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All user reviews for the Peavey Bravo 112

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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ultravox's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" great"

Peavey Bravo 112
22 w lamp made in the USA, 1990
reverser switch channels
a clean channel / channel saturates completely separated.
pedal switch original
more of this stuff is easily dépannable.


no manual
it never fails to power. even with loggers
enough medium, or to change the HP much better av Eminence (not the pants :) )
its clearest


yes blues / pop / jazz / rock / amp versatile


little amp has very versatile traditional lamp to buy eyes closed (if you find one), its more like a Marshall than a Fender clean sound, fairly medium, depending on your guitar ... size / power ratio unbeatable. super saturated with tone control séparé.rien see av amps to Peavey modélisation.pourquoi not show this pattern?

maxperro's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Here is what I missed!"

Peavey Bravo 112
It's a tube amp rms of 25: -2 EL84, 3 12AX7
Peavey HP a 12-inch
Mine was designed in 1990 I believe

This is a 2 channel amp with a push pull for the ultra gain so we could say three channels. The settings are divided into 3 and are active (low, mid, high) for the clean and (bottom, body and edge) for the channel distortionné. Vien also with reverb ... Effect loop at the back and also can connect an additional cab also has the rear.


Very easy to use is obtained almost automatically by plugging the equalizer and active is easy to manage.


The Bravo is one of those little things that most people do not know what is sad given the sound comes out. He was named among other amp in the year 1991 Music and Sound Award and was described as a''stack in a box''ce is really the best way to describe it.

My style of music is quite étendue.Je plays the first punk rock but also the style 70's rock, reggae, ska, metal and hardcore and this amp am satisfied in all facets of my Thurs I play with a gibson LP junior, a Cort evl z4 and a Charvel LS1 jap.

The clean is amazing, very clear and specific inter alia through the bright switch. Dirty mode we have a sound very typical vintage Marshall. J'obtient easily his old school to the black keys and the amount of gain we will look for the jcm 800 of his famous style acdc rock and 80's.

And the last step and not least the ultra mode gain push-pull which I think is the card hidden from the amp. Distortion that tears but still accurate nonetheless. I use it for the metalcore and punkcore.

I want to say that I use this amp has low volume and probably if you need an amp for repeated or concerts, you will need either an amp louder in volume, or an office for broaden the focus of your sound, if you plug in a sound system.


I use it for close to eight months and before I played the Crate, Roland Cube 30, Marshall MG100, Peavey Valveking, Peavey 5150, Mesa Rectifier and Orange Rockerverb, and none of these amplifiers are able to give me complexity and versatility of his Peavey Bravo low and medium volume. So I change the board for the speaker celestion vintage 30 celestion or g12h30 for the amp you give its potential as a high volume when the volume goes up to 8 or 9 may be a low dribbling can because The speaker base is rather low-end.

By the way, I play for over 11 years and I sold my amps tone thanks to the Bravo! Thank Peavey!

cc.torres's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Peavey Bravo is not dead!"

Peavey Bravo 112
Tube amp: 3 x 12AX7 + 2 x EL84
Real power 25 W!
2 inputs: low and hight gain (two guitars ss. Bp.) + Channel selector
1 channel with clean equ.passsive Bass-Med-Aig and switch "Shine"
A distortion channel with equ.active BMA (the settings are independent / Channel) + level setting input and output level and switch "Boost distortion"
Effects included: Disto. and reverb.
Connection by Jack (Footswitch, HP internal and external connector cab (8 or 16 Ohms)
The icing on the cake: I / O loop effects.


The config is simple to clean. A little more complex in saturated (especially at input / output). But you get to play 2 or 3W saturated with the same sound at 20W - I did not push the amp further because my room is too small.
The manual ... Bof! ...
In summary:
- In clean chords (LP or Start) GREAT!! (Heat, light, crystal etc. ..)
- In distortion / OD / crunch starting with a slight crunch / Blues, to a Hendrix or AC-DC and going through great sound SANTANA (even lamps that MESSA-B)

Why this amp is not remanufactured ????????


In jazz and ES-335 Classic 57 pickups (Clean Gloss + light + Reverb) sometimes with a loop "Chorus"
In Rock and Latino World: PRS SE 24 25th ann. sometimes with a tad of chorus and / or delay and / or Fixed Wha

In all cases Jazz or World ... the sound is absolutely great!


Used for a month, after many tests to get a sound "Santana".
I received (from OCCAZ. Of course, for 100 euros): rundown: ts the knobs spit, its worse than a saucepan amplified and no reverb ....
3 hours to clean the knobs and contacts, reattach the HP Blue Marvel (who walks on two screws) changed the 5 lamps (50 euros), the reverb clean dry brush and welds redone: the amp lives again like new ... except that no reverb!
Thank you to the sites forums, I found a track to US: Texas IC OP Amp / reverb signal.
Bought 0.5 euros in farnell.com ..... MY NEW PEAVEY IS !!!!!! What a treat! - Foot in the ear!

For those who want to create their box: Make clones Congratulations Peavey 112
Given the posts found on the web about this amp, it should sell well

barboiron's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Bravo 112
Amp all-tube, 12AX7's and 2xEL84.
Two channels with separate EQ!
Boost the channel distortion.
A 12 hp poouces.
The amp is in a closed box, including the lamps. The box is equipped with a small fan is understood poorly (without it being annoying). Warning, if the fan fails ... ... All Cramer! [-1]
But mine has over 10 years of loyal service and all is well!


Configuration is very simple but can become more elaborate because of two completely separate channels.


Excellent, very Marshallian to describe the grain. Even at very low volume, which is quite remarkable.
The clean has a good margin before cruncher but he always keeps a heat that I love (it's not very fenderien).
In all cases the sound is "ample".
Thanks to the boost channel distortion it goes much further in the disto C30.


I have now for almost 2 years and I perceive that I leave my 30 Classic.
Apartment, say, small rooms ... 2xEL84 is ideal for me.
I have everything to upgrager: HP Celestion Vintage 30, a good selection of tubes qualities of OUR ...
Well ... unlike the C30, which I really enjoyed the sound that once upgraded, I have not touched on this amp, it sounds perfect for my taste as is.
[Not 10 if not I could not dream of Rivera, Bogner, Matamp ...] o)

Stratpilou's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Bravo 112
Congratulations all 112 lamps 22 w
lamp power 2EL84
3 12AX7 preamp lamps
output hp external effects loop

2 channels


Simple configure with a lot of adjustability and its


Ideal apartment or house
repeated and coffee together and yes it provides power unexplained n'i jmais I managed to grow above 6 (of 10)
the sonic palette is beautiful, I plug the guitar directly and a ...
Blade RH4 Guitar or Gibson standard and its rings and even a fender strato Japan


I bought € 150 Used 4 years ago
I still changed by an HP peavey celestion (old hp) power tubes and by mazda

complete it well with the Mesa Boogie F30 through the stereo output from my boss GT3
sound, big sound from blues to rock hard feeling the eb

I keep the advisor but it is quite hard to find time
and trouble I will make the same choice and if I can touch another I rush
compete over different current ranges cgez peavey
qur happiness