and very stable).

zeetoon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Few authentic bland."

Line 6 Pocket POD
The reverb does not please me at all, the rest of the effects is good. The interface is zero, since a Pod 2 to the clean interface, keep the manual nearby, or go through the software. The amp simulations are appalling: I could do the comparison with a Cube 80 X; Pod is synthetic, fake, or is the Roland is natural, enjoyable! Better yet completely virtual guitar rig, yet do not respect him either grain respective guitars ... I am using more than the preset "clean", with the pod as preamp before my sound card. The rest is bland, almost unusable. No hum or parasite, for my part, but little momentum. Publisher


sound on computer required! I hate


simulations and reverb, the rest is usable. It's really very little convincing!
My Guitars: Hagstrom Select Super Swede, custom Ibanez S540, Ibanez Roadstar II equipped with single Seymour Duncan, Harley Benton 1335 (soon GFS), and a bass Ibanez also equipped Seymour Duncan (SPB3).


I've had a little over a year, it is not expensive and can agree to attack a sound card, but does not sound very convincing ... I would now rather see the competition!