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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD HD

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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nickname009's review

Line 6 POD HD
22 HD amp models
100+ M-class effect models
Up to 8 simultaneous effects
POD HD Edit software editor/librarian (free download)
Fully routable signal chain
Dual Tone functionality
Dedicated top-panel knobs for Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Tweak, Channel Volume and Master Volume
A, B, C and D channel buttons
Tap Temp button
Looper control buttons
512 preset locations
Built-in tuner
1/4-inch input
XLR input
Balanced 1/4-inch outputs
1/4-inch stereo headphone output
S/PDIF digital output
USB 2.0
FBV™ foot controller jack
Metal chassis

This is the newest latest and improved POD HD by Line 6. Apparently 'revolutionary' regarding the older PODs. As usual with the older PODs, there's always tons of features, very usable and very very versatile for both live use and recording. Of course though if you plan to use this desktop model live you'd need a seperate foot controller to get things working for you properly.


Being a previous POD user I know my way around these things. However if you're a first time user you should definitely have the manual with you while exploring. This newer POD is supposed to be a bit more user friendly than the older versions but I personally haven't really noticed such a big difference. It may be slightly easier but not heaps easier. It still takes some getting used to and tweaking your sounds will also take some getting used to and of course, TIME.


For me, and maybe most other POD users. The effects have always been quite decent, in terms of delay, chorus, flange and the weird synth stuff. They've always sounded ok but the new POD HD has definitely upped the tones quite a bit and added some more cool sounds to boot.

The biggest beef has always been the distortion sounds. The cleans were always usable but it was always the distortion sounds that weren't right to most players. Either the distortion was way too grain and sizzly for heavy metal and not good enough for bluesy overdrive or the other way around depending on each player.

I do have to say that the distortion sounds out of the box have improved. Though I wouldn't say they are MILES above. They are definitely better but i would say maybe by 15-30% better. They have definitely improved the picking dynamics however, which is great and makes the sound more amp-like. But it still needs tweaking and for those who hate tweaking, this might not be the best option for you.


Overall it is an improved POD definitely. Not by much though. Don't be persuaded by the "HD" title. You've got to try it out for yourself to see if this is something worth investing into. It's not expensive, but it will take TIME to play around with. And of course, TIME is the most important thing of course depending on each player. Some just want plug and play, some like to sit down and explore.

If you're willing to take the time, you'd be able to get some great sounds out of this box. If not, look elsewhere! Simple as that!

tjon901's review"Studio only"

Line 6 POD HD
The POD HD desktop unit is something Line 6 is not promoting much. They are trying to push their floor based units now so people use them more for live work and whatnot. This desktop unit is a lot like the old pod units. I had an old POD XT desktop unit and it was great. I used it for many years. The HD series from Line 6 is a new way of thinking about amp modeling. Instead of throwing in 100 different models they have only included 16 but these 16 models are modeled in extreme detail. This model is like a super small HD500 unit. It does not have any foot switches or anything this is just a desktop or studio unit. You will have a hard time using one of these live unless you have a large midi switching board.


The usability on a desktop unit is much different than that of a live unit. On these units pretty much every knob has 3 or 4 functions and you will have to get use to that. Without the big screen this unit would be pretty much useless. With the big screen you can really see what is going on in your patches and do a lot of fine tweaking. The big screen adds lots of usability. With the bean shape if you have a lot of cables hooked up to it you will have cables everywhere. It is not like the live units where all the cables will be facing one direction. You will have cables coming out of the front and back of the unit so this will make placing it in your rig difficult. The looper on this model is pretty awkward to use if you are use to foot switch loopers. Looping stuff by hand means you have to take your hand off the guitar to record and stop recording which will cause gaps in your looping.


The sound quality on this model is great like all the other POD HD models. Across the HD line all the amp models are the same the only difference in the units is packaging and features. The majority of the amp models in this unit are bluesy amps or cleaner amps. There are a few high gain models but this is not what this unit was made for. The X3 units have much more high gain amps built in and they sound really good ass well with some tweaking. Even with the large screen on this unit you may find yourself using the pc based patch editing program because with the lack of knobs and switches on this unit it is difficult to edit patches even with the large screen.


If you are just looking for a POD HD unit for studio work this is it even though the other units would work just as well. You are not saving much money by getting this unit so I would recommend you just get the 500 instead. You can tell the HD line was intended to be live board based. You can use the desktop unit but using the floor unit is so much easier and adds many more functions. If you are use to old POD units and love the bean shape I guess you will like this model better than the floor based ones. Otherwise I recommend getting the 500.

chavilbus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good material for home studio"

Line 6 POD HD
Everything is said in the features, all the effects are editable, I can program only through the PC interface. I've never launched in the direct programming of the device that requires some practice given the many key functions.
on the other hand to adjust the amp knob is super accurate and intuitive like a real amp (flight, drive eq ...)
The desktop size is very convenient, I have the FBV that the driver is perfect. Only downside is that I rather regret the HD 500: there is no line input and there is only one microphone input, so that you can not really use it as a sound card. The mic is not terrible for my taste compared to the pod studio UX2 I had before, I can not have such a clear acoustic sound.
For it is quite uneven effects from very good to unusable


The configuration windows 7 is done very easily. There is no latency (I have an i7 with 8 GB of RAM), the editor works fine with RiffWorks + reason in rewire.
The manual is almost useless if you use the editor (just turn the knobs with the mouse), especially as I had the pod farm before, it is not out of place. I'm a little disappointed by the publisher that does nothing compared to the UX2 and even back on some points. Another downside, it does not really bypass when all effects are removed.


The effects are realistic, there is something for everyone. Very good as the tube screamer or distos to more gadget.
Automatic harmonizer is nice (an example with emul Soldano
There is less than the amp pos farm but they are all usable.
The fenders flapping well with a TV:
Saturations are very good I think with a Les Paul for example with JTM75 and a tube screamer, much richer than the pod farm.
The clean sounds (AC15 and fender) with a strat for hapèges and sheraton for lead:
Finally (and I stop :-) the dobro sound taken with a beta 57
The voice of my last posts (those of 2013) are recorded with a beta 58, reverb and compressor pod hd


Parr compared to the previous generation was better on a sound amplifiers, the solid construction (metal very solid, the knob are really pros)
As against the price difference is huge, although the complete connectivity could include input lines and the publisher does nothing more (the backup exmple and management of the bank outside appreil is less intuitive, we can not sort by type of amp or date
Otherwise to register the house with almost unlimited is really a good choice in my opinion possibilities (see with pedals that are also very good when one is considering the scene.

guiomarno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss knife"

Line 6 POD HD
Multi Effect, modeling guitar amplifiers, many effects from the M13.
Presets and settings editable via software pod hd edit mac and pc handy.
This is the model bean, takes up little space on a desk, like in the backpack.
All digital connectivity compared to some pedals and rack models:
-Input guitar
XLR mic-input
-Line Out jack mono and stereo.
Port usb edition sounds and update firmware, and features audio interface.
Port ethernet connection to a crank type L6 FBV Shortboard MkII

To note, this is not perfect, I enjoyed MIDI and XLR outputs, effects loop, so, I put still for eight because I use the pod hd I admit it.


It takes time to find the right settings on the general config screen pod is not simple, but it becomes via editing software podhd edit, which allows both sounds and set banks manage presets.

The manual can be downloaded on the website of L6 is clear and precise.

The grip is not obvious, you can spend a lot of time before starting to get the sounds that we seek. This is the factory gas.
on the other hand, it's worth digging a bit, because the result is convincing once tamed the beast.


I use a PRS Standard Telecaster and U.S..
The amp models are convincing, but uneven, especially in high gain amp sounds, which in my opinion is not the same all. I mostly use simulations Bassman, Twin, Mesa and Engl.
I use little effect, if not the reverbs and delays.

I recorded an entire disc with my guitars and my bass plugged into the pod, direct spdif in sound card.

It's very personal, I like the sounds that can be drawn in a metal register.
The models are sufficiently realistic. A little "cold" digital it goes without saying, but I agree.
I use daily tube amp, but I like the practicality and versatile pod hd.


I use since May 2011.
I had a pod 2.0, which I kept for years, I abandoned and resold.

It happened some time before I return to modeling.
I have not tried many models before, I mainly tried modeling the pod hd 500 in depth history whether it was worth it.

What I like the most is his side Swiss Army Knife. I used mainly taken from his studio, but he has repaired during a period of intense concerts and my amp was in maintenance.

What I like least is its lack of accessibility at the outset: the grip is difficult. That said, when you know how to use it properly, it is a very good tool.

Good value for money, given that I use often:
-Guitar work
Demo-recording, albums, reamping
Hack-of all kinds.
Well-doc in the bag between the mobile computer and the headphones. And it's sound card.
H2 om04/23/2012

H2 om's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Finally a sim that takes the road"

Line 6 POD HD
for characteristics see the site line 6


easy to use and it is a strength because the pod hd has a lot of possibilities and it is a real tower of strength ergonomics, I hate taking my head with tons of page etc ... everything is there on hand, it must be on a bit of time to memorize the operation, but once acquired it nikel.


the most important: the sound! I am a regular tradition Amp lamp foot lamp, stage recovery with palmer PG4 coupled with a microphone in front of the HP all in EQ and I am rarely satisfied !! obviously a simulation is a simulation and have always denigrated these devices usually emaciated background noise drones stuck in a fridge !! POD HD sounds really, we treat the headphones and sound is the foot, it's not a real amp is on but there is a range of very different sound and a good dynamic sound evolves ca with the game and it's good! the speaker simulation and mic sound very good nothing to say for the price it is excellent. against it by means of a tube amp I find his lack of size, this pod is for the record and on stage directly into the PA system. It is true that even if it is very good that has not the guts of an amp pushed to its entrenchment but issue gear: guitar pod, two jack and go !!!


it's simple I sell all my gear and I keep the POD !!