Fender The Twin

Fender The Twin

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The Twin, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

8 user reviews
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Fender The Twin tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model: The Twin
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 12/23/2005

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Fender The Twin user reviews

Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money :

rogerfon's review"Wow!"

Fender The Twin


In terms of routing: Channel A and B or Channel A+B (yes a channel sum...it's awesome) -- determined by the inputs.

Reverb on one or both channels.

Clean Fender Twin sound inside!

No master volume control

You can only get good sounds with this war beast.


It's quite simple: This amp is versatile.

Jazz, rock, blues fans... this amp was made for all of you!

Even metal, with an additional distortion.

With the push-pull (treble - mids on the clean channel, and treble, mids, bass,
and presence on the distortion channel) you can easily get vintage sounds. The clean sound is downright spectacular: I'm in love with it, but I also love the distortion sound, the possibilities are huge.

The weight...You gotta know what you want :-) 70 lbs.

The volume: I play at 1 and it's very loud. It's mind-blowing!

It is definitely built to last! A good investment

I almost bought one 15 years ago in a store, but the side was damaged (a sledge hammer hit, in my opinion :-). I was subdued by this amp, I had never heard such a sound. 15 years later I found one!


If I could, I would buy a second one :-)
If you have a small studio or room, I don't think it is the best choice, especially if your building has no elevator and the stairwell is narrow.

If you love good and lasting things, go for it!

iamqman's review"classic American tone"

Fender The Twin
Fender has been really known for their great sounding clean amplifiers and one of those amplifiers has to be the Fender twin reverb. This is a very iconic sounding and also great looking amplifier is well. So many albums and records have been mixed and played through this particular amplifier. This amp has a useful and soulful tone that also carries a load of vintage quality characteristics along with it. This particular one features red control knobs which quite honestly doesn't really mean a whole lot as far as the tone comes. You basically getting get the exact same type of tone that you would have any other Fender twin reverb amplifier.


The amplifier has a traditional look as far as the front grill is concerned. The difference in this amplifiers basically the red control knobs. They have the same controls and switches that you would any other fender reverb but you have these bright red control knobs it really make your eyes pop when you first look at this amplifier. They have a front panel that is pretty self explanatory and you can dial in great sounding soulful tone pretty quickly and painlessly. You really do not need a manual with amp because it really gives you exactly the tone that you're looking for with pretty much anywhere you said it.


I really like the sound of these amps because they have a great feel and a great tone for the clean sparkly sounds. They really sound blossoming and soulful you use a Fender Stratocaster guitar in the neck pick up. If you run a decent overdrive pedal in front of this amplifier such as a Ibanez tube screamer or some sort of boss overdrive/distortion pedal than you're going to get a great sounding bluesy tone that will fit in pretty much any style of music other than metal. This is a great sounding amp that has to nice sounding 12 inch speakers that really allows you to feel that power and sound that you need for expressing yourself musically.


These amplifiers are fairly hard to track down. If you're looking for just a Fender twin reverb in general you can find this pretty easily and you can probably find them and most guitar retailers online or in most musical shops. The red knobs can it be little bit harder to track down so if it's not absolutely necessary and I suggest just going with a regular old standard Fender twin reverb combo amplifier.

loupgarou2a's review

Fender The Twin
All-tube amp. No need to add anything to what has already been said. It's important to choose the tubes right, try different things, but with the right tubes (like the RCA NOS) the amp gains in quality.
There is no master volume but it's useless anyway, once you find the right volume for the clean channel, the distortion channel has a gain and a volume and you can balance everything.
The effects loop is as simple as it gets and there are no ugly surprises when you switch from clean to distortion channel. The effects are all right. I use it with a Line 6 DL4 and MM4, and when I switch channels the effects are identical. Unlike what usually happens with Mesa, Marshall or Rivera, for example.
The reverb is just what you expect from a Twin.


It has loads of push-pull controls to sculpt your sound, but it always sounds great. The manual is simple, but do you really need a manual to use a guitar amp (except maybe for the chapter dedicated to adjusting the bias)?
The clean sound is that of a good Twin — it's clearly a Fender. The distortion sound is quite convincing, with a Screamer as booster you can come close to the sound of an old Mesa Boogie MarkI, which is awesome.
Be careful, it has a lot of power and it can get very loud very fast in clean.
No noise with good tubes.


Crisp sounds, velvety crunch. I play blues, rock and a bit of jazz, and a couple heavier songs (like Deep Purple). I use two strats and a Heritage H535, a Fulltone Wah Wah, a Jacques Tube Blower and two Line6. The tone of the guitar is well-respected, you can hear clearly all nuances of your playing. It's perfect in every situation.


I've had: Music Man 65 210, RP100 212 and RD115 one hundred (I dream about finding another one, one of my best two amps), Seymour Duncan Convertible 60 and Convertible 2000, Marshall JTM100 and TSL100, Mesa Boogie MkI, MkIII, MkIV, DC50 and F50, Carvin XV112E (a great amp), Line6 Flextone, Rivera Anniversary 60, Fender Cybertwin, Acoustic (from the '80s, I can't remember exactly the model), Peavey, and Laney. I resold my The Twin because it was too heavy, and I just bought another one after two years of mourning its departure. Which means I HAVE BOUGHT IT AGAIN.
You can find it at reasonable prices secondhand, and its value for money is unbeatable.
The pros: The sound, the ease-of-use, the versatility
The cons: The weight and, especially, the fragility of certain electronic components. You have to be kind to it, it can break down (I have seen several in that condition). But I've never had a single problem with it. Like every tube amp: Let it cool down before moving it, let it warm up a couple of minutes before putting it in stand-by, check regularly the state of the tubes, don't place any objects on top, give it some space to breathe, open it from time to time and use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and you'll have a faithful companion for decades.

parkerlewis's review"I've finally found IT!"

Fender The Twin
100w all-tube amp (switchable to 25)
11 tubes (4 power tubes, 7 preamp tubes)!!!
Plenty of settings already mentioned in other reviews.
To sum it up, you can forge your own sound without problems.

To be more precise and to put an end to the different messages that you can read in certain forums. The Red Knobs don't have any Riviera technology. Riviera was indeed involved in another Fender amp series, but before 1987 (from 82 to 86 if I recall correctly, at the end of the CBS period) but that doesn't have anything to do with the twin red knob or any other post-1987 amp, i.e. with any amp conceived by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, which means post-CBS. It's Fender all the way!!!!


If you know how to use an amp, then you simply have to turn the knobs to get a good sound!!
I have the manual but it's not necessary...it sounds fine in all positions.


I play power-rock/punk and cold wave and it suits perfectly all my playing styles and all my needs.
The clean sound is amazing, a good tube fender sound, crystalline, well-defined, in short, an awesome clean sound.
The distortion is surprising for a Fender and, personally, I find it as good as a prosonic, which, to me, is a reference in terms of distortion sound from Fender. It's thick and warm while always keeping that Fender touch, in short, very nice.
I play strat and jaguars with this amp and it rocks.
On the other hand, it's positively powerful, but it allows you to play in a band with a killer, warm clean sound, even at loud volumes, and you can always add all the pedals you want (it incorporates them very well).


I've had it for three weeks only, but I'm pretty sure that I've found the amp I've been looking for a very long time. I've played many tube (Fender hot rod deluxe, fender JCM 800) and solid-state (fender peavey, h&k) amps before and this is my favorite by far. It is huge, heavy, with a killer sound and I love it so I will take care of it!!!
Given the overall quality of the amp, I didn't pay much and I will keep it for sure.
I've found my Holy Grail!!

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Other names: the twin red know, twin red knob

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