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Universal Audio Solid-State Pre-amps user reviews

  • Universal Audio 8110

    Universal Audio 8110 - "Octo-pre-GOD!"


    This is an analog unit with the typical xlr and trs connections. Unlike the 4110, this unit sadly does not have the instrument input. UTILIZATION Utilization is super simple- pre and post gain and 3 voice selection on each of the 8 preamps. Typical…

  • Universal Audio SOLO/110

    Universal Audio SOLO/110 - moosers's review


    The Universal Audio Solo 110 is an analog solid state pre amp that is a both a pre amp and a DI box in one. It has 2 1/4 inch DI inputs and XLR connections as well. It is not a rackable unit, and is in a box that has a handle. UTILIZATION The confi…

Translated user reviews
  • Universal Audio SOLO/110

    Universal Audio SOLO/110 - " Delighted"


    Transistor preamp format "brick" UTILIZATION Easy to use. SOUND QUALITY Its a very round, modern, body, and wide open. Super dynamic. OVERALL OPINION Very happy with this preamp through which passes a lot of my bass line and some voices…

  • Universal Audio SOLO/110

    Universal Audio SOLO/110 - " Hot does not mean lamp! I understand!"


    Transistor preamp and DI box. XLR connectors. UTILIZATION Easy to use, turn the 2 large pots and voila. SOUND QUALITY Ha voila finally what interests us, quality sound. Compared with a voice-that I sold, my acquisition of a solo 110 I thought…

  • Universal Audio DCS Remote Preamp

    Universal Audio DCS Remote Preamp - fabemol's review


    I was looking primarily a preamp to connect my microphones. my setup is simple: acoustic guitar: 2 eletret mics (Shure SM81) and all on a rack with a Korg D3200 effect loop on the korg. I am a store that my allezdans advises the following, I try,…

  • Universal Audio SOLO/110

    Universal Audio SOLO/110 - chouwap's review


    Pramp in class A, trs beautiful finish quality workmanship. knob a gain, a volume, phantom power supply, and between DI XLR low-cut and phase reverse. very simple and functional, portable ... UTILIZATION Ultra simple to use, one dose of the gain …

  • Universal Audio 8110

    Universal Audio 8110 - AlexPalmito's review


    Rack 8 preamps lamps USE Easy, it's a preamp with everything you need in it, 8 TIMES! SOUND QUALITY It colors, but it's good !! NOTICE GLOBAL Ha, if I could afford ... soon I hope !! …

  • Universal Audio 4110

    Universal Audio 4110 - stud 66's review


    There is nothing to say it's just magic, trying to adopt it with all this gear is possible.Est I know what I mean, because I also manley of the Langevin's neve etc ... even if the price can be quite heavy (4preamp anyway) you will never regret your i…

  • Universal Audio 2108

    Universal Audio 2108 - djanogil's review


    It has a preamp circuit transistors stereo Class-size unit and an external power supply. This is the same circuit as the output 1176. It is equipped with a line input and two XLR input gain and output level control over two impedance settings. …