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hg6990 06/25/2008

Randall RX50D : hg6990's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
50-watt amplifier transistor

-In terms of connections I have not looked back. sorry.

-Two channels, one clean, saturated: equlisation 3-band + level for each channel, a gain adjustment and contour for the channel full. Settings quite effective but less than the G2 and G3 series.

-A "channel" impact optional fifteen fact I know exactly and I can not find the exact number ... basically, it was 5 or 6 reverbs, chorus, tremolo, flanger, delay and after effects of mix between style chorus + delay + flanger or delay, etc., with a knob that this selection effect and another to adjust its size (it does not speed or anything but if you hear a lot or not .)

I put 8 because there is everything you need, except perhaps a boost for both channels, see other channels Cunche style or a more powerful lead. Well after having taken on the amp, we will not do the dogs, it's not bad.


Well, frankly, I find that the configuration is very simple but it is not poor so far ... good balance. No need to get out of St. Cyr to get by, however, was something complete and you do not feel the need to purchase 15 effects pedals and more.

He must love Randall of course, is modern, sharp and aggressive distortion, this is not for the blues or jazz, the cleans are very clean (it does not crunch.)
In any case just a few minutes to find its really nice, even the effects are very well balanced and very easy to use.

-I have not seen the manual, no need if it is not the faith that you first touch an amp.

I put 10, without exaggeration, it is super easy to use, I see no reason why I would put at least not even need to think to use it (waoh! his rhyme!)


Me I am very Metal (Thrash, Black, a touch of Death, a can of Harcore / Crustcore) and a small can of blues / rock here and there.
For metal, it's perfect (unless you play the really extreme metal style big death / grindcore.)
For the blues rock that's too modern, like most Randall.

-I tried it in stores (not bought) with an ESP / LTD Eclipse 400 (I have the 500) is an all mahogany les paul set neck with humbucker EMG Active 81/60.

-Then the cleans are crystalline, relatively warm (as some cleans tube) they very promptly cleans really reminded of Metallica Master of Puppets, Justice and Black album. Let's say there's nothing to do blues but it's very honest and frankly pretty.

The distortion is frankly-effective is massive and powerful, but very sharp (especially with the EMG pickups) it allows you to type good rhythmic thrash (metallica, megadeth, slayer, sepultura, pantera, it is in the mind) There's good way to tease the black to the immortal / dissection in my opinion.
Otherwise I was really amazed at the level of the leads: hyper accurate, neither deaf nor loud / soft, even for a mediocre guitar player like me, there's really a way to have fun, especially with the reverb / delay integrated.
Lowering the master with the knob on the guitar neck y'avait micro chopper through a crunch sympatoche style AC / DC, trust, how hard old.

"I hung on every good sound, can be a little lack of gain for the extreme metal ... but the heavy, thrash, black, ca does!

Efficient versatile-but few, I put 7.


-I did not buy.
-It was a super setup simple but very effective, regardless of its available, but it is hyper typed and actually good for the price!
"I tried a lot of Randall (G2, G3 that are better but more expensive, RG, I did not like), marhall mg (in the same genre, but much more rock and less good in all cases) peavey bandit and ValveKing (more versatile) and ENGL Screamer of (well clear of the RX's are almost at the level I think, trimmed the distortion, the ENGL is the class above ...)
-345 Euros for a 50 watt amp with two transo channels and a good effects processor, I do not know about you but I find the price / quality ratio really good, and his style is the Spider to the post cap 2 and 3 the Marshall and Vox models transo.

I put 8 because it's not a great amp: it's not an all-tube amp with lots of channels, the texture, warmth and flexibility gain crazy, but at that price, the value / price is very good.