Marshall TSL601
Marshall TSL601

TSL601, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Marshall TSL601

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Not too bad"

Marshall TSL601
This is one of the last great combos that Marshall had built. These were a great sounding amps that has a very dynamic feel and organic tone that was very usable in many different applications. These amps were the a little bit of the JCM2000 DSL but had the extra channel. People didn't like the TSL as much and felt that the tone wasn't and blossoming as the DSL. I would have to agree but it does sound better than the JVM series amps that Marshall is doing now.


3 Independent channels, each featuring Volume and Gain controls

Independent EQ on the Clean channel. Shared EQ on the Crunch/Lead channels

60-watt Svetlana EL34 power section

Individual Reverb levels for Clean and Overdrive channels, also on/off footswitchable

Effects loop with level selection and front panel Mix control, also on/off footswitchable

Marshall's famed speaker emulation circuitry for direct recording, for connection to an external power amp or for connection to a P.A. system

Deep switch adding low-end resonance

Tone Shift facility on the Crunch/Lead channel for instant tonal re-shaping

5-way footswitch for channel, Reverb and Effects Loop switching


This is not a modeling amp so you won;t have choice of a bunch of different amp tones or models. Also this is not an amp that will do any effects. So You cannot get delays, chorus, phaser, or flangers built into the amp. This amp does has some reverb so that is the only type of effect that comes built within the amp itself.

This amp has a decent clean tone and tales pedals very well. You get a good chimy tone not like a Fender but more like a better sounding plexi tone. Unlike a lot of clean channels in amps that may have a high gain channels as well the clean won't take distortion pedals very but this one does with pride. You also get a good crunch channel that sounds great and very usable for a general music or covers tone. The third channel or lead channel shares the same EQ with the crunch channel. So whatever you have set there will transfer over to the lead. This is designed for soling and lead tones.


These amps have been discontinued for a while now. They have been replaced by the JVM series amps which is my opinion are not nearly as good as the TSL or DSL series amps. This is an amp that you can pick up on the used market for right around $500. Not a bad price for a good working combo v=all valve tube amp.

Stigma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL601
Pramplification-power amplifier and lights
Combo-60W, an HP celestion 12 '
-3 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead selected using the footswitch supplied with
One-loop effects
-An analog output for mixer
-2 Equalization: one for its clean and the crunch / lead


-Some features of prampli can be bewildering to beginners, as the presence of potentiometer (but if you're used marshall amps, it's not a problem), and shift knobs and deep, abruptly changing something in the sound, but it's hard to say what exactly (in fact shift, I have still not found. otherwise it's pretty simple between the gain and equalization ..
-The system of channels 3 and 2 EQ is not bad at all
-The "good" sound, it was fast enough, we can not say that the EQ are very sensitive on this amp
-The manual is simple, and very (too) short.


-In the clear is the panacea: excellent amp, surprising for the marshall who has the reputation to abandon the clear sound! subtilis by any game is felt, if I had to keep a channel of the amp, would certainly have this one!
It's crunch: one wonders what comes to this channel ... therefore it is sufficient to increase the gain of the channel clear for a real crunch, Marshall brings us here a kind of distortion feeble and dying as a second channel ... probably more expensive to sell this amp as DSL models who are not team .. Finally, good!
It's lead: the it's heavy! It is true that the distortion of the JCM 2000 is more "rock" than anything else, but what a rock! I see little deficiencies: lack of energy (hence the cot more rock than aggressive I think)
-Short, I play it with a Les Paul, and I get a very round and warm sound in clear and fairly bold, a little but not too powerful (a particular gives when pushed to its limits!) In his lead.


I have used it for 2 years and I am quite pleased. But I think changing the lights for the Chinese, it seems that you have transformed an amp ... I see it!
"I tried other JCM, the 900 and 800, and the AVT before buying my amp, and I regret my choice of these four models. If I could test the epoch or a Peavey Classic 50 5150, my choice would port those l.
Good quality-price ratio, because good quality amp lamps and very affordable. The DSL is free of this stupid and crunch channel is much cheaper, if I have one regret is not having bought the DSL401 rather, I economy a little.