Universal Audio SOLO/110
Universal Audio SOLO/110

SOLO/110, Solid-State Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

thug91 02/24/2011

Universal Audio SOLO/110 : thug91's user review

«  Hot does not mean lamp! I understand! »

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Transistor preamp and DI box. XLR connectors.


Easy to use, turn the 2 large pots and voila.


Ha voila finally what interests us, quality sound. Compared with a voice-that I sold, my acquisition of a solo 110 I thought, damn it lacks a bit of roundness. I was so used to the Envoice sounding "soft" and round my destabilized the AC a few months time.
Then, gradually and as I listened, especially on other system that monotoring, I quickly understood that here the preamp plays in the high end. The see is SUPER detailed (I have a neumann TLM 193 anyway) but it's impressive detail and vent in her voice, very clear and defined but there is the key AU just bring a warm grain at a time . I am extremely surprised this preamp, but above the transistor that is not really cold. In short, compared to the Envoice, we put the vocals in the mix it's nothing to see! The AU is no longer present and really blends into the mix as it should.
I did not test the DI because I do not play an instrument.
Here we have the preamp of 4110, simply. Nothing to do with the solo 610 which does not mimic his elders.


What I like most is of course the sound is superb. Detailed, airy and warm at once.
What I like least, uh .. I honestly do not know.
Of course I will ever experience with this choice.
I try some machine anyway. Avalon VT 737 sp, Focusrite ISA ONE Mindprint En-voice,
TL AUDIO 5051 and I shall probably miss one or two.
It gives me the best I have had. It sounds good on any type of voice, not like an Avalon.