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syraks 01/15/2005

Randall RG 200 G2 : syraks's user review


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Transistor amplifier
- 2 x 100w (HP Celestion G12T-100)
- Effects Loop
- 3 channels (Clean - Overdrive - Disto)
- 2 Equalisers
- A reverb / equalizer
- Rglages acute-medium-low for 2
an outline and a drive for distos
a level of reverb / equalizer
a volume / equalizer
- Headphone
- Line out
- 2 connections (4 / 8 ohm) Loudspeaker
- Footswitch included! (Channel - gain - clean boost - reverb / effects)


Well what is an amp ^ ^
We turn, a sound, no decision-heads mean much when the diffrence chipotte with buttons
For cons, I'm a big complaint: The Difference in volume between the clean and distorted sounds are Dranga
I explain: to have an equivalent level Audible, there must be clear about the sound a little over 1 / 4, the mode disto1 to 2 / 3 and disto2 a little more than half of which is not anything and is quite disturbing, especially if we must move from a distal one (rare but can happen) ...
Finally, if the clean sound is not loud enough, there is a clean boost on the footswitch ^ ^
T it would have to outwit a boost gnral I think. But hey, too bad we did with ...
8 / 10 for this problem that I Whereas large enough (but I take into account the price too, if he does more, does have a 7)


The sound ... Ha ha ha! This pulse!
In short: a good slapping goes round (I like it)
Disto 1: a kind of overdrive going to sound very fat very round, hu hu, I like. From Hendrix to Guns n 'Roses, all sounds good, hu hu. The blueseux find there may be not all the heat they want but I was good for me trs!
Disto 2: Again, anything goes. A real distortion, not an overdrive boost Rock, punk, metal and drives, all without forcing rings!
The reverb is trs good job, and the fact that it can be rgler for each channel is truly an ide to hell! A lot of reverb for the clean sound and a bit saturated for possible without running into the amp by changing his (or without paying a slave to do so)!
In short, a super versatile amp for the price, I wonder how we can do better!
However, that it sounds better than amp lamps, it may be pushing the cap a bit far (Mauritius), it sounds good, sure, but that has m'tonnerait quivale Marshall JCM800 or a Mesa Triple Retifier. Of course, prices are not the same ^ ^
Short => 10/10, nothing equivalent perspective versatility and quality for the price. Pe amps modlisation but we talk about the real sound ...


Ca pulse (same pattern as place ^ ^)
So its clear nickel, a nickel saturated, versatility perfect equipment like this, what more? I pay 516 and I am satisfied with TRS. The only problem is that BMOL volume ... Bah, I would do even when that choice!
In addition, the footswitch is supplied
Ah yes, my guitar: Cort X6 with a Di Marzio Tone Zone in bridge. Essay on a Lag I know what and Ibanez RG => fit as well. The other scratch my group has the same and Ibanez GSA60 and sounds of hell too