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- Mimi - 04/23/2010

Randall KH15 : - Mimi -'s user review


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15 Watt Transistors
Two channels:
- Clean
Overdrive with boost-
A 3-band qualisation
A master
A headphone output
An on / off button!
Between a RCA (red + white) for connecting an MP3 example

So no reverb or tremolo, two channels and a half with a knob to boost the volume of clean, a knob for the overdrive channel gain, a knob to boost the level of the canal Overd. 6-hp I think, I can not vrifier is a closed cabinet!

So on paper, not bad for a small amp!

Go as a transistor, I put 6 for simplicity the small efforts look nice (it looks like it's Kirk who has written the information on knobs).


Bon ben is plug and play, so from that point of view easy to use BUT:

- The difference in level between the channels clear and saturated ingrable to have some gain without making the neighbors yelling and both channels have the same volume level must rgler the max clean, overdrive and boost the level needed to have a good seed, and Master 0.1, delicately so hyper! We must work with micron prs! (Default rcurrent apparently even on the big Randall)

- The volume pot of EQ are very active, difficult to collect diffrence, so versatility limit ...

I am obliged to put 2 ...


Bon ben is not the top ...

The clean is c. .. r, impossible to have a smooth clean sound, even with a good guitar (I have a strat U.S.!).

The distorted sounds are shrill, synthtiques, you can have sounds Drinking rhythm but stops as the Not possible to release a good solo sound, this amp is that for the ryhtmique hard rock / metal, which is also not my style of play!

My notes: 1 / 5 for the clean, 1 / 5 for the saturated = 2 / 10! I have no bone to zero, because a little fiddling you can sometimes fall on his drinking, but I'm hesitating ...


I just bought my first APRS electric power to exercise myself waiting to get one good amp, this amp so much me a favor, he can agree a little young nerv whose parents do not know if it will become professional musician so do not want to ruin, but in hindsight, in the same price range, I take a little amp pluttd lamp while simple type champion 600, more teractive, less versatile but its a lot nicer and better at ragit guitar playing, perfect for learning.

So I keep this amp for playing in front of my computer and play a little headphone, but it's really because it brings me nothing to resell. I Whereas the store that sold it to me ripped me because it does not match what I was looking (for my defense i was a novice), so they have lost a good customer because J "I invested a lot in stuff since ...

Comprehensive review 3 because the price is not bad, the little HP is doing well, it's 15 watts but sounds as loud as a 15W lamp, but we must admit that for the same price are a lot better ... Kirk Hammett must be turning in his grave! (Joke)