Vox amPlug Acoustic
Vox amPlug Acoustic

amPlug Acoustic, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Vox in the amPlug series.

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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iamqman's review"Exceptional!"

Vox amPlug Acoustic
Wow is the first one that comes to mind when I hear this little pocket amp. Plug your electric guitar into this thing and it really emulates the sound of an acoustic guitar. very cool little device. The tone from this thing going direct into a recording system is exceptional. The tone is so close to the sound of a nice hollow bodied acoustic guitar.

Vox amPlug Acoustic Headphone Guitar Amplifier Features:

* Plugs directly into your guitar
* AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player
* Emulates the sound of an acoustic guitar
* Fat/Bright switch for two types of acoustic sounds
* Blend control to mix acoustic tones with original signal
* Up to 27 hours of battery life
* Quick and easy setup


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Speakers No Speaker
Effects No Effects
Reverb No Reverb
Amp Modeling No Amp Modeling
Number of Models 0
Number of Tubes 0
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Aux (1/8")
Outputs 1 x Headphone
No Footswitch
No Effects Loop
Height 3.15"
Width 3.39"
Depth 1.22"
Weight .09 lbs. (40g)


Just plug in any electric guitar you have laying around and plug into this thing and strap on your headphone. The tone is so well done and for the price of a meal out you could get a good workable practice acoustic tone for quietly jamming in your home or office.

I prefer the sound of a Fender Stratocaster since you get a nice single coil tone with the note clarity and separation . The Les Paul can be a bit bulky in tone so a Tele or a Strat would be optimum.


The battery keeps for a solid day straight of hamming. This thing is such a great tool for the acoustic player who needs quiet practice. It is going to give you a full and rich tone that will equal any other acoustic simulator around. This thing isn't going to sound exactly like an acoustic but it will give you just about as good as your are going to get to any Taylor or Gisbon Hummingbird guitar.

At new these units come in at around $40 which is a steal of a price. I would recommend this little pocket amp to anyone who loves playing the acoustic but it can be too loud at work or while your kid is sleeping. Nice piece of work.

celtwyn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Oh well, good idea but missed Amplug"

Vox amPlug Acoustic
Small pre-amp headphone equipped with a jack that plugs directly into the guitar, different settings: Volume, Tone, Blend. It also has a headphone jack and an auxiliary input for plugging in an external device. One button on / off function and FX (effect)
Uses 2 x LR3 with a duration of approximately 20h, it is very light


use is very simple. The "blend" replaces the gain and transforms your acoustic sound


Blend button is used primarily to turn your electric acoustic sound, exactly like a Boss AC-2 or 3 .... Amplug except that the fact so well.
To hear the difference you really wear a headphone and a good listener. And there, it's true we mean a net difference (albeit not necessarily transcendent), which could have been really nice if the unit was not blowing as much.
In fact, once you start pushing buttons, the sound is invaded by a mega blast which suddenly totally ruins it. It's a shame because in listening carefully one realizes that the small craft had good potential, but the huge drawback is that the breath does not play with long because it drunk!
For the "FX" ... it gives you an acoustic sound a little different, but it is not obvious, since it is covered by the blast, it changes very little ...


The only use of this device is to have a guitar home when you have no amp ... must be used that way, without pushing the buttons, it is useless, so just a little guitar home, ok, but nothing more ... Damage, the Vox should completely review and we lay something much better, because if you really want to transform your acoustic sound, it has to be connected to the output of a Boss AC-2 or 3, otherwise it is not only!

NCerridwen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A huge blast!"

Vox amPlug Acoustic
Mini guitar amp to play through headphones.
Provides an effective "acoustic", transform the sound of your guitar feel like playing on an acoustic.
Requires 2 AAA batteries.
Can connect an auxiliary input, as an MP3.


It's simple. The manual ... not really need.
3 knobs: Blend, Volume and Tone.
A button Off, On and FX.


I honestly can not hear the difference between the sound with and without FX.
Still not understood.
In standard mode, only the volume, you have the sound of your guitar.
Normally, the interest is that you can just get a sound "acoustic" with this Amplug.
EXCEPT THAT, as soon as I climb the Blend (normally up to the effect Acoustic), I have a terrible happens with BLAST. I can not stand.
So, I can use that standard, by placing a cross on the acoustic effect. This is rather unfortunate.


I use it for four months, looking for another solution.
I tried with a second acoustic Amplug to see if the problem was mine. But it was the same.
I acquired a Amplug Twin. Nothing to do! No worries of breath. I tried an AC30, and here again, no worries of breath.
In conclusion, not eligible for the acoustic effect due to the rise of breath I am not able to bear, I will not repeat that choice. I will turn to another model, not necessarily acoustic, but usable.

chaps31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent product"

Vox amPlug Acoustic
Mic amp transistor. ;) Connected to the jack on the guitar.
Blend: Amends the warmth of his
Tone: QED
Volume: volume

I note with regard to the excellent product type, not in comparison with an amp of course (same for the following notes)


Simple operation, it plugs into the jack on the guitar, you plug a headset, it is "On" and now we play with good amplification in the headphone and can not bother anyone, can not be simpler and more efficient .

The quality of the headphone plays, personally according to the settings I have a little to much wind, but it's not really embarrassing, knowing you will not get worse because I use headphones with my iPhone 10 euros ... So better a mid-range headphones but even with low-end headphones it gives a good result.

Note that you can plug an MP3 player to play along.

I'm doing a test I plugged my pedal Loop (Guitar - Loop - amPlug - Headphone), it works perfectly! I even added in the queue and effects .... Perfect!

Ok very portable but more work I need my loop pedal, but I have the Boss XL20 with his little sister found portability.


I took the amPlug acoustic qques because for months I put the Jazz, I bought it for an Ibanez 103 - WB-NT, so I was looking for a clear, preferably hot, to me is a Amplung way to play but also to work without breaking the ears of my neighbors (that is scales and modes of work is not what is most fun to listen though ... ..).

So I wanted a clear, warm, get my guitar ammplifiée, obviously I did not ask too much for this little plastic box and ... I am amazed by the result, it is excellent! This is obviously not an amp, but the quality is well beyond what I thought, I am really amazed at the quality of sound that comes out of this "box" ... There remains the problem of breath more or less annoying depending on the settings, but again a better quality headphone will improve the outcome.


I use it for 24 hours ... I have not been around (including the switch "FX"), but for someone who wants to play in his own more or less clear warm (or too much pushing all settings), to play for himself, work by not wearing his flight case, no doubt, really well done designers.