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Randall Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Randall RG 75 G2

    Randall RG 75 G2 - "Too compressed for me..."


    The Randall RG75 is a 1x12 combo amplifier from the company that is designed to offer a versatile and good sounding rig in a portable and affordable package. It has two channels, one clean and one drive. There is also an onboard effects section with …

  • Randall KH15

    Randall KH15 - "A big miss"


    This thing sounds like garbage. Randall makes some decent sounding practice amps and this isn't one of them. The Nuno amp actually sound very good for being a mini practice amp in solid state. This one sounds exactly like most solid state amps sound …

  • Randall RG 100 SC G2

    Randall RG 100 SC G2 - rains_en's review


    The amp is solidstate, 100 watts delivered by two celestion silverface 70-80s. On the control panel, you will find an input for guitar and another for headphones and 3 seperate channel controls: Clean, Gain, and stereo chorus. There are also master v…

  • Randall Warhead Combo

    Randall Warhead Combo - "Randall Warhead Combo"


    Purchased this last week from Music 123 out of New Jersey. Great service and the amp was delivered shipping cost free to my door with no sales tax. This was labeled "B" Stock, so I got it for a killer price of $730.00 I can't tell why it was a "B Sto…

Translated user reviews
  • Randall KH75

    Randall KH75 - enliin's reviewhas images


    See previous comment And I would add: - Ground lift - Footswitch "Reverb On / Off and OD / Clean" or "OD1/OD2" - Headphones UTILIZATION The setting is not easy at first, the knobs are sensitive and very effective, but even a little groping q…

  • Randall KH15

    Randall KH15 - - Mimi -'s review


    15 Watt Transistors Two channels: - Clean Overdrive with boost- A 3-band qualisation A master A headphone output An on / off button! Between a RCA (red + white) for connecting an MP3 example So no reverb or tremolo, two channels and a half …

  • Randall KH75

    Randall KH75 - chouli's review


    2-channel preamp / 3 modes Hammett Clean Mode 1 Mode 2 Hammett Rhythm Mode 3 Hammett Lead EQ Bass, Middle, Treble, Contour Master Volume Power 75 Watts Celestion Seventy 80 Spring Reverb Effects loop series Input Tape / CD Footswitch inclu…

  • Randall RG 75 G2

    Randall RG 75 G2 - ropers29's review


    75w amp transistor, no effect apart reverb, 2gain, treble, midlle, bass, outline 4ohm and 8ohm external output a pedalboard 4 buttons USE easy to use, powerful amp, if you go up the gain and bass It's breath away rather his metal SOUN…

  • Randall WMX 30 Scott Ian Signature

    Randall WMX 30 Scott Ian Signature - ya89's review


    Transistor 30W 3 channels (clean, drive, overdrive), but only a 3 band EQ with a master and a graphic an input jack and a headphone output there is something connected a switch that is not provided and effects loop 7/10 USE Configu…

  • Randall RX50D

    Randall RX50D - hg6990's review


    50-watt amplifier transistor -In terms of connections I have not looked back. sorry. -Two channels, one clean, saturated: equlisation 3-band + level for each channel, a gain adjustment and contour for the channel full. Settings quite effective …