Apogee Duet 2
Apogee Duet 2

Duet 2, USB audio interface from Apogee in the Duet series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 15 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 08/26/11Apogee Duet 2 Review

    Apogee Duet 2 Review - The Duet at its Apogee?

    About four years ago, Apogee launched a digital audio FireWire interface called Duet that offered two analog ins and outs. In the meantime, competitors have brought out some very interesting products, especially RME with its attractive Babyface. The brand with the violet logo couldn't keep its arms crossed so they launched an improved version 2. The verdict?

Users reviews

tom808's review"Love it"

Apogee Duet 2
Apogee Duet 2 is an amazing usb audio interface, very portable i travel with it all the time, its also very sturdy, it comes with a breakout cable connects instruments, cables, microphones and speakers, has 2 ins and 4 outs, features XLRs plus original 1/4 inch inputs/outputs, also has a headphone port. Has awesome OLED display screen i think thats the biggest improvement from the last duet interface, its small screen but its easy to read. Also i like how it has a usb 2.0 connection on my old Duet i had to use the firewire, the usb helps bring lower latency . It also come with external power if you needed it to use for phantom power option. It comes with a Maestro 2 software you can also download it on the apogee site lets you manage and control the duet from within, the duet 2 has two small knobs in from and one big wheel, the two small ones can be set to any setting for example you can make it be the mute button, and the the big wheel is your main control of volume for each channel. I use it with my 15 inch macbook pro with 8GB RAM, by the way the apogee Duet 2 runs ONLY ON THE MAC OSX PLATFORM.


I mainly use Logic Pro and Pro Tools with it works out for me, I recently had some poping sounds come out when i was moving the volume knob, but after a quick restart it went away, I also remember one time it shut off randomly on me, just some small glitches that don't occur repeatedly. I use it on the daily basis so it has put it a good amount of hours.


I had no compatibility issues everything connected well, I used the manual to figure out the start up but overall its a simple audio interface compare to other ones. The functions are easily accessible and controlled.


I also have the Apogee Duet which gave me some problems so i had to switch to the Duet 2 and I love it, if it broke down on me i would get it again its so portable and the sound is clear, its the best sounding interface I ever heard for that price, the price is fair . Apogee is know for quality and I approve .

sw80's review"Upgrade from the original"

Apogee Duet 2
With 2 in and 4 out, this USB Audio Interface has 2 mic preamps in this little device by Apogee, it is called the Duet 2. I have not been using the Duet 2 that long (less than 1 year). But my time with it has been really good. It comes with Maestro 2 which is a software. The special thing about this interface is that its just plug and play. There were no issues with installing it, with me being a musician and songwriter I needed to have something that I could easily just plug in and it work right away.


The sound is really good, and the unit is very easy to use. This unit does have phantom power and it is Bus Powered. The audio output types are 2 TRS, 1 ¼ headphone jack. If you have a bunch of different audio you need to get into your computer at the same time or you want it to be hooked up at the same time then this interface is not for you. It is a simple interface and it works just like that, simple! It is on the higher priced side of interfaces for such a small unit though.


The 2 mic preamps are really good. and they can capture some great sound from your source or instrument in stereo. With this interface it all depends on which Mac you will be using with it. If your computer does not have the requirements with the OS then you will have major driver issues with this interface.


This interface is small but powerful, you can pack it with you and take it anywhere you need it to go which is a huge plus for my setup which I try to keep pretty small. The display on the front of the Duet 2 doesn’t really have too much just some LED’s that let you see the input and output levels of what you have going through it. The quality of the Duet 2 is great, and it is small. If you can overlook the price you will be 100 percent happy with this purchase.
Brown Sound09/02/2012

Brown Sound's review"Warning: Duet 2 driver nighmare!"

Apogee Duet 2
Conversion quality is great. I use the Mike e preamp. iMac 2.8 i7, 8gb ram


So, no drivers from Apogee (it's Apple), Drivers extremely UNSTABLE, I use Live,any number of tracks could create problems.


Clicks and pops ALL THE WAY!


Hello, bad news here, so I'm running the DUET 2 with my iMac (2.8 i7 8gb ram) OsX 10.8.1 (latest Mountain Lion update), a disaster, clicks and pops are unbearable. I can't find a working flow because of this, I've been in contact with Apogee for more than 2 weeks now and I think we're just exchanging e-mails for nothing really. I'm pretty sure they know what's wrong but there's probably bureaucratic stuff going on with Apple. What I mean is that the tech from Apogee told me they don't even do DRIVERS anymore, their units now depend on Apples DRIVERS!!! so they say. It's quiet amusing that they advertise so much about catching creativity and whatnot, yet I'm not even able to concentrate on my work. BTW I didn't have any clicks at all with my Mbox Pro, right before changing for the Duet 2, and I was using the same system. Clicks may not appear right when you open a fresh new session, but they will happen, the you'll have to reboot over and over. You simply can't work like this.

Anonymous 's review

Apogee Duet 2
Apogee's famous audio interface, the Apogee Duet, has just recently received an overhaul, and the overhaul is fantastic. Apogee is known in the industry for fantastic analog to digital or digital to analog conversion; in fact, they are considered the best in the business. Compared to the original Duet, the Duet 2 has some changes that many owners have been jonesing for for quite some time, and for some, the improvements are only incremental and not worth it. Find out which one you are! The nice thing is that it has two more outputs than the original Duet, which makes it much more useful all in all. It still is not terribly good at dealing with outboard gear though.


The Duet 2 is just as simple to use as the original Apogee Duet. The interface is incredibly simple, as Apogee makes using the preamp headphone monitor levels very easy to access for the end user. The manual is incredibly concise, but the truth is, the device is just so simple to use that most people should not at all have a hard time getting into learning how to use the Duet 2 at all. And for beginners, I could not think of an easier interface to start on.


Everything that the Duet 2 is is fantastic. The preamps are absolutely pristine and offer an absurd amount of gain. Ribbons can be run through this thing without having to kill the knobs or the levels. What is more amazing is that these preamps are part of the interface, and that the interface's converters are so good that they appear completely seamless. The sound is completely professional, and you can get it well before you hit the 4 digit prices with the Duet 2.


If you are doing most of your work inside the box, this is pretty much the quintessentially perfect interface for you. There really is nothing much more to say. The Duet 2 is perfect for what it tries to be.

ericthegreat's review

Apogee Duet 2
The apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a very compact device, very modern and up to date. It can fit anywhere and you can take it anywhere.I didn’t use this with anything except for Logic so I am not sure how it works with other software’s. But its perfect with logic and Logic is perfect for it. it’s a perfect fit. The Drivers are very stable. When you use the Apogee electronics Duet 2 you will be surprised how good it works with your software and how it just syncs its self up.


You're gonna hear things in your music that you never paid attention to before. Its preamps are currently driving a Royer 101 for me and my results are astounding. I'll sum it up like this... We're in a bad economy where companies are struggling to stay afloat. Music gear is a luxury and not a necessity when it comes to family needs, etc. So in order for companies to stay afloat they have to introduce gear that exceeds the expectations of those with champagne taste on a beer budget. I've heard the shootouts on Myteks, Prisms, Lavry's, etc. and this 600 dollar interface can stand toe to toe with them. You will NOT be disappointing in sound quality... This unit will be honest, and you will make mixes (with the right ears), that compete with the radio all day. Don't be swayed by a higher dollar item... If your music and talent is good, get this little guy and get off the pot. You will finally have no more excuses to make a pro album. Hell, the guy from Gorillaz made the last album with an Ipad.... So it's on you!


Easy to get started up and running , you wont even need the manual.


Overall, Being a proud owner of the original Duet, I saw the upgrade as an Ipod Touch version of the original. (come on, it looks like an Apple product.) I actually did A/B the two just to see what the differences were and my conclusions were that this interface was not a slight step up. It has been revered, via the tech support guy at Apogee no less, as a Rosetta 200 mobile.

moosers's review

Apogee Duet 2
The Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a latest audio interface from Apogee, widely considered one of the best in the business when it comes to anything to do with analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. There are some changes here when you compare this to the original Duet, all of which make it a more useful device. The Duet 2 is great for home studio owners who are looking for a simple but very high quality audio interface to use with their DAW. The Duet 2 comes with software to set up everything with and a digital interface directly on it for controlling it. It's got two inputs and four outputs in the breakout cable, which is different from the original Duet in that you've got two more outputs, although still not ideal for using any outboard gear. It's got the same converter and preamps as the Apogee Ensemble as far as I know...


Using and setting up the Apogee Electronics Duet 2 isn't difficult, as the software it comes with makes it easy to route and control everything inside the box. The digital interface on the actual device is easy to use as you can scroll through different screens to controls your preamp, headphone, and monitors levels. There's not too much to get acquainted with here as I think users will be able to get used to it rather quickly, although the manual might be a good idea for beginners.


The sound of the Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is quite stellar and is everything you would expect from Apogee. The conversion quality is top rate and the preamps sound pretty darn good to me although I haven't had a chance to shoot them out with other audio interfaces' preamps. The sound is by far the best thing about the Apogee as it gives you a pro's sound in a small box for a fraction of the price of other pro interfaces and converters.


The Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is the perfect audio interface for the home studio owner who is doing most of their work inside the box. For producers working primarily in Logic, you can't find a better deal. If you need more inputs and outputs and are using Pro Tools primarily, it may not be your best bet, but for those looking for something with great converters and a few nice preamps, the Duet 2 is a can't miss. The price is great considering what you're getting. The Duet 2 is very popular for good reasons!

yoTrakkz's review"great interface.."

Apogee Duet 2
The Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a GREAT. I used this with my Macbook and Logic Pro 9. It has very low latency and works great with my software and operating system. This is a flawless audio interface that you must have for your Macbook’s. It connects right to your computer through usb connections. The manual for this product is very clear and easy to understand, you wont have any problems getting started using this interface. But if you don’t understand your recoding soft where and configuration you might have a hard time getting started. So make sure you keep your manual handy.


The apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a very sleek device, very modern. It can fit anywhere and you can take it anywhere. The price is the downside to me though, I feel like 600 dollars for this was a little too high, when its competitors have audio interfaces at around 400 which are virtually the same thing. I didn’t use this with anything except for Logic so I am not sure how it works with other software’s. But its perfect with logic and Logic is perfect for it. it’s a perfect fit. The Drivers are very stable.


I used this Apogee to record vocals and instrumentals, along with drums and everything else. It records great, no glitches or lagging while recording. Take this everywhere with you , right along with your Macbook. You can record anywhere at a high quality. There are enough ins and outs to have several things recording together. The buffer is between 4 and 5ms which is great. Definitely give this apogee Duet 2 a try you wont be disappointed. I never used the original Duet, I purchased the Duet 2 right off the bat. I didn’t even know about the Duet until the second one came out.


I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this to everyone!

synfactory's review"Amazing quality in a small package!"

Apogee Duet 2
Apogee Duet “2”, 2in x 4Out Usb Audio Interface for Mac.

24 Bit/192 KHZ

Maestro 2 Software

2 Mic/Instruments preamps, that can be phantom powered

Balanced Outputs

4 indipendents Outputs, speaker and headphone out

Breakout Cable
Full Color Oled Display

2m Usb Cable

Core Audio Compatible

Universal Power Supply Included (UK, EU an US)


I’ve used this as my main home and portable Audio Interface for Logic Pro 9.

I have a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core with 8 GB of ram and a White Macbook with Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu with 4 GB of Ram.

The drivers and the Maestro software (to control and choose the device system settings and connections) are quite stable. However I found that with my Mac Pro, sometimes I have to reboot it to make it work. I’m sure this will be fixed soon, Apogee is a top notch manufacturer.
Latency at 32 and 64 buffer is between 4 and 5 ms
The 2 added touchpads are a great improvement. They are located on either side of the encoder knob, allow you to quickly access output functions such as “Mute Outputs”, “Dim Outputs”, “Sum to Mono” or “Toggle Headphone Source”. Each are assignable using a drop-down menu within Apogee’s new Maestro 2.


I had an original Apogee Duet, but upgraded for this for the USB connection and the added outputs.

I’ve used it in various circumstances.
I’ve recorded vocals and instruments.
I’ve reamped guitar tracks with an added Radial X-Amp (the outputs can assigned to be mono, stereo or in dimmed modes).
I’ve used it to send click tracks to my drummer, and I can say that this interface never disappointed me.
Pristine preamp quality (up to 75dB) , and the Apogee D/A and A/D converters are well known for their quality.
It also have a soft limit function (previously available only on advanced systems) that let you add several apparent decibels without clipping the signal, and giving it an analog like warmth.
The manual is really clear and precise


It can be a bit pricey, but if are on Mac and demand great quality in a small package, this is the only interface you will ever have to buy!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Apogee Duet 2
no time to write an expos on the subject I leave a simple note.







rombautsdidier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It fits like a glove"

Apogee Duet 2
I needed a sound card quality, to enable me to make the mix and occasionally record a source (guitar, bass or voice).

I record my bass mainly.

It is connected to a Mac Pro (early 2009) with 6GB of RAM and 2TB of hard drives over the four bays.


Since the beginning, the sound card still does not connect at start of the MAC. This problem is known and Apogee seems to work on it. There is a temporary solution which limits the sample rate to 96Khz.


Quick installation, driver installation, connection and immediately recognized in Logic


I've had it 8 months and I am very satisfied.

I had the opportunity to test multiple cards according to my current needs. M-Audio Firewire 410, M-Audio Profire 2626 and it is difficult to compare with them, except perhaps with the Firewire 410 which is obviously below in terms of converters.

No negative points raised except that the problem of reconnection, but under treatment at Apogee.

It suits my needs so I would do this choice without hesitation.