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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
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thierry paris 1203/21/2014

thierry paris 12's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good basis"

Laney CUB10
sufficient power to produce subject to be taken for important scenes (vs often make large scenes?) ideal for small gigs ... any style and still ormis metal (effects) ... for me three buttons are sufficient and one too many mediocre .... hp, amp 180 euros can not see a team of quality ... hp hp acting for at least 50 percent on the sound, it seemed interesting to replace (my choice a weber) ... the hp output is more ... this amp is similar in size to a field delivering a power of a princeton, very convenient to move.


more than simple ... you plug it in and play, no surprises and taking his head for if you make the stage ...


I play mostly rock, country blues .... telecaster, strato, gibson j .... equipped to p90 uses a small indisensable for me reverb and a boost for the lead ... the sound is kind fender with less brightness (princeton field, deluxe ...) ... so a sound, but the one I like.


j 2 possesses in that I use the following single condition or 2 Incentives ...
purchased each room 100 euros secondhand. , Replacement weber 130 euros per hp .... a great amp for 230 euros ... it suits me perfectly optimized to max size and ideal for me.

klontr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but some flaws ..."

Laney CUB10
already described


very simple ultilisation

Me, I leave the tone at 10 and I just do the balance gain volume depending on the style. The power delivered by quite appreciable in the apartment ', if you push the gain AND the volume, it sends already very strong.

I find the tone knob pretty accessory with a telecaster it can be be useful to moderate acute.

Against by the two inputs give a very different result. It gives me a good point.

The receiver accepts the good effect by its rather neutral tone.

I often regret not having a little reverb ...


The sound is good, not too bright either. I have a stratabound that sounds pretty vintage, rendering is super sharp and do not puncture my eardrums. The crunch is really nice and creamy, I love. on the other hand, it should not ask for more.

I think this amp would have earned accommodate a little clearer hp (the Celestion tube 10 is rather dull). Bonton of the tone would have been a real potenteil.

WARNING: If you use a guitar with humbuckers, it is better to have a good definition, because even with the tone on the amp to 10, it remains average. I had this problem with a Gibson SG and a good archtop, I feel like the tone on my guitar 5 ... If I keep this amp long enough, I'd consider putting an jensen hp.


I have this amp for less than a year, I use little by lack of time. Overall I'm happy even if I'm sometimes a little frustrated definition side. My next skyscraper will house P-rails with Seymour Duncan, if the sound dual mode does not satisfy me, I change my amp or I change my hp.

Otherwise, with simple or P90, it works very well.

PROBLEM RECURRING this range, loupiote power button tends to waver see extinguished.

lse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Ideal for the flat"

Laney CUB10
10 watt lamps
The special feature is to use 6V6 (Fender) instead of the usual EL84 (Vox. ..)
Hi and LO inputs two three-button (tone, volume, gain) and a 8-16 ohm speaker output ... that's it
In fact it is probably "Poor" for an amp general, but "perfect" amp for a flat (no brainer and separate gain that can vary the sound)


To clarify the concept, I'm the guitarist in the cartoon room, no beef, no concert, I play only one home. I live and I have no apartment neighbors.
I use Amplitube on my Mac, it works fine but it lacks guts. While I play my other half can not messing around with her friends on FaceBook, and then type riffs hooked to an M-Audio FastTrack's the way it anyway (what rock and roll shit!)
Amp so, but not transistor (modeling or not) because I side modeling everything you need on my Mac (including game headphone), it's that I want tripe.
Amp tubes and therefore please.
Usually when someone in my case poses the classic question "What is like a tube amp used in the apartment? "Is how can He replied that he must not buy a transistor etc. ...

Vox seems to have been the first to say that baby boomers (I am) played the guitar in their youth and now they are Quincas, will come back and that therefore there is a real business to come in small amps tube, and Lil Night Train to the last (and super cute) AC4C1, the Britto-Japanese chinoiserie multiply nice.
But I have a little trouble with his Vox. It's great for the crunch, but the tangy side of Vox bother me a bit in the clear.
There Fender, who has not really yet taken the measure of the trick and is satisfied with her Champion 600, very well indeed cute and all but one button. One button, it means that a given noise level, it has only one sound, and in this apartment, it's still average.

And then I came across a secondhand gold, given a quasi CUB10 Laney, and almost new.
Given the price, I buy by telling me that I was not taking a big risk, and at once the sky cleared, the air has become cleaner (not the cheapest beer unfortunately) .. brief revelation.
The CUB10 is an amp like Fender used in the apartment and with the possibility of a little cruncher (basically this is what would be the Champion 600 Fender if marketteurs were smarter)
Fender yes because it sounds like a Fender (which is related to lamps that uses 6V6) but unlike the Champion 600 has three buttons. Tone has a little effect, a gain that much and has a volume.

Basically with everyone at noon (say the volume of 4) can égrainer arpeggios and jazzy blues with a light clean to fur without triggering a civil war.
You turn the gain knob on 10 and restores the volume to 2 and then it gently crunchouille always with a volume of apartment on foot. To some riffs in his living room is really credible

Right side of the scale is not a wall of Marshall red-hot, the HP is very small (10 inches) and average breath away (but it is precisely its low yield that can make cool stuff at home)
There is also a speaker output for more serious uses.

The finish is clean but it is a chinoiserie, it is clear that this is not for the castagne (but it's not in my room brawls) Mine has LED Start weakling (this is why I 'lai paid cheap) and consulting els forums is a disease very Laney. The corners are plastic etc etc. ..
In short it's very pretty cheap all over, but the cheap anyway, but given the price ... eh

What does no harm is very small and has a nice face.


I use it with an Epiphone Elitist ES335
The sound is very Fender, a bit less fat than a Champ 12 (my previous reference)
We can get clean sounds very well and pushing the grain, even apart from this volume nicely crunch


Buying secondhand is very recent.

Previously I had (I always sell it to) an old Fender Champ 12, but as the Champion 600 he has only spent a single volume and the walls tremble. Too bad because its clear sound qiue fat is great. Drawback, it is impossible to do cruncher (except to be ready to get kicked in hours).

A rating below says "this is not a Blues Junior" .. this is true and this is fortunate, in a Blues Junior apartment .. how to say ... it takes off the wallpaper, not CUB10.

If it all over again? well if it all over again I would do without hesitation all that saw its price secondhand one can pay for a CUB10 sounds more Fenderien AC4 for a more acidic stuff and all for little brouzoufs .. it is not life grand?

manyaxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney CUB10
amp lamp
2 x 12axx7 ruby
2 x 6V6 GT ruby
10 watts
tone, volume, gain
input low / high
Release 8 / 16 ohms


there's no easier
record? What to do ...


These are the sounds that my clear preference.
I play blues and reggae mostly for my pleasure

I tested the amp out of the box "for half an hour, I found it nice, without more, I knew he was capable of better.

After changing the lamps preamp 12AX7 Westinghouse by 5751 I had on hand (no problem of bias or paired) and ordered a 1048k eminence legend to replace the celestion tube 10, I can tell you there wins at all levels with these mods to everyone.

I play a Fender Stratocaster deluxe player

It's very dynamic shot pick, very little noise even at high volume, there are clearly different tone colors by micro configurations selected, good performance when pushing, but the sound is already nice low volume in a word, it is rather transparent, but very hot ... it's good!

It's just that no domage good reverb built, I compensates with a pedal, I still have a overdrive for something different


I use it for a week, the new HP has not yet been run
I had an epiphone VJ changed that I felt good but no real particular brightness and
I still have a kustom tube 12, as amended which I find very endearing.
I bought it for its taste in amps that use 6V6 power tube and in love, no regrets.
the amp is lightweight and compact, usable at low volumes at home but with a good supply, it sings alone, I find it really good music!

It is not especially given to me, without being expensive because the amps with 6V6 Courrent does not grow on trees ... for lovers of tube amps for his lamp

gobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney CUB10
10 watt all-tube 6V6
3 settings: tone, gain and master volume.

A speaker output.


Very easy to use. 3 buttons.
A funny thing ... Turn the volume up and use the gain knob to adjust the volume ... Guaranteed clear sound.


ideal for a small amp with a clean sound. The crunch is not terrible, anyway it should not take it for that. Lots of headroom and good bass (placing in height if you want to rebalance).
Respects the character of the guitar is plugged.
Accepts wonderfully pedals (OD, delays or other).

Has a good record at low volume.


Used for a month, I made a lot of research on the net to find a little amp with headroom, not too powerful, with a master volume, very few adjustments and accepts pedals ... CUB 10 responds to 100% to my standards.

What I like most: small amp, master volume, basic is the friend of your pedals.
What I like least: we must give some money to get one :-)))

Q / P: 189 euro for the whole lamp ... Requested by the people.

you do again this election? YES!

aerostef's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney CUB10
10 watts RMS Class A / B Side lamps: 2 x ECC83 in preamp, 2 x HP 6V6GT Listed: Celestion 10 "driver Side extension: an output speaker out (a practice I'll be able to test my old blue alnico 12" lying around in the attic ) Listed setting as said before: it is short but simple and effective. Lack may be the 3 Treble knobs EQ / Medium / Grave but it's really to quibble becaufe between "Tone" of the amp and that of the guitar: it does.


A manual: why?


I play an SG Jr. 63, I use very few effects: a CT B / L / D period, mainly Boost and very occasionally magicboy lovepedal and a digitech hendrix. What "I play" of Led Zeppelin, the Who, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, Ten Years After, phone, Joe Bonamassa, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, luther alison in short, the Blues and Rock. Sound side and the little toy is built for it and the more the potato for a 10 Watt


I bought this morning, I first tried the famous "LUNCHBOX" and I did not like, I asked the following question to the type of store, you'd have something that sounds in AC30 mind but not exploding the windows of all neighbors of the neighborhood? nice guy and put me in a lespaul hands and I plugged into this amp. The first notes on data me want to enquiller intro Whole Lotta Love. What I like most: all: we caress the strings and it rocks the wild horses with a clean home and clean when we attack a little more rope, lamps react immediately in a crunch that I love and permetent to go solo as Alvin Lee or Gary more. I would do if this choice: I do not know because I have not tried much else and I did not fall on the reliability of medium and long term, but I was fortunate to have in Opposite me a serious guy who did not try to sell me the most expensive thing in the shop but very well identified my needs and did fly. Me I raqui more than the person's previous opinion since bought € 230 but I preferred to pay 55 more and have been well advised: it is always cheaper than crashing and having to sell at a loss. To conclude: THAT'S GOOD

Update: I down 3 points because the overall score the VAS deplorable LANEY: Amp reported to the store after seven days of witness Because powering HS, result 5 WEEKS and still no return ... ahem who said he had to consider the customer service not as an after sales service but rather as a new service before purchasing ;-) Mr. Laney has the wise ....

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney CUB10
10 watt lamps
it's not a powerhouse despite 10 watts
Hi lo gain and gain entry
A tone control, a master volume and a gain


The setup could not be easier and it makes the charm of the amp
Although the full manual is useless given the simplicity of the amp
This gives a nice sound basic clear with a lot of bass all in a certain precision
Crunches for playing with the master and the gain and go


It is perfect for urban use because of its moderate power.
The advantage of these small tube amp also comes from their small HP that do not require too much volume to vibrate enough for me 12 inches are unsuitable for apartment use.
Its got with this amp is round compared to what is in the range of small tube amp
The resulting clean sound is very nice, it's obviously not as beautiful as the sound of a jr blues, but the fender mind is with this particular side in the sound
As to the crunch we are more in medium tones, however I find this amp is more interesting when it's crunch with a pedal that natural saturation.


I compared this amp with virtually any existing models in 5 watts
This is clearly a more credible in clean and clear sound through this we can say that it is versatile when using pedals
After in quality and finish is very respectable, the effort was made longer on the sound quality finishing materials, and that's good because it's the sound that counts most.
The price quality ratio is unbeatable, paid 189 euros to the tube amp is really interesting