Epiphone Goth G-400
Epiphone Goth G-400

Goth G-400, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone Goth G-400

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 17 reviews )
 7 reviews41 %
 7 reviews41 %
 1 user review6 %
 2 reviews12 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent

vidroczky's review"Looks great but the pickups are noisy"

Epiphone Goth G-400
I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and only for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent')

old school sounds, I like it:

Mine guitar was made in Korea, so because it is no longer manufactured (even in China) it bacame rare :-)
great looking shape and finsih
Groover tuners (but it feels not very solid)
Mahogany body, and neck (set, not bolded to the body as the Special versions)
Because of the SG shape the access for the high frets is extremely easy
relatively good fret finishes

the body is too thin, so not heavy enough for the neck and head. In other words, it is not well balanced.
pickups are noisy even without distortion effect.
heads on fire12/26/2011

heads on fire's review"Just say no."

Epiphone Goth G-400
Made in China
Double-cutaway solid mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
24-.75" scale length
Slim-tapered neck profile
Rosewood fingerboard
1.68 nut width
Fingerboard inlay at the 12th fret
22 jumbo frets
Dual Alnico V humbuckers
2 volume and 2 tone controls (with integrated killswitch tone pot)
3-way pickup selector
Pearloid trapezoid inlays
Tune-O-Matic bridge
Stopbar tailpiece
Chrome hardware
Satin black finish


This guitar oozes "cheap". It's not a complete lemon - it is able to be setup decently for ok playing action, and the pickups do sound good. But the construction of the guitar just screams "cost-cutting" to me. The satin finish on the neck and body feels nice, but it just looks like someone spray-painted this guitar in their garage with a couple of rattlecans. The electronics are where this guitar really shows its inexpensiveness - the integrated killswitch tone pot started randomly killing the signal first on just trying to turn the knob, then on its own. It kept doing this until I sprayed some contact cleaner in the pot - I shouldn't have to do this on a new guitar!


The tone of the pickups was good - when they worked. As stated before, sometimes the killswitch would cut out the entirety of the signal, making this a very frustrating guitar. However, after the fix, the tone of the pickups was the one bright spot of this guitar. They could work for a metal band, rock, classic rock, or blues.


Overall, I wouldn't recommend this instrument. I realize that there are quality control issues in any company, especially in instruments this inexpensive, but I shouldn't have to clean out a brand new guitar's electronics. The pickups are the only thing bringing this review up from being really bad. Please, friends - if you see this guitar, don't buy it. Just say no.
Audiofanzine FR03/14/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Epiphone Goth G-400
(Originally written by damiansdick/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Made in Asia.

Very nice mat black finish.

Mahogany neck.

Mahogany body.

SG-style set neck.

Tune-o-matic and stopbar bridge.

22 frets.

Two Alnico Classic humbuckers

Volume and tone controls per pickup.

3-way toggle switch.

Typical SG features with Goth finish.


Black and varnished neck.

The neck is pleasant, round and rather thick. I like it.

Typical SG playability.

Very nice mat black finish. The XII inlay at the 12th fret looks classy.

The only con:

The headstock is a bit too heavy.

It's surprising in the beginning but you'll get used to it.

That's not the case with the Epiphone Emily.

It's one of the typical SG disadvantages so it's not surprising.

The acoustic sound is good.


Regarding sound,

I played it with a Marshall 80/80 and a Roland Micro Cube.

Good clean sound, better than many guitars in this price range and even more expensive ones.

The distortion is perfect for rock and hard rock, that's probably the guitar's main strength.

It's made for distortion. If you like powerful and heavy sound, it's the guitar for you.

Power chords and distortion sound very well...

It's a small heavy metal guitar...


Interesting value for money for heavy metal players.

I wanted an affordable SG model to play black metal.

I wanted either the Tony Iommi model or the Goth G400.

I got it secondhand at a nice price.

I'm thinking about upgrading the pickups with Gibson Tony Iommi models to get an hybrid guitar.

But the original pickups do a pretty good job for heavy metal.

The only con is the weight of the headstock. I didn't have this problem with the Emily model.

Based on my experience I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again although I'm still dreaming about the Tony Iommi model.

tetrisman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the bomb"

Epiphone Goth G-400
epiphone g 400 Series as is found in all good dairies
no changes (for now) with 2 humbucker alnico P 90 home


handle super nice, I hesitated a series ibanez art and testing the frets the fingers so I have eaten banco for Epiphone. after a little wide round the 12th fret but we made it very quickly
on the other hand access to treble is super easy
what surprised me at first it's extreme lightness really appreciate when you play standing up but you have when you release the handle it approaches the ground alone. AC suprend at first but we made it and done a guitar to play on it not to pose with ...


ACDC fans have always been and remains the metal of the time I wanted an SG without taking a loan for 200 years and is a jackpot of goth OCCAZ G400 has 215 €. its level is the appointment of course was not the sound of a les paul but still, if we take the trouble to properly adjust his amp AC sends be shoes in the early acute notes.en his wishes super long. brouilons a little more serious in high volume but in Dropped D AC passes alone after that depends on the amp. I play a Fender frontman 25 R when I make a clear majority and a Marshall MG 30 DFX for big sound dripping.


I do not regret my choice and recommend it even to those who want a good guitar without breaking the bank, after it is made not to play near the rock ballads but she is doing great for everything that is blues / rock and even metal

maitreyoda84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
Epiphone factory in Korea.
22 frets, two humbucker (Gibson design).
2 volume, 2 Tone slecteur 3 positions.
It is Fully in Mahogany with a touch bne.

Look irrprochable!


Channel trs comfortable and very fast because of its shape.
Access in acute because grace is divinely easy form two devilish horns dernire the hoop is in the air (and down as above). It feels so good to play on the handle that one wonders why all the guitars do not have the ACCS 22nd fret so easy ;-)

A Submitted dcrire how you how much this guitar is lgre? is a real feather me change my strato heavy as a bulldozer.
But this is where a lightweight BMOL. Lgre yes but a little too much because if we lche carrment it stings the nose! But should not s'apeurer, you get used to rev faster!


Well it's not Gibson Epiphone and so do not expect one of his most prcis.
However the fact remains that it's a pretty big and well in the bass boost to the metal so IDAL fat.
With a good amp and good saturation, I think she is doing well when even trs. DEFINITIONS of the lack of sound does is felt that it goes a little volume on scne.

She made some adj concert so do not panic!

EDIT: It now possde EMG 81, and became formidable carrment, WHOLESALE its insured!!


I possde 5 years, a fan of AC / DC and metal has been a long time I wanted an SG and a scraper that sends the potato. I fell in love with this guitar that I glimpse.
With less than 500 and in view of its many advantages, he forgives her (petits. ..) default.

I will soon offer a kit for EMG worthy of her daemon that really shows me what he has in the guts!

If this tempts you scratching Do not hesitate to make because it is increasingly rare on the French market!

EDIT: APRS a stint at the luthier, it possde now a pair of EMG pickups and a whole new look, she became fearful carrment, WHOLESALE its insured!!

FrankFool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
See the reviews below, add anything there's no secret.


For my part I find the handle very enjoyable. Rather broad and even when pais.
Access in acute do not care because I am rhythm guitarist in training in which I play, but the shape of the SG base, leaves a good Access in acute ...
Shape of this guitar I love it! Weight: not too heavy just right.
Do you get a good sound easy? : Well ...


It should plutt much my style of music: Rock, mtal ...
I play for now head on a Marshall JCM 900 (j'commence get tired) the sound is average good ... But other models that attempt to possess with piphone and a Cort X6, I think it is quite at his particulire. She has her little characters well enough spcial and friendly. Ending for I will give him a microphone EMG 81 (bridge) and APRS me this will change many things! There's way to something good!


I use it less than a year.
What I like most: the shape, style and the little characters that it DGIG.
What I like least: the head a little itchy nose ... used to it ...
I play Cort (X6), I try other models piphone and it bothers me more. Report qualitprix not bad (buy OCCAZ '250 euros, and yes, I am not rich, lol ...). And I certainly do it again this choice, absolutely no regrets.

Bizzaro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
Made in China
22 Frets, 2 Alnico humbucker (made in Epiphone)
2 volumes, 2 tones and a 3-way selector
Set neck.
For more information, go to the Epiphone website.
Grover on my model.
I put 8 RAPORT for quality / price.


The handle is round and thick enough, like all the Epiphone. But you get very quickly. obviously, it's not a guitar shredder. Access to acute is perfect (it's an SG), although I find that from the 15th fret was much room in the boxes, why I prefer the guitars type srate. The shape, well ... I love the SG in part to their forms, so good. Do not forget the famous annoying tendency to dive when the A head is not holding the handle. Otherwise it goes to the weight.
Small flat for the position selector and electronics in general celon me to be redone, components and welds of poor quality ... We can feel when you pass a microphone to the other, small Cccrrrrgwfff and sound interruptions etc., are easily forgettable at home, but by repeating it and live the horror.


I play everything.
Needless to say it is much better in rock, blues and all that.
As against the metal and other highly saturated music is different, the microphones do not have much power, it is quickly wide. These are not very accurate, it drools a lot with a powerful distortion. We thus obtain a rather bold. By clean is not bad, but nothing more. You can feel the difference between the two microphone, the bridge is more powerful and less accurate.
I love the sounds of rock 70/80 years. With this scraper is playable, but with a pedal that provides a minimum behind. One day I tried it with a GT8 ais a Marshall 50DFX ... It's something else it sounds and responds better, BUT STILL SO DROOL!
I'll change the pickups for Seymour Duncan SH1 and SH2 in the neck and bridge in SH4 (very classic ... but this configuration so effective. I am fortunate not to micro switch scratch, sentimental reasons, but I'm not that it would be better to totally change the scratch to invest in a more expensive but with good microphones from the start.


I use it for a little less than a year.
I love its shape, but its matte black color contrasts with the modern vintage look of SG, we like it or not.
Before I board tried it in the same range of prices, Squiers, on the other Epiphone, Ibanez and, of Cort. Epiphone models, we do not see a big difference in sound. For Squiers is clear that it is best, Ibanez same. Cort for I have mixed feelings because Cort some great quality / price, but the woods are less well however.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
Frabriquée-Korea. Frabrication good!
-22 Frets, Alnico V pickups double bobinnage.
-Volume and tone for both pickups.
-The handle is rather flat.


-The handle is not very comfortable at first but over time it becomes enjoyable.
-Access to treble is very easy, normal for this type of guitar.
-Guitar leans toward the nose (normal for SG). Not heavy.
He must know how to use micro is the amp that everything happens afterwards.


-It is well suited to my style of music (punk rock / pop rock / metal).
I played with a fender frontman 15 g, but soon with a marshall mg 30dfx (I will tell you the news!)
-You can obtneir sounds "fat" (microphones handle) and sounds "crystal" (body microphones). But it is not so precise saturation.
With the small fender-the sound its really mean especially saturation.Donc I can not judge too.

-With a Marshall MG 30 dfx sound is clear and passable ttrès saturation is correct.


I use it since May 2006.
Do I like the +: its shape and saturation.
Do I like the -:?? I do not know ban??
-Before the beast, I tried two Ibanez G Series 10 and EPIPHONE really crushed.
-The value taken is not bad.
Newfoundland: av € 350
Occas-: av € 300
And of course I do it again this election!

Off topic:
Just to say that this guitar is increasingly rare on the market.
You can Comenda with Epiphone but the delegation is indeterminate. 2 weeks or 1 month or 6 months or 2 years.
So the vendee not!

sickness.ch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
(See below, everything has been said)


The handle is generally pleasant, not the fastest but ok. Access to acute poses no particular problem, but suffers for large solis example, its 22 frets. The look is simply the ultimate, simple and black. The guitar is rather light but not balanced, careful not to let go if you are not large (less than 1m75) will enter the pit head. You can get a more accurate sound for sounds "grimey" as metal. With a good amp, one gets a rather nasty!


The sound suits me well (metal), I play on the distortion of my amp (H & K - WARP 7) with a NOISEGATE (BOSS - NS2). At first I was playing well on a fat, very low, but over time I preferred the sounds sharper than I think most wicked and most suitable for fast games. So this guitar fits well with the heavy riffs and fat.


I use it for two years, I especially like the look and sound fat. The hand position for "palm mute" is not necessarily obvious to adopt at first but got used to it. The price / quality ratio is excellent for a beginner (current price: 600 CHF ~ / ~ € 400). With experience I will gladly recommend to a beginner who wants to rock and metal, but for a more professional (live frequent studio) I find it too limited. Currently I think of him putting EMG81 for a more accurate and punchy story to keep it a few times.

(Edit: I would lay her life in him installing a EMG81 ... Surprisingly! Without becoming an exceptional guitar, it provides much more live and studio. More potatoes, more accurately.)

LostinN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Goth G-400
All adjacent t said on this subject).


I love the handle, the sound, the guitar.
Petit hic, unfortunately well known for SG-Shaped Guitars, it pitches down, and it is not always practical ...


Vox AD30VT Amp with the creature offers great possibilities.
I personally have nothing against the original pickups ^ ^.


APRS 9 months of use (not trs intensive ...), I have to say I plan to change the guitar. What motivates this choice is (just me) the only default of the guitar; wrong balance. But to say anything, she dla geule, sounds good, is comfortable ... Briefly, for the price, nickel.