Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 69 reviews )
 33 reviews48 %
 21 reviews30 %
 5 reviews7 %
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theaudioandvideoguy's review"for listening pleasure"

Sony MDR-7506
The Sony MDR 7506 headphones suited me perfectly when I was using them. I say “when” because I was using them a long time ago. One thing that I liked most about them was of comfortable they where. The really fit around my hears really nice and have a soft feel to them. They sounded pretty good to, not good enough for me to mix in though. But they where great just for listening to music in, or maybe use them as some sort of a reference.

The sound of them is pretty basic, most headphones exaggerate either the hi or the low end. This where pretty even throughout. They are also pretty loud, so if you like your music loud these will fit you just right, I personally really don’t like my music too loud, don’t want to damage my ears!

The cord that’s connected to them can really be stretched out , they are almost like the old stereo headphones from back in the 80’s and early 90’s that had the real long bungy type of cord that could stretch across the room. I am pretty sure you need to purchase an adadpter with these though, it doesn’t come with the ¼ inch plug on the end. Most all mp3 players on the market today are ¼ inch females (ins) .

Overall, nothing really bad to say about these. I wouldn’t mix in them or monitor my own music in them. I used them for listening pleasure only and they served just that. They are great for just everyday listening very comfortable. When I did try to mix in them my mix wasn’t good at all. But the good thing is they are cheap and you can or you could get them almost anywhere. Not too sure if they are still being sold in radio shack and such stores here in the US. But for the right price, buy them.


yoTrakkz's review"great buy"

Sony MDR-7506
Great phones. I use them for detailed listening, tracking, etc. - even mixed. Mixing to headphones in general is not the best idea, but if you know your headphones and what things should sound like for a good mix, its not THAT hard. I've done better mixes with these than some of the cookie-cutter template mixes you'll hear everyday from the high end studio. With all of the different types of headphones on the market today its hard to pick a solid pair that are stable. These are very stable there arent pretty to look at like some of the skull candy headphones or dre beats. But they do the job, I put these up there right with the dre beats. Not as good though, but close. Plus the price is very affordable. I am not sure if they still make these, I got mine back in 2004.

These headphones are super comfortable, and the fold-up design is awesome. I've owned my pair for at least 7 years and they're just about all I've used. They're very durable and they sound REALLY good. And in fact, that is probably my only issue with the 7506. They sound too good. Pretty much every mix I've ever done with them sounds unbelievably awesome in the headset, but when the final mix is played on another system, there is much to adjust. I guess you just have to learn to compensate, but it seems like a lot of compensation especially on the lows and clarity of it all (as in the headset sounds much fuller, clearer and punchier than the mix really is).

Overall, These headphones also have great bass response and very detailed mids and highs. I use these to monitor my mixes and they come out very good and translate well over my studio monitors. I also have the Sennheiser eH-150 headphones and I use them now strictly for tracking vocals.

ericthegreat's review"affordable headphones"

Sony MDR-7506
I have owned the Sennheiser 280 Pro headphones for 3 years. I was so pleased with my first pair, that I bought 3 more of them. However, I decided that as I need more headphones, I would purchase different kinds. Since the Sony MDR 7506 is the most popular $100 headphone at guitar center, I went with the purchase.

There is quite a difference between the two headphones. The HD 280 Pro's hug tighter to the ears allowing more noise reduction. The Sony pair comes with a nice bag for the headphones which isn't included with the Sennheisers. But I have to say, that what matters most to me is how they sound. Although these are still great headphones, they are too bright as somebody else mentioned and seem to have a boosted 1-2k area which I really don't like. The bass response around 100-240 seems to be more present in the Sony's but I am not sure if it is more accurate. Both headphones seem to have the really deep 40-100 hz frequencies. I would definitely have to take some time learning these headphones before I could mix on them. The Sennheiser's are pretty good for the price and a great second reference from my monitors (Event SP8's).

These headphones are super comfortable, and the fold-up design is awesome. . They sound too good. Pretty much every mix I've ever done with them sounds unbelievably awesome in the headset, but when the final mix is played on another system, there is much to adjust. I guess you just have to learn to compensate, but it seems like a lot of compensation especially on the lows and clarity of it all (as in the headset sounds much fuller, clearer and punchier than the mix really is). If you purchase these don’t get them used, buy new because over time the sound changes on you.

moosers's review

Sony MDR-7506
Sony’s MDR-7506 are a set of professional level recording studio headphones. Sony has a ton of different headphones to choose from on all levels, and the MDR series of headphones are probably their most popular. The MDR-7506’s in particular are a great set of headphones. They’ve got large diaphragm speakers and are great for variety of applications. I’ve used these headphones for monitoring during recording and nothing else so far. We’ve got a pair of them on hand at the studio where I work and they’re pretty much constantly being used. I haven’t used them for mixing or anything like that, as I never mix with headphones and wouldn’t recommend that you do either. However, these headphones are good enough for checking mixes on for sure. It’s always good to get as many different perspectives as possible for a mix, and these are definitely adequate for that sort of use even though I haven’t had a chance to do so myself. As far as using these for monitoring during recording, they are basically the perfect set of headphones. They have a great frequency response across the board, especially on the low end, which is rare for a set of headphones. They have a crisp high end as well, presenting an overall accurate picture of the sound you send to them. They are definitely more than reasonably priced, as you’re getting a great set of headphones for less than $100 USD. There are definitely a ton of different headphones out there that are worthy of being checked out in this price range, including the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros which are a favorite of mine, as well as other high end Sony headphones in the MDR series, but definitely make it a point to have the MDR-7506’s on your list of headphones to check out as well. Highly, highly recommended for those looking for an overall great sounding set of professional studio headphones.
Audiofanzine FR12/06/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Sony MDR-7506
(Originally written by arakno1/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I've been using them for two years. I use them to mix and master albums, write music on a computer, as drum monitoring system and to listen to music.

Pros: sound quality, isolation (although it's not enough on stage), sturdiness, very long coiled cable, looks and comfort.

Cons: protections are starting to wear out.

I tested several headphones in this price range (Sennheiser, Koss, Bose) and I chose these.

Good value for money.

I would buy them again for this price.

JackLudden's review

Sony MDR-7506
The Sony MDR 7506's are something of a standard for headphone monitoring in studios. I have been using them for years. They are quite common, and you will see them in a lot of places. They are closed ear headphones, so you get a pretty good degree of isolation when using them. Not as good as something like the sennheiser hd220, but still good enough for most recordings. Sometimes if a singer in a vocal booth likes a really loud mix, you'll have leakage into the vocal mix, but usually it's fine.

Obviously the closed ear style will attenuate a good degree of background noise as well, which is nice if youre using them for casual listening on an airplane or something like that. The sound quality is generally very good. The frequency response seems fairly flat, and they aren't too fatiguing to listen to. The bass is a bit lacking in definition, as with most headphones, and of course there's the problem of not really being able to feel the bass like you'd be able to with a good set of monitor speakers. They are somewhat comfortable, given the foam padding on the ear cups. However this padding tends to tear over time, as I've noticed with one of my pairs and others i've seen as well.

These headphones come with a nice carrying bag, and an adapter for 1/4" connection. They also fold up to be very compact - good for storage and travelling. The cord is very long, and is the coiled type. You can adjust the size on them as well, in case you have an abnormally sized head.

Overall a very good pair of headphones, useful for fairly accurate monitoring and just listening to music. I'd definitely recommend them, although if you want to spend a bit more there are better headphones out there. These are a good value for the price. I'd get them again, I own a couple pairs.

gouessax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Never disappointed"

Sony MDR-7506
-How Long have you use it?
I use it for more than 10 years

-What Is so special that you like most and least?
by (+): His sound, his strength and length of the cable
by (-): The fragility of its changeable foam once or twice a year .. it's expensive ..

-Have You tried many other models before buying it?
Beyerdynamic DT100 and Sony MDR 7509. But they were not to me ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
although at the time I did not know online stores .. so I paid full pots in a store .. and 225 euro it hurt ..:-) good at the same time at the same time it was listening in 189 or £ 199 at thomann so good .. when I said there .. it pisses me but ... we can say that it was to be in solidarity with the French traders ..:-)

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
If I Had to Do It All Over Again ... Yes .. well I to do it again this choice, it has been my first personal headphone, and he followed me in all my adventures since never let me !! but I do not buy the same place that's all ..;-)

-For What do you use this headset
headphone used by musicians for the sound studio, and as a comparative listening mix.

-What Music do you listen to?
Listening to mix acoustic folk, jazz, modern jazz, jazz fusion, jazzfunk, rock, variety.

He -S'adapte easily to your head and your ears? Do you find it tiring during extended wear:
Comfortable to wear headphones, just unpleasant can on top of the skull after a while, now ... well ... it has more than 10 years ...:-) .. but in the beginning, I do not remember not myself full of comfort ..

-The headphone you seem strong or weak?
The headphone is solid, very solid and even the views of the various shocks and other hazardous manipulations live it stinks ... but (-1) for foams that wear out too easily

-its Appearance or performance have they degraded over time?
I do not feel that anything was changed at this level, but to be on should buy another one .. and it's not my priority ..:-)

-The Audio quality of the headphones you she looks good (serious global balance, midrange, treble, stereo)?
The quality of the headset is great for me ... hair cell I ask a headphone ... one can not too low, mids and highs mediums present ..
He respects the audio jack of all good ..

-His Noise you seem too low or too high?
Sound level is good, more or less

-What Does its sound insulation (do you hear outside noise from your headphones, and is what people hear the music you listen to)?
headphone sold as closed, and I think it is closed when the foams are in good condition .. I find foams by fragile against because they deteriorate quickly.
on the other hand I found it a bit too far into the microphone during a power voice ...
studio 5eme monde08/12/2014

studio 5eme monde's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very very good helmet"

Sony MDR-7506
I use it for 2 years.
The quality ratio seems correct.
I remake that choice without problem

Using these headphones for recording studio.

The headphone is solid and offers a beautiful, neutral colors do not listen.
I recommend it for studio applications or even listen to music

The quality ratio seems correct.

lmtsf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good headphones"

Sony MDR-7506
I bought there 3 months. I tried three other models. I love the storage bag. The price range of this product for its quality.

I use this headset available. I find it nice and tightly closed. I mainly listen to rock. It fits well in my head. The ability to fold and store in the bag provided is convenient for transportation.

This headphone seems very robust. I bought there is little promo at Sound Factory in promo.

I do not know how it will age, but I'm pretty confident.

The balance of the spectrum is good, as dynamic. It seems properly closed.

dblm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very very good at the right price"

Sony MDR-7506
For the main I have (aircraft) use, this is the perfect headphone in all areas. I've had a few months, but I have moved about twenty flights of 3 to 15 hours ...

On one side is a little frustrating that there is still a bit bulky even folded, but ... In the same field, the cable (telephone style, good quality and good length) also remains quite large, but it is better than the tiny fragile son headphones phone!

Purchased to hear some music and movies before a long flight ...
Tired of hearing nothing (because of the noise reactors) with the supplied headphones or mini headphones iphone kind ...
Very comfortable to wear, lightweight, tightly closed, well insulated, less effective than headphones active suppression of ambient noise but much cheaper: bought in December 2013 90 USD or 70 Euro (at Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, it ranks as address ...)
Re experiencing mix (I mix but little headphone), it's not worth a big headphone of course, but it's still very large, well-defined bass are very specific what little powerful for my taste.

Apparent solidity satisfactory, but we'll see over time. It remains a small, but good construction, at this price.

Graves a little weak but well defined (curieusement. ..), the rest is pretty well balanced. Very adequate for a dynamic headphones sound level, very satisfactory insulation.