E-MU 0404 USB
E-MU 0404 USB

0404 USB, USB audio interface from E-MU.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 16 reviews )
 8 reviews50 %
 2 reviews13 %
 5 reviews31 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

stompboxjon's review"Used with Windows XP"

E-MU 0404 USB
The E-MU 0404 USB interface gives you a pretty good audio recording quality to your PC ( don’t think you can use with a MAC). It has a ultra low noise, and is a very well built unit. The latency is very low with Windows XP and you can overdub and record without that delay that a lot of cheaper interface has. They have built the E-MU 0404 around the whole “Plug and Play” theme because they wanted to give the customer to ability to use this device very easily without a bunch of driver problems and hardware/software configuration problems. For the short time which I had a chance to work with it , I encountered very few problems. The really only issue I encountered was when I couldn’t get Acid Pro to recognize the interface, but once I restarted the system it recognized it and the problem was solved.


Your system will need at least 256MB and 900MB of free disk space in order to be able to install the E-MU 0404 USB interface. This is a must, so double check your system before purchasing the 0404 to make sure its compatible and everything is in order. If you are using Windows XP you will have to be using Service Pack 2 if you have SP 1 you wont be able to use the interface.


No manual was needed to install or se the E-MU 0404 interface. The setup was easy and quick, and all of the functions of the interface are easy to use and access.


The precision and quality of sound is average, nothing that really stands out. But what can you expect for an interface this price. I have tried several other E-MU interfaces before this one and they all provide good quality. Outside of the issue with Acid Pro recognizing it, I had not a single other issue with this on XP systems. Great buy.
david stekelorom08/07/2013

david stekelorom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EMU map"

E-MU 0404 USB
it is a good sound card that gives me satisfaction I use with windows xp
on windows 7 there is no driver if you have the pro version


the drivers are stable, no complaints


Installation is done with the help of the forum, actually not obvious we must respect the process of installing the cd that came with the card


I know more but at least two or three years is a sound card but very small budget
I like the ease of use midi output jack headphone and audio microphone and instrument
it is a good external sound card ;)

Shamann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product"

E-MU 0404 USB
Purchased for use in a home studio with Live (mainly working with VSTi and Audio) catches her.

Asus laptop PC with i7, 6GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.


Stable drivers windows 7 64bits in use with Live 8, against cracking as soon as I used the XLR to live with the performer. A slightly larger latency (6ms) solved the problem.

I have not managed to crack with a large number of tracks, but I'm far from being efficient on this point ...


Trouble-free installation, the most difficult was to find the driver for windows 7 (still in beta).

No need for manual, all buttons are accessible directly on the top side of the card, it is very convenient.


I use it for 2 years now, no worries except those crunches recording, solved by increasing the buffer.

I've tried other cards before a fast track pro and audiophile firewire M-Audio.

What I like most is the strength of the connection card / computer, the quality of its output (headphones or monitors), the buttons very accessible and quality péamplis.

Against by the fact that it is not self-powered by USB port imposes an additional constraint compared to other cards. But the quality of the preamp is also this aspect to be seen in relation to its own use.

In the end I am very pleased with this card in the same situation I would do this choice certainly.

Zenon18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sound great!"

E-MU 0404 USB
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

The fact that it is equipped with the famous "Miracle DAC" There's probably a lot.
Admittedly, I use my PC to listen bloated disco (99% of Flac, ape, wavpack, mostly with very good quality) and I was tired of the sound of my old Terratec.
The external box is also a plus (knobs, easy and safe connection) even if I only use a fraction of the possibilities.

For what purpose?
What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / RAM / Disk, ...)? Use music lover passionate but demanding PC (MSI P 45, Intel E 8400, 4 and 8 GB hard drives in case Lancool 10 K and external, Win XP SP 2) and in recent days: AMD FX 6100 on Asus and Samsung SSD 830 M5A97PRO , Seven Win Pro 64 bit

For now, I do not register, but it will come (I scratch a little acoustic guitar


The drivers are stable? Yes, no worries Soux 7 or XP Pro 64 bit, although I prefer not to rotate with a Beta driver ... but hey, I must say that for me it makes no difference.
How often are updated? I think yes.
It should nevertheless not lose sight of what many have already pointed out before: ASIO only very desirable, if you want to overcome the vagaries of Windows.
What software do you use most often? Following livére not serve me very little. I use Foobar and J River Media (thus reading)


The installation is done it without problem?

No worries for me, but I have a long history of PC, it should help. Anyway, I never had to complain. With that said, with low-performance PCs (an old P4 3.0 HT Shuttle and 1.5 GB of Ram and a lot of périphériqueriques in USB1 and 2, caused at distant crackling, resolved by relieving the USB ports ... perhaps a matter of bandwidth?
Anyway, it seems to me not made to support the antiques ... (why there PCI cards, it seems to me, just as good but less-demanding system resources)
Have you encountered any incompatibilities? No, just a small bug in Foobar when changing sampling. This bug does not occur elsewhere in foobar (which does not store the oversampling, it is up to 44.1 kHz) and nothing seems to indicate that the card is there for something ...

The general configuration is easy? Very
The manual is clear and sufficient? Manual mainly useful for info (at the hardware level anyway) and quite comprehensive. For those who want to delve into the software, it's light, on the other hand ... but hey, we can say that it must be often the case with suites also charged.


How long you use it? 4 years (mid 2008 purchase)
What is so special that you love the most, least?
The sound: incredibly bright, airy, super-aggressive but sharp and chiselled. A jewel that does better than any CD player I had and I've had at least five, including some very expensive.
The qualifier Miracle DAC was far from being usurped!
Did you tried many other models before buying it? No, I knew the advanced chipsets (Azalia, supposedly the top, but pales compared to 0404) and Terratec 16 bits (not terrible, trumpets aggressive, non-existent ventilation, poor stereo) not to mention a phalanx of Guillemot (Yamaha) and Creative (SB Live, sometimes very very good) through the years. But even before the purchase, no other test. USB, its rivals were almost nonexistent at this time, it has faciliét choice ...
How would you rate the quality / price? Super,
With experience, you do again this choice? Meanwhile rivals came out in quantity and it is no longer for sale secondhand ... but I will not hesitate! Anyway, the new USB O202 sounds worse. I borrowed because I wanted to equip a second PC, but I was not even more, it sounds good but it is still behind the 0404.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
No doubt! I love him as I freaking going to Win 7 have to do without. I know I need to find both, but I do not think I'll find one day sound better than that.
As it will turn on my PC, I keep it!

I confess I do not understand that this card is so little star while it's a gem (well, aesthetically, it's way ... but hey, among serious people who cares!)

Bonscott313's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not live up to its reputation."

E-MU 0404 USB
By far the product of me most until now.
I had bought to record bass, guitar, voice, and use the afternoon to catch the paramtrage my Flextone III and to drive future vsti with my master keyboard.


My installation does not worry too possible I'm on PC and I used it with Cubase LE. Although the connections are varied and intressant sound quality more than adequate with a latency trslgre. But after several months of use we start cracking appear during registration every 5 minutes, the main knob grsillait dj when we turned. And then finally map Completely lcher: he happened to stop light at all. In my opinion, as someone extremely careful I dduis a fake contact and a very bad bill. I am unfortunately not alone in this case saw some commentary.


Correct installation, trouble-free, drivers nickel.


I could not use it over a year and have ramen in repair. dsrception a new one, I resell aussitt. I t meets the very beginner through the efficiency and quality sound, alas the hardware and the overall quality does not follow at all. This product does yours not long term, so I opt for a Cakewalk (Edirol) UA-25 EX CW who seems much more srieuse. for the same price

heyknock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404 USB
USB port can record with no latency.

I turn on Intel with very little RAM (1024 I think) and a hard disk on which it must remain 16 gigabytes of free

I am a professional musician programmer, so this is the center of my mini home studio
Equipment connected to the EMU 0404 USB White:

With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) and you use the connection with what?
Yamaha MG12/4FX a table, a master keyboard Prodipe 49C, Expander Korg 03R / W, that's about all.


The drivers are stable?
Rather, often need to restart but never one on / off do not crack the driver when I use a stand alone software that does not support the card.

Software used:
THE SONAR 6, I have not had the opportunity to use it with something else

How many tracks do you manage to record / playback simultaneously?
An infinity, assuming that I have a nearly full hard drive I'm limited, but someone with a normal config should be able to do what he wants.

They are often updated?
The drivers are updated enough I found, and the update allowed me to reinstall the driver after I left the installation CD to 8000 km from here

0 under Sonar, Cubase LE 4 light but I have not pushed the buffer settings


The installation is done it without problems?
Without problems, a baby would arrive

The general configuration is easy?
It is a true plug and play, at least under Vista.

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
Yes a few, with plug ins stand alone pre-Vista

The manual is clear and sufficient?
I am satisfied pleintement, there is not much to look inside, it is very easy to use.


I use it now for 3 or 4 months, I shot under Creative Basic before but I never had sound card without latency.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
The color is still white, it looks cool on a PTI office home studio as mien.Le side plug and play me like a lot too.
The fact that both input faders are not linkable is a little handicap because we must set them manually to achieve the perfect level of stereo.

Value for money:
Excellent, especially on the net that it's cheaper price than I bought it or

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
Yes really, because the few problems I met with do not change its practical

Tranceland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404 USB
I had before internal sound card m audio pci 24/192. Unlike with my old card I t be forced to buy a mic preamp with phantom power plus a adquate interface supplmentaire noon. While with the E MU, everything is included.

At the beginning by reading the comments of some, I was afraid to take the card and finally, I do not regret my purchase because in terms of sound quality is class, the sound is crystal clear imprssionnante.

Now it is clear that if you have an old pc, with the base material, the card 404 USB EMU is not for you.


No installation problem


My PC is: Motherboard: P5QC, nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX +, 500 GB HDD 32 MB, 4 GB of memory, processor intel quad core. Windows XP Pro 64
Software: Sequencer Cubase 4 and Reason 4, vanguard vst, sampler rfx nexus, legacy collection vst and various vst.
Monotoring pregnant.
MIDI master keyboard m audio es 61

I've never had a bug, the drivers are stable, no major problem of latency.

all about the pc, if you have an old pan using this high end card you will not get a rsultat perfect, or the comments I've read.


2 months and I use it constantly, do not like the design but this is incidental.

The report price is trs good quality, for 200 euros you have the quality not expensive.

yes I will redeem this card with no problem. But I RPET if your pc is too old base with components of the low-end card is not for you.

zebulon86's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404 USB
Buy motivated by performance. signal to noise, crosstalk, sample freq ...

Intended Use: map reference for measurements on audio elements. (Amp, ..)

The EMU 0404 is connected to the PC via USB. The PC is running XP Pro. The software used is Visual Analysis and RMAA.


Easy implementation
Compatible with 2 of my PC, one in XP, the other VISTA
Clear and sufficient documentation with English mandatory for the CD CHARACTERISTICS


Operation with PC flawlessly, the functional


After 6 months of use this is my opinion:

The results are extremely bad with -36 dB crosstalk between the channel B to channel A for -110 dB announced.
After numerous contacts with the creative hotline, the unit I was replaced by a new 0404 USB which presents exactly the same defects.
Rather than offer me a solution, Creative has preferred not to give me any news despite several reminders.
All this demonstrates the seriousness and rigor of a manufacturer wanting to sell PRO dist ...

Spooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404 USB
I have prfr other external cards because I did not trust the firewire card for my laptop Dell Inspiron 6400 - Core2 Processor 2.0 Gig, 2 Gig 667Mhz RAM, XP Pro. It seems that USB2 is in favor of Firewire for PC (?) The EMU is USB2.

I use it for home recording, practice, small, pre-amps are perfect with my Audio-Technica microphones, Seinheiser MD441, etc.. and I like the MIDI included in the box.


Absolutely no problem with installation.
I have read other opinions and some are experiencing inexplicable problem ... I do not understand that. It installs the driver for the CD, you plug the card on EMU USB port, you turn the card and XP recognizes it.

No incompatibility.

I did not need to take the manual, there is nothing easier to install :-)


No problem either with the pilots.
I do the updates when EMU sent me an email saying that a new driver available on their website silent. I installed it and voila.

I mostly use Cubase SX2 and Reason 4.3
Latency of about 5 ms.


I bought it new fvrier 2007.
Trs good value / quality to pay the price - 189 Euros (with the Proteus VX included on the CD)
I do not regret buying it does its job and both are fairly between analog INs for WRITING in my home studio. There are also some digital IN / OUT.
This did not bother to buy this card if you want to record drum parts you need or 8 (see +) between, I have a 9652 with 3 Hammerfall ADAT ins outs at this studio.

mad-mind's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404 USB
What technical specifications motivated your choice?

First, the recording quality (16 and 24 bit 44.1 kHz 192 kHz)

Connectivity important
-2 Mono inputs with switchable fantme prampli and power (XLR / Jack 6.35) (sparment adjustable using two knobs) or channels left / right to the str o (rgler careful to the same levels for both channels when your in Stereo!)
-Optical input and coaxial S / PDIF
output optical and coaxial S / PDIF
-1 Headphone jack (6.35)
-1 Midi in, Midi out a
-1 Output speaker jack 3.5 (hand out)
-1 Stereo line output (1 left, 1 right jack 6.35)

The portable format

USB connection (there is no need to open the computer to connect the sound card)

The CONTRL vumtres allowing recordings

The CONTRL direct headset volume and speaker with the pots (so no need to go and open the "CONTRL volume" of Windows
For what purpose?

Records of all kinds and quality studio
What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)

Ordiateur from 2004
Motherboard Asus P4P800SE
CPU: Pentium 4 3GHz Prescott
HDD: Maxtor 120 GB


Installation is no problem it?

No, a few problems for the driver: I had to use the utility to install Windows peripherals prconisait unlike what the user manual and the card must be installed BEFORE installing software provided.
Have you experienced any incompatibility?


Gnrale configuration is easy?

yes, 10% CPU
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...



The drivers are stable?

Moderately, I await the updates on this topic

Are they often put day?

I do not know because it is a product rcent

What software do you use most often?

Right now:
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2, FM8, Absynth 4
Sony Acid Pro 6
What you get lag?

14ms latency and no crack observation using ASIO.
Cuts may occur if you have not used the right driver (often direct sound plutt qu'Asio).

How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...

12 tracks including 7 with plugins Proteus VX ReFX Slayer 2 and 2: It cracks normment to beginners but then ca s'amliore (512MB of RAM, it can be enough)

Ground loops do not exist thanks to the buttons on the bottom spciaux situs limina phnomne this, the provided plug does not put the earth terminal


How long have you use it?

1 month

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

The CONTRL direct paramtres key (the RESOLUTION of the reading and recording is slctionn using a mini soft)
Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

No, this is my sound card mobile Premire

How do you report qualitprix?

A little CHRE but all is complete