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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 13 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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AudioArtist's review"Good Overhead Mic that can double as an instrument Mic as well!"

Audio-Technica AT4041
The Audio Technica AT4041 is a small electret condenser, what is commonly called a "pencil condenser". I've used this mic in nearly every situation that I could throw at it. It will perform just as well live as it will in the studio. Audio Technica may sometimes be overlooked by some engineers with deep pockets but believe me when I tell you that their products are quite a bit better than they often get credit for.
The mic also comes with a carrying case, a windscreen, and it's own mic clip.


The main thing to like about the AT-4041 is it's versatility. Many engineers prefer, so called, "pencil condensers" only in overhead applications. The AT-4041 does a brilliant job on just about anything. Drum overheads, acc. gtr, elec. gtr, strings, harmonica, accordion, piano, and even vocals! Close Mic-ed or at a distance. Go figure!
I got my pair many years ago, (about 12), for about $550(us). At the time it was the most expensive and most pro condenser that I owned. To this day the AT-4041 is a standby in my arsenal.
I use this mic constantly for overhead applications, whether that be drums, flute, percussion, kora, and whatever else. However, when a certain instrument needs that close mic-ed, yet crispy, sound the AT-4041 can really impress. It is surprisingly warm and yet not "tinny" for an electret condenser. You can get really bright and present guitar, banjo, sitar, strings, and much more to come across very well in a mix with the AT-4041.
What may perhaps be the most surprising aspect of the AT-4041 is how it deals with vocals. Electret condensers are not known for being good or, let's face it, even appropriate for vocals. With the included windscreen and a well trained, mic control talented, singer you can actually get some fairly warm and highly workable vocal tracks out of the AT-4041. I'm not going to tell you that it performs as well as a large condenser because that would be a lie, but for the engineer that only has a couple hundred dollars to spend on a good condenser, and needs it to be versatile? Well, if you've got your mic control skills, a windscreen, and a pop-filter the AT-4041 may surprise you.
The AT-4041 also really shines on acc. gtr. Have you got an old, rusty stringed, dilapitated old archtop or some other similarly ancient and dusty old instrument? Put the AT-4041 right up close to that guy, apply a healthy dose of high shelf, and listen to that remarkable vintage sound. The AT-4041 packs enough warmth to pull these odd vintage sounds off without much trouble at all.
There are tons of other "pencil condensers" out there, and many of them are admittedly better. However, for the price and the quality the AT-4041 is an excellent choice.
Laurent Width09/07/2013

Laurent Width's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good mic!"

Audio-Technica AT4041
Electret cardioid microphone for sound recording in the studio or live


I use it for 1 year but I know for 5 years.
Used for the live and studio, I love the look of these microphones, their end sound a little sharp but they are fine and precise (for me)
In overhead, sound acoustic guitar, brass, strings, there is enough going on everywhere.
I have purchased a used 280 euros a couple pairs mate, I think I made a big deal!
I have no negative to say is of good quality, solid ...
I would do this choice without worries, fully satisfied.
Very good product.
ubu roi01/05/2013

ubu roi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Formidable"

Audio-Technica AT4041
Little cigar condos etc, etc ...

Super strong (for an over, which should always be the case for us crooked fingers), easy to place.


2 years the couple are doing well, them, not me. I owned a pulsar II, not shure what 90 wineries (yuck) there is the AKG 451 which gave me the same kind of feelings.
I like natural batteries, few microphones helping to avoid phase shifts of death that kills, rarely more than five micro (sn, 2 overs, bd, Tbass), well you paste my two 4041, one on each side, no drummer has never complained (and yet they have the mouth). choirs, violins, percussion, I do everything with it I even dub bass amps with to tell you.
If lost 'em, the same j'rachète illico ...

Emmanuel1300's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good microphone"

Audio-Technica AT4041
Audio-Technica 4041. Micro back-electret supply 48 volts


It's been 10 years since I used these mics (I 4) as first main couple and then as an adjunct (for example on the ropes when recording symphony orchestras). Accurate and flat response make it an excellent semi-proximity sensor. Also note their good off-axis response. Breath a little tricky to make it perceptible on utilsation low noise sources. Senior couple I now use Beyer MC930 which in my opinion sound better in acoustic reverberation a bit. These microphones can be compared as to their use in schoeps any time without having the same quality and the same price. I have since tried other mics (Shure SM81, MXL 603, Studio Projects B1). They did not seem as versatile. Manufacturing quality and reliability are unbeatable value for money is very honest. I do not know if I would do this choice now offering new sensors are being expanded for many. However, I do not regret not buying them.

cola400's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
Electret cardioid microphone for miking live and studio.
Mainly used in pairs, coupling ORTF under classical music concerts.


I use the microwave for 5 years at least, first with a DAP1 Tascam and Fostex FR2 with IT.
At the time of purchase, I could not compare.
But since I had the opportunity to compare them with KM184, Schoeps of, the Beyerdynamic MC930.
With exprience, I remake this choice: I was looking for decision-making classical music a neutral sound for a reasonable budget.
I found what I needed with these pickups, which are indeed very neutral, precise, and with medium rather specific on treble, and bass that never withdrawn, although the capsule is small. For the chosen application, making his live concert type ORTF, I found the ambience of the rooms. Professional musician, but not soundman mtier, I found with this pair of micro a simple and effective for my recordings, while preserving a level of requirement that all hon.
I now MC930 is a bit warmer and more expensive ...
The quality-price ratio AT4041 Has reasonable time, 300 micro nine, it becomes expensive and now we must examine carefully the competition, or turn to the occasion. But I remain very happy with my choice, professionals who bluff more than once!

Small addition of April 2011: I finally spar with my MC930, and I resumed my AT4041: the MC930 compared taient, true, warm, but their placement more complex and RESULT often smothered a little more like adding hot staining was done at dtriment Aiges harmonics (I'm fltiste). I will try soon to Shure KSM141.

Bozo56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
Use is given for voice and acoustic instruments. I use two microphones in Stereo especially for acoustic guitar (nylon strings and steel) and I like your exact. It's true that after having used the 33TM j'tais a bit surprised by the strong prsence frquences high, but the sound does not become hard.
The size of the capsule has a lot to the band and frequency drives is richer with the microphone capsule size. (APRS what I read on the net)


There are certainly better, but probably not this price. For non-professionals with an average budget is a good solution. I bought the two microphones as a pack, it's always better to possder peers.

gorifik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
I use 3 live on baterie (a charlet, on a crash and the china, ride). I admit that the resulting sound is very close to the expectations that any rock band can have. Coupled with the sm57 snare and the AKG D112 kick drum, the record is really good. However, I find that China has made a far too boring compared to the rest. These are the cymbals Sabian HHX series it seems to me, and I cut the abnormally acute, unfortunately, playing on the record of the Crash series. However, Charlet took its really a nikel, and even for the ride. They were placed about 40 cm above the cymbals, and I did not have to move them. The first placement of the sound appropriate. I utillisé all on a Mackie Onyx 1620, so everything was nikel.
However, for a classical guitar, I was really disappointed. My SM57 gave an optimal


I use them occasionally for about 2 years. What I like most is the quality of sound reproduction. Even in a room with very bad acoustics, we had a pretty good record.
I tried also neumann I can not remember. Obviously, this has nothing to do. But the quality is still the appointment.
The value for money worth.
I think I do it again this choice without worry.

wandaloose's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
No IDE technology, but 48 v, not its ;-)))))))))))))


I use it for 4 years at least!

He serves on bcp for acoustic instrument! unlike what is said prcedemment, I think it has a trs made good on acoustic guitar (real guitar luthier, not with the 100 guitar case and tuner! what that 'there is that sound that same price) The important thing is not to put any prt (70 cm 1 m)! This implies a trs good preamp, especially a good musician that is not louder than the guitar ;-) (Darth Vader banned lol)! I also used on violins (idem, not too prs) of darabuka, and also all that is scrap (tambourine, HH, OH ......)!

I prfre TRS away from akg and neumann KM184 association with trs is going well!

I actually like this mic because it is transparent and I can color it with DIFFERENT preamps (Neve, Telefunken, TL Audio and above on an old soundcraft 6000)!

So I vote!! plutt and a 2x!

I have a couple, and I do not part with it for nothing!

Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
Static, small capsule cardioid
I use it on the hat, or a crash in brief on the scrap metal!
it is tough, it is quiet on a live battery, it seems to retain these characteristics over time


I use it for 5 years, I like much finesse in the treble.
since I bought it I had time to try a pair of Neumann KM184 (you-you farewell Audiotechnica) a pair of T-bone SC100 (I bought) and a Shure BG 41.
Well that is okay ... serious he does not know what that is, the scrap metal on a digital recording it's been a while may cringe if you must put in a 1000 preamp, I find that it derailed. I think for the console and a live analog or the OH charley ca va! it deserves a 12/20 any more.
Another thing: contrary to what t said, on acoustic guitar that is the shit! there is no bass and treble sound shrill.

Q / price there are much better (the pair T-Bone has 150 for example)

If c 'is silent again, I would not do it again ... but it's too late, I keep it help me from time to time

domos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4041
Micophone electret cardioid
Not interchangeable capsule.


Good microphone to trsrsistant tempratures of Difference and the humidity.
May be a bit aggressive in the extreme acute (lgre bump to 12 kHz).
Trs good report quality price.
I 'possde 6.