Vox AC30CC1
Vox AC30CC1

AC30CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Éric's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Doing very well out of the game!"

Vox AC30CC1
Amplification tube grinding except that is not present on this model and it's not worse.

The amp has two possible channels not foot switchable (unless you invest in an A / B box) 1 entry per channel:
1 Normal: This setting on the treble / bass does not.
1 Top Boost which opens the door to settings Treble / Bass.
A general master for two channels.
An effect loop send / return.
A section Tremelo effect with speed / depth.
Reverb section with a depth / presence.
Power: 33 Watts or 22 Watts (switchable behind the amp).
Modern and vintage two modes (switch behind the amp).
An entrance for the pedal that manages the effects trem. / Reverb (on / off).
2 outputs for cab: one that cuts the internal speaker and the other which allows for both. Caution 8 Ohms.

Oh I forgot: the loudspeaker is a "special celestion NEODOG Vox" (see on the net) that far exceeds those installed in the CC2. However it does not equal a Blue Alnico.


The configuration is fairly straightforward.

For one who has ever used a Vox not need manual.
For others there is a box with different models of the style settings. Then there internet ;-)

This gives a fairly typical range of his ... Up to and really not bad!


This amp is perfect for my style of music (Rock, Blues, Jazz).
This is a very typical amp sounding "British".

This gives a clear sound easily, not comparable to the Fender slamming is more fleshy and fat.
Then I recommend to upgrade its sound with the volume knob on the guitar or with a volume pedal to 'amp cruncher'. All this on the canl T / B.

I play it with a telecaster, a baritone and a Framus Manta soon.

There is no sound that I hate it.
But the mode 22 W etric sound with a feeling of compression set incorrectly, the Normal channel does not motivate me more than that.
33W on the other hand in the top boost, it gets really interesting. We can start talking about his AC30 without blushing.

I made a comparison with a 78-TBX.
For the Normal channel, no hesitation, that of CC1 can not hold a candle of TBX. Lack of heat, grooowool, and response to the attack of the pick, dynamic too dark, the headroom is disappointing. In short it is out of Vox.

By the channel against TB really surprised me! Without achieving excellence Vintaaaage a 60 'or a 30th Anniversary, it stands up very well and can do great illusion in a band on stage.

So very honorable record.


I use this model CC1 for 18 months.

I tried this one before moult z'amplis (cream of the crop).

The features I like are: robustness / reliability, weight (only 1 HP), Sound mode top boost, effects loop, the possibility of bridging the channels through a swtch, SOUND Vox focused trading of more modest.

Cons: Lack two handles on the sides, using the Normal channel, very / too powerful because they are VERY sonnet which FOOOOOORT 33W, 22W mode which tends to étriquer sound (the sudden both opt for AC15), except for the price I do not know what to complain too.

With experience, this choice if I will ever be penniless.
Otherwise I will go directly to an AC15 or AC30 or model HH 60/70 ', but it is no longer the same price.

lsotis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC30CC1
See below. I remember however that there is (among others) switch to the rear power switch 30W 22W which is very very useful.
I loved being able to "rein in" more (a attnuateur is very expensive) to be able to enjoy the most natural crunch without the risk of deafening the whole group.
I also liked to bnficier a master for 2 entries and move to the top of the normal channel without the boost volume grate fucking diffrence but hey, it's not impossible (see the many topics on this subject fofo).
Precision, I have one with the new dish, the "Neodog" and ... p'tain c'que was sent!


We get lost a little to the departure, many rglage as interactive with others but nothing dcourageant and the manual is well done.
If you get a good sound easily ... say that we will scrape a moment to see which one will keep!


We play rock and wood that sends smelly feet, sometimes punk limit (according to some, I find it), some vintage. This is exactly the sound I rvais long.
I use it with my S series (Humb), my C77 (type LP with P90) or my Tele, it works wonders.
I am using an A / B / Y Morley to spend at the top of the normal channel boost, even the 2 (as if I switch the chaining of Pramper 2), which allows me to go from light to heavy crunch sound (with the bulldog on the normal channel) with a same happiness every time.
I prefer the DO and Satu on the Normal channel, I added my Katapult on the Top Boost (a trick crazy!) Which allows me to grate the difference volume between the channels.
Soon, It's been a year since I have. I use it at home (at least I try too hard ...), and RPTE in concert ... and I just started telling me my start rglages be pretty !!!... but I love all the sounds. This amp is a marvel.


I used an old Road transistor before (I have not said my last word with him besides, I've always) incredible 100W of 1978 I used a clean sound with Koch Pedaltone. A great product, super versatile except that no ass, I fuck with super t (apparently rare) ... and change, has made very long as I knew it would be possible if a Vox. It was possible, and since t is happiness.
What I like is all that I could write at the top.
What I regret is not being able to push the lamp or in RPTE shit without my friends, or live at risk is to piss off my friends, is his Ing (when it one!)
So I pass on 22W. It is a bit better ... but still strong. But hey, I love it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC30CC1
Amplifier 30watts lamp, hp 12-inch Celestion, 2 non-switchable channels but can be associated with a switch link, extra reverb and tremolo has lights, effects loop in series, power attenuator relays and vintage or modern.


Using the very simple point one understands the philosophy of such legendary amp, from light to crunch but with british Class A.
a type of sound but it isa of the most beautiful ever
but still very rock amp to play everything, because it is primarily an amp effect pedal, a jazz sound great on the bright channel
trebon baffle on the cc1


Comm indicated excellent for ceus who seeks a vintage lamp, I have a mesa boogie, believe me I am reconciled with tube amps
a sound clarity, heat, reverb is fantastic, the sound fits in the finger, the guitarist who does, that gives the cc1 dedicated sent, very good amp really

at the crunch it rocks, if you also add a pedal distortion or overdrive little is no problem to see the hard metal, it has a huge trunk and toujour this sound pro.
it's been 30 years since I played, I had this amp discovers belatedly
it's really an amp for those who have their own, I understand pourquoithe edge, rory gallagher and many others have that stuff.


Very good value for money with Chinese production, plus it's a design object
very beautiful, guitars find their sound (fender, gibson).

corwin77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC30CC1
Amp possdant LAMPS 8, not 11 (formerly AC 30), as described around (I disassemble To check), 4 power tubes Electro Harmonix, Sovtek a rectifier, and two 12AX7 Tung Sol, and I did not 12AX7B Verify the mark (I think Tung Sol).

Speaker 12 "Celestion G12 Century Vintage (" The Century Vintage is a new loudspeaker combining the Properties of Laima Nodymium with a more traditional voicing. The sound is classic like the Vintage 30 but the Century Vintage Neodymium Confre an incisive attack, an incredibly rponse, and a bump in the high mdiums giving the enjoyable sensation of playing with new ropes at all times. in His DEFINITIONS the bass makes it more efficient trs in low tunings and 7-string guitars. Finally he pse two times lighter than a V30 "audiotubetech), amended by vox (just the logo).

Two inputs, NO footswitches (one can go through a AB box, but rsultats WOULD unsatisfactory due to a Difference in volume between the two channels), but that can be shuffled. ..

Other dtails donns t have before, but I note that you can spend 20 to 30 W.

The lamps are a good brand, HP, too, and finish trs own. But I put eight, we do not sell a combo in there 11 prtextant the indoor lights!


The manual dtail many configurations, although they do not have enough dtail I got the CHARACTERISTICS of the amp (lamps, how to change them, and I do not know what else!) .
uh if gnial

not if I can find to nitpick, the aluminum foostwitch rsons a little when you switch! (Not the amp I can assure you, however there is no "click" nickel!)
9 Therefore, the manual it must be better now, (well I know a manual is not an amp, but it should be demanding that bte else will be around 10).


Against the good by 10, not need more comments! tt a good bit even when:

I play with Start and Tele, this amp is excellent, it redcouvre his guitars!
The lens is clean and warm, pushing the volume (not master) gives a saturation in the attacks lgre free, thanks to the channel brightness gives something even hotter: a ne slap more rounded treble.

I note especially that channel because the other more experienced, is much Describes, in this channel dpend normal as fabulous as the second (if if if).


I've had one, I only speak of his -:

_ Weight, 25kg prs little, I did not realize what it was doing, but now if, and only for that reason I will not take a 2 hp, even if the hp again later replaced by a Blue alnico (the reason is that the deuxime CC2X is too expensive, and the CC2 of HP trs way, on behalf of vox presti (G12 thing) but celestion beach on the comparison are anchored As the name). I stress very large because it is heavy which makes it even more the case to suffer from weakness from the owner.

_ Was in fact this is the only really because the price is right considering the quality. It's made in China, but the british CONTRL APRS compulsory sale do not forget it!

but never forget is better now I spend two or more a try all the amps (I personally was that I was six silent ...), plutt of choosing from the sheet, m ^ me if it is logieuse.
Docteur Hertz06/01/2007

Docteur Hertz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC30CC1




I made the Pop (Beatles, Radiohead are my mentors)
You m'tonnes I made the right choice!


Simply: "EXCEPT"
This amp seems to me the first moments alive ds!
He lives in the sense that it does possde trs wide dynamic range giving the guitarist the power to get the crunch will under his fingers he rpond a Manir EXTRA! (As if he understood what vout want) I never felt that way.
I offer my Gretsch Electromatic bygsby with magic and a blast.

Ct POWER I prfre not even speak for fear of blowing your guts!
30 Watts under the capo, but what was sent!

The springs will delight rverbe + rtros of us and will trmolo frmire + a girl!

If you had a choice to make, it will be the one!
Disto prvoir for the purchase of a Exceeds the pedals for crunch, I personal satisfaction!
It makes me want to get a ticket for Abbey Road and I Bouquer EMI Studio 2 weeks ... when I won the lottery!

k-tophe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC30CC1
Amp-30W lamps Class A
HP-12 "Celestion neodog
-EL84 power tubes
-2 Inputs (top boost & normal)
Rglage-bass and treble (only between the top boost)
Switch-gloss (for between normal)
-Master volume
Footswitch-A / B

On the back of the amp:
-Connection for external speaker impedance switch with
-Effects loop
-Switch to rglage bias (22W or 33W)
Rglage-switch to "vintage" or "modern"


So the opening of the box, we feel the quality finish of the amp is exemplary. (And yes, it's not because it's "made in china" that is forcing many months!)
Then you look a little bte, and even when there s'apperoit lot of knobs and switches is a bit Drout and we do not understand what to they serve. So to get it right, you open the record. Surprise! it is in French. It's quite enjoyable to read. It described a fawn-friendly with a touch of humor.
After all-inclusive, one branch, and sounds!, Even with all the knobs of the mini rglages.


This channel is for clean sounds. Trs few adjustments. Volume, master volume and shine.
The sound is warm trs, trs Dfine well, good bass. A super clean sound! I love it.
We just have fun with trmolo, it's really not bad. Looks like "kill bill"

Canal-top boost:
So this channel is intended for the distortion. There crunch more easily. But be aware that this amp is not for the large distortion of nags.
For the distortion, you have to push the craft. And 30W in class A, hard! So you put the volume knob a background, we drop the master volume and it s'clate. But watch the ears!
On this channel, the legalization becomes active, so we just play bass and treble.
For now I could not test this config too. I opt for another alternative, in order to have a larger distortion and a lower volume. I took a bulldog distortion pedals Vox Cooltron, plugs into the normal channel. And it's really good, you get good sound pchus, just the Marshall JCM 800. It's not easy to play AC / DC, Metallica (especially the early albums). APRS you to play on the SETTING THE pedals.
Basically, it's that happiness!

Small update of 26/01/06:
I've done more testing on the top boost channel, and it is ... woah!
Master volume and lower back (not to pter windows!), The distortion is simply hell!


It's only been a week I possde this amp, and for now I do not regret my choice. In fact, I bought a dpart Engl screamer that I kept only 10 days. The sound does not please me at all, too modern, too loud (it's a personal opinion). So I went to the store and took the Vox AC30cc instead. And I'm finally happy with my sound. This is vintage trs, trs hot. It is up to its reputable.
So tell me some "but not the real era of the AC30!" I our answer "yes so what is in the same spirit sound quality even more and it is more convenient because it can rev well be used to house, as it possde a master volume, unlike its prdecesseur. In fact Vox has taken everything good in the old silent AC30 and made some amliorations. Why this generous!
With a good distortion pedals in, we get to trs good feedback, noise has a relatively reasonable.
on the other hand, it's not for the metal. I also like the metal, and can be one day I would take another amp for a fact, but even when I would keep it up! Each of its specially. Finally I like the amps not too versatile, because there will necessarily be a compromise.
This amp is a marvel. For less than 1000 euros, you have an amp legends.

Small updating the 18/04/06
I just learned that the AC30 are no longer team of lamps "china" in prampli but lamps "Tung-sol".
So for those who have heard about the problem of reliability and microphone of the lamps, remember that it's over, the new Tung-floor lamps are much better.
I have not yet but normally verifies the mine must be in Tung-ground.
Otherwise the four power tubes are still electro-Harmonix. (No problem of the cot)
Congratulations Vox have Ragit and have corrected this little problem!