Universal Audio SOLO/110
Universal Audio SOLO/110

SOLO/110, Solid-State Pre-amp from Universal Audio.


Universal Audio SOLO/110 : Anonymous 's user review


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Pramp in class A, trs beautiful finish quality workmanship. knob a gain, a volume, phantom power supply, and between DI XLR low-cut and phase reverse. very simple and functional, portable ...


Ultra simple to use, one dose of the gain and output knob ... A problem in the Signalta: when you press the small button front is not known if such were engaged or not phantom power supply .... but nothing dramatic attention to beginners if uses a micro fragile (tape?)


I have nothing wrong, it Submitted On voice, clear, shiny, soft, equilibrated with Contents of a standard reserve of gain, same return on a guitar folk.Je complter APRS other tests.

September 2008 Edit: I sold it for lack of As, and ratchet. Now I can compare the Amek Neve-of Sebatron, and also in the Neve 1073 at a friend. I do not know more than has the 1073 though. Compar my stuff is the same level, with a color diffrent (quite naturally) and with a magnificent DI.


At that price really blameless, however I would recommend anyone who wants a high-end sound without being too rich.

edit September 2008: For once I n'exagre not. We always tend EXAGRES talking about his stuff when you have no points of comparison.