Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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All user reviews for the Sony MDR-7506

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 70 reviews )
 33 reviews47 %
 22 reviews31 %
 5 reviews7 %
 4 reviews6 %
 2 reviews3 %
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stefriggs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I just bought these headphones in trusting her reputable, so-called "what you mix is ​​what you hear." Well I agree with those who say this is wrong. For mixing, I returned my old Sennheiser headphones, which at least does not m'explose ears. In contrast to the sound as a singer and acoustic guitarist, that he favors the treble or high medium is not a forcment inconvnient because it gives more precision and comfort singing. My feeling hot, a good headset jack, but mixed in mixer. To support use ...

I come back two months of use APRS and I confirm: this headphone m'explose ears because of his hump in the high and medium high. After 10 minutes, I have to put the Sennheiser Epargne to my poor ears. It's not the headphone that I will keep for decision, let alone the mix since despite its reputable, it is not right. In fact it looks like I'm not the only think. So mfiance compared to reputable, nothing beats the fact to try.

Lsan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
7 years! too ...
He Bouff ears ... ds I could do something with my speakers, headphones still in the closet ... to the point of my voice plutt taken without a headphone ...
headphone aggressive pronounced in mediums, the catch is in dnatures consquence ... a beautiful guitar "noise" to the headphone becomes stale, flat and without agressivit on monitors ...
thus misleading the rendering and killer ears ... 10 minutes, it flies and it breaks off ear ...
in 7 years, the adapter mini jack / jack is broken and the leather is dcoll ear ... but it still works, with a note of my o ... Note: I am careful trs, the adapter has a pte t cass I throw the window ... dcolles the atria, it is "natural "on the other hand ... I have to sweat too much by the standards sony ...

with this wonderful exprience, I finally DCID buy another headphone, and took an AKG K271 studio ... see me ...
l'electron libre06/30/2006

l'electron libre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
Use the last few days ...
Plus, the dynamic range ... weight lightweight (compared my HD280)
The least ... uh ... may be doubts about the Fidler reproducing ... may be an unflattering ...
No, little essays MODELS ... in fact I hsit ... and long, between it and the Beyer DT770 Pro ... Trs difficult choice ... The Beyer plutt seemed neutral, with no xagration of nothing ... the point that some felt seemed frquences ... I think it's a good headphone, but also quite DIFFERENT from Sony has an IMMEDIATE ... EHJV
I believe that IDAL is to have both ... one to judge the right pace of a song (Sony), the other To verify that each instrument is well located in space, its lowest level just (Beyer) ...
In fact, the vendor has ended up DCID ... and then rename this headphone ... REFERENCE World studios ...
The emcombrement also on my jou ... RULING Beyer is clearly the most impressive, even if it is more lightweight, too, that my HD280 ...
Pay 145 euros, it is still available ... but the high-end dj ...
The small BMOL, as you've probably read dj is the size of the ear ... it is perfect for me ... but I do not have big ears ... trs try before you buy ...
And last tip ... Avoid making voice taken with ... not a closed headphone ... compltement ... (For a, stay on the HD280, which He does not miss much ...)
Voil ... basically, no doubt, to the ball! Trs a good headphone that will offer MRIT order to work its mix without too many surprises at a MUCH hi-fi ...

Trashcomedian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
Purchased one week ago, used extensively since then (about fifty hours) listening, mixing.

A headphone very loyal, very neutral, closed (not need another headset to record the microphone) without any harm to the quality, very comfortable and practical with its single wire and twist what I was looking for: Indeed not to alert my neighbors with my home-studio-oriented electronic music, I work ONLY with headphones for long hours, hence the importance of having a headphone little tiring.
Indeed, as mentioned above, the headphone has a good potato in the treble, I like that personal, you can work well the details. Matter of taste. The bass is excellently rendered. If they sound good in that headphone, they will sound good everywhere!
Very plain design, which gives it a solid: to check with use!

I already had the ears of Sennheiser (which I do definitely not ergonomic, although the sound is terrible) and a very old Beyer Dynamic (so hard to judge).

Paid 170 euros: it is well worth it!

I would do definitely the choice. If I understand correctly, the Sony MDR is a reference headphones for monitoring worldwide, it's mine too!
Big 10.

Pedro007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
- How long have you use it?

One day ... but I tried a lot of hats! DJ and Studio!

- What is so special that you like most and least?

Accuracy and compared to the many people I do not think there have colorations in the low ... if you want a color must turn to the dear Mr. Sennheiser HD 25 ...

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes ... DJ level, I tried everything ... casiment Studio level a little less good but I still have my references and it's been 5 years that I have in the sound ...

- How would you rate the quality / price?

Exellent ... however, 20, 30 euros less would be the best!

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I was afraid to use a semi-pro at home to be disappointed because I was strongly recommended the HD 25 although it does not force the reference ...

I opted at the last minute for this headphone and I'm not disappointed at all ... if I had the same choice again I would do with pleasure and I can only advise you!

domx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I use this headphone for several years in professional radio and television.
This headphone is perfect for my ears the broadcast studio monitoring.
What I like is the sound: fair, fine, clear but slightly colored in the lower frequency, which gives an effect of power.
I wear it less than 4 hours, still tired because my ears (20 years in the business anyway).
I used AKG 240 Monitor before and Studio 240, but this is not the same type of headphone is better suited for long monitoring.
The value for money is perfect for a surprising result.
For me it is 100% designed for audio monitoring in the world of Radio and TV, on the other hand for mixing studio, I do not think because the sound in the bass is still a little too "bloated".

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506

I use this headphone for 4 months as a tool of control and of diting / mix. I would emphasize that it is, I think, perfectly adquate couraging for a complete mix, which sounds more than a model home, unlike what others say. In fact, I personally do my prfre mix via the headset and then vrifier / adjust on monitors. This can stepfather strange to some, but it's got a question of methods Working, .... In addition to its relative neutrality (actually it colors a little low, but does not prevent reaching a rsultat ds we know ...), it Submitted good insulation, it is enjoyable to wear, easy to store and extremely strong. Finally the price (150) did not hurt her slinky CHARACTERISTICS ... Indeed, for 150, it is possible to possder versatile headphone, adapted for the recordings, mixing and costs. I would do without hsiter this choice, however I ordered a deuxime. A REFERENCE!

darock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I use this headphone for several years. What struck me most when I tried it, it's accuracy and linearity. I have tried many headphones, and the MDR7506 is by far the clearest and most accurate.
on the other hand, it's a headphone pro: someone that is not a professional sound (so accustomed to listening to a plate) will find that these headphones sound medium. The stereo headphones great public always have a hollow in the medium to make a big sound with bass and treble surraccentués, to the detriment of the accuracy and linearity. So a professional point of view, it is great.
Note that bandwidth is very broad, and it is very very punchy. And even if it is a bit expensive, it more accurately than the MDR7509 and premium Beyer, both become even greater.

In addition, it is easily transportable and each piece can be changed without specialized smallest batch sizes. It is true that when one is pro, it's a big advantage.

So I really nickel and referrer this choice without hesitation.

kerjunior's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I use it for two weeks and I redcouvre costs of the sensations of the studios.
It possde good insulation of the environment and is lightweight.
I knew the ath 910 audio technica pro for 50 euros and it has nothing more to see.
The report price is average quality (it's a REFERENCE ...).
Studio C&P04/01/2005

Studio C&P's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
- How long have you use it?

2 years.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

What I like most about this headset is the sound fairly neutral and that prcis dlivre ...
IDAL is to check the catch of his!

Regarding the least .....
He tired after a while ... but like any good headphones closed ...
And I find it quite serious color ...

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?


- How do you report qualitprix?

Ca is good .... all the same investment ....
more than 150 euros ... just for a headset!

But hey that's the price to pay for quality ..

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes! To monitor the catch ... do the editing with precision ... it is excellent!