Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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All user reviews for the Sony MDR-7506

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 70 reviews )
 33 reviews47 %
 22 reviews31 %
 5 reviews7 %
 4 reviews6 %
 2 reviews3 %
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mmafrance's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ideal Home Studio"

Sony MDR-7506
How long have you use it?

I use this monitoring headphones for two years, only in home studio, connected to my Fireface 400. I work in Logic or Reason 9, no monitor speakers while the headphones. For production work / sound is really great. For mixing on the other hand, I think it is necessary to work with speakers in front, for reasons of distance and balance.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

No, I followed my instinct and reputation of the said equipment.

What is so special that you love the most, least?

The +: Its neutrality and sound quality
The -: No - located in two years, no degradation of the material.

How would you rate the quality / price?

Very good.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Absolutely yes.
Sirius XAim10/27/2011

Sirius XAim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best headphones ever made"

Sony MDR-7506
I knew the V6, and 7506 due to having utillisé studio and sound. I just pay me a few years ago.

It has the characteristic I look for in a headphone: its a flat and neutral.
Of course, and it reads in the comments, with ca not forgive, or crappy MP3's when you're used to headphones such as "Beat" that force low. You have to love, but the advantage is that equalize oneself, one has the sound you want.
it's like the SLR, the headphone studios transcribe the sound to perfection, as well as defects. Poorly recorded, badly encoded, badly equalizer, and burst up the ears. But when done right, Mammailla.

I considered my Sennheiser PC350 as having the best sound, the 7506 outperforms the total points. The sound is very precise, very deep very much alive. You feel in the studio where the sound was recorded. It's perfect for and does not tire at all, too, with ca ...
The MDR V150 Sony gave me migraines force.

This headphone will be an advantage especially for listening to movies and video games, where having a pure, neutral is even more important.

Comfort level is impeccable. The headset is lightweight foams isolate external noise and are very comfortable. We do not hear when the cord rubs against something too.
The headphone is soon forgotten. It does not shake, is not heavy, do not want hot (at the same time it is winter).
The headset has a noise insulation as well. it is far from an aviation headset but ca suffot to stop the background noise when you put the music. Ideal for the train and above the plane so ...

The coiled cord is great. It bénificie a long cord, but that does not annoy the utillisateur when you're next to a decision. Furthermore, as the adapter is screwed, we may not forget it (I lost a ton like this)

The headset folds back on itself, which is essential for transport, over sonny proqure a carrying case. A must.
The construction is solid with no play or cracking. You can also reverse the headphones to listen in one ear only.

The Deseine is sober, is pro, everything I love. The label "for professionalism" gives a little flashy side very friendly.

But we must get the money: 150 euros in store, when 120 lucky or online. But worth the expense.
The 7506 has a comprehensive parked too, covering parts and labor 100%. That's the advantage of the PRO range. This is not the case of the V6. From what I read, the ganrentie is bad for the MDR V6. Sony simply return a refurbished V600 ....

Take your speakers, the 7506 is the best transducers ever made. All in a dating Deseine Vintage 80s.

pilip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good back musician (complimentary)"

Sony MDR-7506
I just want to write these few lines to offset the previous opinion because I do not at all the same review like what.

this is what is noted on the previous opinion:

"The sound is very aggressive, very flattering. It" earache "after long listening.
Although broadly balanced, the midrange is (I think) really forward, where the aggressive side unpleasant.
Squarely hifi/MP3 recommended for listening, it does not enhance the music.
Recording, the recovery (that comes out of his headphone and goes back into the socket) is frankly important! "

In contrast to this opinion, I find the sound on the other hand very flattering and very dug in the medium! I would recommend for returns musicians who need a pleasant sound to articulate, or just listen hifi! on the other hand I do not recommend it at all in the mix (there is a recurring reference beyer and seems more suited to mixing)

This is a closed headphone, the repisse is very low! it's amazing how I do not agree with this opinion noted above, or you did not use the same material, or I'm Paco Rabanne!

This is just to give my opinion that is opposite to the previous, like what you always compare review (And yes p'tits Trux two negatives: the cord is too short and the atria, which wear out quickly, but the comfort is truly top of head)

edit: I just read the previous opinions, it's incredible, there are indeed two schools: the abused, and flattered!

KitschMachine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not so bad ..."

Sony MDR-7506
How long have you use it?

Because the group used in radio where I work, because the advice of several colleagues and users (technicians antenna) and because I was looking for a headphone serious, reliable and quality for both work and music composition listening to music, I purchased this headset for almost a year ago.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Different models in store. The most basic model to the Audio-Technica expensive through the Dr. Dre that I found appalling level value for money (and definitely not consistent with the purpose I wanted.


In composition, therefore, mainly. Whether for mounting models in Ableton Live and Protools or recording.
Also used for listening to MP3.


It's not the worst of what I listen to (see my choice for this headphone), but as time passes, the more I tell myself that this is not the best.
The sound is very aggressive, very flattering. He "earache" after long listening.
Although broadly balanced, the midrange is (I think) really forward, where the aggressive side unpleasant.

Squarely hifi/MP3 recommended for listening, it does not enhance the music.

Recording, the recovery (that comes out of his headphone and goes back into the socket) is frankly important!

The material

After two months of use, a jack has been folded in a sheet amplifier, error handling that I recognize (amp pushed against the wall when I forgot the jack plugged back into the headphone jack) but it m has not been pushing very hard for the jack is properly folded!
The left side was broken. I wanted it repaired with my dealer that I Pigalle claimed that the repair would include replacing the cable complete with re-welding in the headphones for a price equivalent to a new headphone ...

... a colleague from work I changed the jack for pennies hardware and now everything works perfectly.

Currently, the foam earpieces are very flat, and will fall squarely déchictent the headset several times a week.
Apart from the incident of the sheet, I take great care of my headphone and let such concerns to be desired!
Many colleagues have their foam completely ordnance (replacing all the same to € 20)

The port on the head is not pleasant architecture, not painful but not really ergonomic and very narrow.

Wearers, beware GALERE! I always feel that the ear does not "stick" not perfectly to my ears.

Otherwise, it seems pretty solid and cord étiro corkscrew is really convenient.

How would you rate the quality / price?
I find the price slightly excessive in relation to product quality.
This is not a "bad" headphone but it seems clear that this is the best.

Its sound quality is improved and reliability is a bit lightweight material.

With experience, you do again this choice?

Hard to say.
I think I would look rather two separate headsets. For monitoring, something more solid, more comfortable and more neutral.
For MP3 I went to the Bose TriPod which is much more comfortable and the sound is more pleasant.

In summary, not a bad headset but for me, he told me unconvinced.

staticprocess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference marketing"

Sony MDR-7506
I use this headphone for 4 years. Actually no, I bought these headphones 4 years ago and less I use the better I feel. It was my first headphone "pro". I was persuaded because everyone said it was "a reference". Indeed it is a reference in marketing term. This headphone is popular then it is worthless.

I will repeat what has already been said but it sounds very aggressive, anything but neutral, it is incredibly tiring, so that working with the music quickly becomes unbearable.

On top of that, mosses are of very poor quality and destroy (literally) very quickly. Sony will then not be ashamed to propose the replacement of mosses to 19 € ... Unit !!!!!! € 40 to restore the headphone rotten (yes because if foams are eaten, the headphone low loss and comfort).

I have since tried (and purchased) many headphones in the same price range (and cheaper) Seriously, it's the most disappointing of all. Since I am a lover of the brand Beyerdynamic. DT 990 Pro, Pro DT 880, DT 770 Pro are 3 products, each for a different use. It is rare that I really "love" of a mark and there it is.

One board so ... Do not buy this headset, nor any other Sony if you ask me. This mark this fool really the shit out of people.

solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tiring and aggressive"

Sony MDR-7506
Strengths: it has fishing, it is a correct choice for the sound. He looks solid and well built

Weaknesses: How aggressive! the high-mids are prominent, dry and hard, and it seems to me to flatter the bass without it accurate, so a limit listening loudness.

I do not understand the ratings of "good neutrality" in this headphone! It is anything but neutral!

And again I found it tiring! Bringing me 8 hours straight my Beyer DT-880 without the slightest discomfort, with the 7506 I want to violently remove it after 30 minutes! Note that I speak of auditory fatigue, not physical!

Bah ... It is OK to catch sounds, although I would much prefer my Beyer DT-770, but closed just as much fun!


pierrotlepiednoir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I use this headphone now for almost 2 years and for me the reference studio headphones 2000s. it is the most accurate and renders perfectly the mix of a song, but watch me say that if you buy this headset for listening to music at home or play hard as a DJ in a nightclub. I think that's what you need (the HD 25 is better for that) because this headset is primarily a tool rather than a CONTROL MIX high-end headphones to enjoy listening to an album because even if the sound is super good this headphone appears to have been designed to have better control of the frequency when have finished mixing a track in the studio he has a sweet bass headphones HI FI standard. it is also ideal for a drummer or a singer taking or other musician who prefers to record with headphones, the sound reproduction is perfect

&%&%&% &%

a bomb that headphone!

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A headphone more suited broadcast"

Sony MDR-7506
I bought this headphone because I can not hear my Fostex T20RP outdoors with my portable recorder Edirol R-44 when I catch his in noisy environments.

It's true that compared to my Fostex, it sounds more musical and less "digital" but in fact it depends on what you did with it. Less bass, treble very far, its linear, so it's great for interviews or singing (mostly in French).

With Fostex, must "seek" sound in all its depth and all its layers and it demands attention. But once his "found", they are extraordinary. When to Sony, the sound is more obvious, no need to "search", we hear directly evident.

This does not mean it is universal, far away. To record music, it's better anyway these Fostex - it's not for nothing that I bought three. However, most people will think I prefer the Sony because they can not "find" the sound of the Fostex precisely.

In addition, he is reticent about the ears for a closed and it is foldable, moreover, makes it easier to cram during transport ^ ^ Its telephone cable with other cables hanging when it comes to untangle but hey .. .

It is just a bit fragile after just a few uses, this is one of two pads can be removed. They are removable to allow cleaning.

A classic.

philzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
Rapidos little message ...

I bought this headset a while ago (in 1863) (well. .. not 2001 <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" /> ), I worked for 2 years ...
Mixing / making voice ...
The sound is not neutral but still surprising ... honest to work with dignity ...

However the headphone I drop her like the previous opinion <span class="reviewAuthor">arakno1</span> ( ../../../../membres/,u.416715.html ) ...
I slammed a listener but yet I do not think pushing that much ...
Only guaranteed over ... trash ... A check can be bad end a series ...

Comfort level is not bad, bearable 3 or 4 hours max according to my recollections ...

These are musicians ...
a + +

ricoute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony MDR-7506
I tried it at several costs:

Low and extreme low swell (flateuses at first tedious long) and a medium with a lot of acute dtail but rather accentus.

Trs a good dynamic.

But a product that lives on its reputable "usurp" and if we see often on the head of artists rather than Sony's is a subsidiary of the major "CBS" and meiux is to provide home rather than elsewhere!

In comparison the 7509 Submitted a different balance but not more neutral.
With normal or low presuqes lgrement shortened but a high mid and treble accentus if it borders on over-stamping!

When another foromeur said Councillor audiophiles delighted with this acquisition, either these people are not, or there is a problem ....

Made his ears and twist relative comfort are O nne can Tolra long enough audiophiles such as costs or otherwise.

Try the Allen & Heat xd53 and you will know what it means monotoring neutral MUCH!!