DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
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kyleohare's review"If you like Tube Overdrive, and sparkling cleans - this one is for you. "

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
This unit uses two 12AX7 tubes to produce some amazing tube overdrive / distortion tones. The cleans sound brilliant too.

Does Overdrives, Distortions, EQ, Delay, Reverb, and Stereo (panning) effects as well as a bunch of other stuff like 'Quad Delay', has left/ right amp out mono jacks - and when used between two amps in stereo , does some pretty amazing stuff, like a rotary simulations / phasers and panning delays. Very cool.

Upgraded mine to the 2120 with a really simple EPROM chip swap. Swapped out the stock tubes for Groove Tubes, and went to Ruby Tubes now. Sounds great with pretty much all. It's hard to tell, personally with tube swapping that your tone has changed ' a lot ', it's only a minor change. I think you could even use 12AU7's in here for less distortion , if that's what you were after and 'soften' things up a bit for blues, country, etc...


Even the presets on this thing sound GREAT, and are very useful as a guitar player - and maybe even a Bass player / keyboardist could use one of these to get some really cool stuff. I had a BOSS GT-6, and GT-8 but don't have anything good to say about those. They sound horrid compared to this unit, though it's older than both of those!

Tubes are what make this baby really cook. It's one of the best FX processors I've ever used because it sounds 'analog', and not 'tinny' or 'digital'.


I use the unit for Delay, and most of my distortion tones. I get both a Chandler Tube Driver tone, which I use most of the time for that Pink Floyd / David Gilmour sound. Cleans are AWESOME, and very useful. Quite a few blues tones to play with in there too, and everything is super customizable.

One of my friends is a guitar player, and he ditched his BOSS GT for one as well. He plays metal, and Punk and gets a really authentic Mesa Dual Rectifier tone out of it through his twin after tweaking one of the stock 'mid scooped' distortion settings. He was also a 'purist' before owning one, always ragging on his digital equipment and using mainly analog stuff. Now the pedals are back in their box, and this unit has really simplified his rig setup.

I don't like the 'noise gate' feature, and always turn it off. Distortions are OK, but the Tube sounds / overdrive modes are what really make this guy sound great. I love the Compressor, EQ, and pretty much everything about its sound except for some settings such as the Whammy, (which doesn't sound like the red whammy pedal), noise gate, and some other stuff I don't use. It's packed with features. If you're not getting a good tone out of this unit, yours is either defective or you're tone deaf!

Controls take some time to get used to, and I feel like some of it's features are rather buried. I don't like that aspect of it. That's about it.


The thing I like the least about it? Well, the Wah tone is merely 'OK' , and the Pedal Board (control one) feels cheap and slides around on the floor because its too light if you buy that accessory. I broke quite a few MIDI cables because of that.

I don't like the menus / sub menu crap to get to certain aspects of it because it's very complicated at first. Then I guess you kind of get used to it and it becomes easier to use. Probably one of the main reasons you can still find them used!

I LOVE the sound. That's why I bought it. This thing is super responsive, and I can't see a guitar player not connecting with one and wanting to push it for hours. Lots of guitar player friends of mine have been 'lost in la la land' for hours playing through this thing on my rig.


phraseland's review

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
This unit has been in my posession for almost ten years now and I don't think I have ever used it to its full potential. I also own the footswitch which integrates very nicely with this unit.
There is a tube and a transistor circuit built in and the effects are mostly digital (with the exception of the analog wah-wah). The 2112 does pretty much have it all and when it came out it was the envy of every guitar player.
You get to choose from a huge selection of distortions, effects and routing possibilites and two separate effect paths allow for seamless switching and morphing between sounds.
There is an instrument input on the front and stereo outputs on the back. You can add a separate effect into the chain if you want to and also connect external controllers.
Effects are being selected by a big knob made out of aluminium...the whole thing is basically built like an amp and it is sad to look at this thing and then consider what Digitech is putting out these days.


This unit is not easy to program. This is not because the menu is complicated - there is just so much you can do with it. The presets want to showcase the distortions a bit too much. I really don't care for them and I would have wished a few more 'basic' presets.
The manual goes into a lot of detail and helps to get to understand this unit.
The information can be easily read on the big display and adjusting the parameters with the knobs feels quite precise.
What I don't like is that this thing doesn't have stereo inputs in the back. So if I want to use it after a stereo delay out of my pedal board I would have to go back to mono and use the input on front. This I never understood - it seems the concept of this unit was to take over all the effects...but with a professional effect like this one I should have the final say about this.


I really like the delays, reverbs and phaser sounds. The chorus is quite good as well. I also like how Digitech doesn't hesitate to dive into complete madness and lets the musician figure out a use for it. I don't use the Whammy anymore but having this effect around is quite nice as well.
I don't like the distortions at all. They always sound much too well behaved. You have the option to send different signals to the stereo output and could create a wall of sound...but for distortions I prefer my beloved pedals. The wah-wah might be analog but that doesn't make it good - it also sounds much too harmless.


As I said - I have been using the 2112 for almost ten years and ever since I got myself a decent amp, delay and a couple of overdrive pedals I have stopped taking it along. You always need a rack to set it up and even though the controller is quite nice I have began to appreciate to actually see what effects I have engaged and what not.
It does have some sweet sounds and that is also why I have been resisting to sell it. I know I will come back to it some day and make more sweet music. It is very unfortunate that these days there are not many manufacturers who dare to build a professional effects processor such as the 2112. Props for TC Electronics...but ouch! They are expensive!
MGR/Wallace Lofty08/05/2004

MGR/Wallace Lofty's review"Digitech 2112 Studio Guitar System"

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Bought this previously used unitfor £200 about 6 months ago, price included foot controller unit. Dreadful machine.

Nothing, the valve sound is very poor, much better sound from a Marshall amp and the effects, ie wawa chorus etc are also very disappointing.

as said above. The new model is much better, tried it in a shop and found all the sounds to be far superior.

Very ordinary rack mount effect case with aluminum face and plastic knobs. don't think the controls could handle much abuse.

Rubbish, wouldn't advise anyone to pay more than £100, buy the new
Digitech, Artist 2120,Guitar Effects unit.

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MGR/JW's review"Digitech 2112 Studio Guitar System"

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Bought unit new at Sherman Oaks, CA Guitar Center for approximately $650 some time ago. Purchased on recommendation from recording pro for use in direct recording.

Versatility and reliability.

Noise clipping setting on many of the factory preset effects cuts off the ends of notes. Also could be difficult to program for some.

ordinary rack mount effect case with aluminum face and plastic knobs. doubt knobs could handle much abuse. Has worked many hundreds of hours without a glich.

Versatile and reliable multi-effects unit - suitable for direct recording.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

thymyk's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Multi tube preamp effect in 2U.

Extensive connection aside from the lack of exit SEPARATE emulated. (Outpout stereo input, one in control, noon, in, out, thru, expression pedal in)

You should know that it is almost identical from 2120, apart from the factory presets and maybe some additional effects.


Use is not the easiest if you are new to the world of multi-effect but the manual clear and concise help wonderfully.

Readily obtained a good sound as long as you do not drown in the settings or that is not based by the factory presets.


Very versatile, you get excellent clear sound for jazz or funk and crunch and a little saturated but typed 90's lamp in a squall.

I tried a Start and a Les Paul into it, everything sounds provided to review a little eq.

The eq is an interesting element in this preamp, it helps to sculpt the sound effectively through his power.

The multi effect is very complete and very powerful, and the transparent effects and the multiple adjustment possibilities and allow routing of delusions psychoacoustic creative.


I possess 2 years, the value for money is so obscenely good it is devalued.
Matter of fashion, maybe in 10 or 20 years it will be hyper sought.

I went through multiple config

+ combo pedals: fewer opportunities, the pedals and the preamp color too must love the sound combo.
2 + pedal body, same problem.

Modelling: in groups, not efficient enough, impersonal, and the modeling does not react very naturally to the nuances and effects unconvincing.

other racks tested: jmp1, very good but its classic distortion and very clear way, we need a multi purpose.
Rocktron: a little below level sound quality.

this brief with a good multi Poweramp and a good cab will do wonders.
Iron koala05/18/2008

Iron koala's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Preamp is a multi purpose lamp and / or transistor
It has 4 channels lamps (2 clean, 2 distos) and 4 transistor saturation (overdrive fuzz heavy metal and lead to memory)
There is a stereo output, a mono effects loop that routes external effects between the compressor and preamp-wha
a entrepdalier (control one)
one between an output and a thru noon.
It has a multi fx section with almost every existing major effects on the market with 100 presets and 120 factory presets.


I think this device is intended a pro user or warned because the settings are numerous and trs no concept of sound and these effects, we quickly sound disgusting. The manual is quite clear is short enough to explain the possibilities without launching the user in a study long and boring if they have a lot of concepts in rgler custom settings.


I was looking for the best compromise between sound quality and versatility. The hardware does modlisation m has not convinced
with this preamp, it has all of the same case of the lamp and analog
I could get the sounds correct in a lot of style but the highlight is the sound clear.
Saturations and crunch issue a grain a bit steep even if the sounds are of quality. (Default often found in multi fx preamp)

The biggest problem is that this preamp has not the sound away, but a weapon effect and rglages work wonders on this unit and makes its long-term interressant Evolutiva.
The possibility diffrent can get sounds pretty personal (eg I accumulate a lamp and a saturation overdrive transo complter to grain)

As for the simulationde hp, a fishing tool little or a lot, on this ground the preamp modeling is more efficient.

For effects, they are efficient, transparent enough and the possibilities are standard. I particulirement TIME. The Pitchshifter whammy style seem not bad. We can create textures multiband chorus.


I possde this preamp for 6 years now.
I know him pretty well.
It is for crativit INTERESTED sounds and effects but I use less and less effect then I would spend on the future of hardware simpler and more efficient.
Nanmoins, the fall in the price of opportunity to make it high-value quality price (cheaper than zoom pedalboard boss gt etc. .. who are really in the range below)

al31's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Tube preamplifiers and transistor 2 processors and effects of
transistors and light distortion
all major effects
very comprehensive product


The config is pretty complex because this unit has a lot of paramettres ADJUSTMENT
it can get very good sound but it takes many hours of adjustable
for example, the distortions we have an equalizer 15 bands for Scult sound but there SETTINGS factory to raprocher of what we want
but this device is simpler than the other as in the low-end boss gt 3, which is a head-scratching settle
the user manual is understandable and short enough to not be too heavy a study


Very versatile device
we can have great jazz or funk sounds very precise or a rock sound correct or a very good metal sound very hollow and compressed
c for the crunch is a bit inappropriate
effetqs with the number of very good quality and very effective equalizers can get very personal sound interressants
for me the highlight is the sound effects clear of completed psyche which would make the happiness of many jazz musicians and rock lovers trafficotage sound
the possibilities are endless
the emulator hp spring not too bad but still far better than the pod or ToneLab


I used the last 6 months
J made this choice by looking for versatility and a little taste for by the effects
j've tried a lot of stuff before including the Line 6 Vetta and I are not playing in the same court for lack of lea modeling lamp
The effects are sufficiently transparent
saturations for the jmp is not a be a little better
I have paid the 550 OCCAZ ed with the pedal which is resonable considering the quality of the Beast
I regret a little crunch combos tt lamp but the potential is enormous
I do not regret my choice when not even