Edirol UA-1000
Edirol UA-1000

UA-1000, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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All user reviews for the Edirol UA-1000

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mrjason's review"Switching the sample rate was a hassle"

Edirol UA-1000
The Edirol UA1000 only works with a Windows XP machine (unless they have changed the drivers from the time I was using it). It is a 10 in and 10 out interface that works via USB. I have gotten nothing but high quality audio recordings and play back with this interface. It is very versatile and has line inputs, mic inputs and even guitar inputs on it.


One of the huge downfalls on this interface is that you cannot change the sample rate on the fly (not that all interfaces allow that), you have to turn it completely off and back on after you change the sample rate and this can be a huge hassle especially when you have other people in your studio working with you and everything has to stop for a moment.


This interface does install very easily, it took not time at all to install and start using. Even if you are brand new to installing interfaces or if you are purchasing your first interface, this could be the perfect one for you. It works with USB only, no FireWire and it works great with a desktop set up or a mobile set up as long as you are using Windows computers.


I have used this interface with Cubase, and a laptop that was running XP 32 bit and it never gave me any problems. It does come with a well written manual just in case but I didn’t even need to use it at all. The interface is built to last a long time and is solid. The sample rate issue was the only problem that I didn’t like about it but it does have a rotary switch that offers 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates. But switching the unit off any time I wanted to switch was a huge hassle and I absolutely messed up my workflow many times.

robin56's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
I echo the quality converters.
The fact that on my laptop I do not have Firewire output
- For what purpose?
Recording keyboards, guitar, singing, home Sutdio unpretentious.
What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk ,...)?
Dell Precision M65 4GB of RAM, Intel Core Duo T7600 2.33GHz to, 100GB 7200 rpm + SD 2nd screen 22 "for comfort.
With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) and you use the connection with what ...?
Console Soundcraft analog synth + guitar + + + expander classic tube microphones.
jack connectors, XLR and noon.


The installation is done it without problems?
Yes, but as I bought this card in hand, he had to go fishing for msies updated.
- Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
Yes, I struggled at first with my old laptop a HP, I almost even resell the sound card, ultimately, we must invest a little time to take advantage of this card, but I think it is true for everything related to computers, the options are not always easy to choose, the quality of its results, when there's a. ...
The general configuration is easy?
Not so easy when there PLETOR of stuff connected to it, I do not even know if my setup is optimal, all I know is that it is very true in terms of sound.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
No one, fortunately there are forums.


The drivers are stable?
RAS everything is perfect
They are often updated?
No, but it's OK for now, is this card is no longer sold as new.
What software do you use most often?
What latency you get?
- How many tracks do you manage to record / playback simultaneously? ...
4 but I never tried +


For how long have you been using it?
2 years
- What thing do you like most/least about it?
The + = the number of inputs, the number of output, quality of manufacture and especially the quality of the converters.
Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Yes but the base models.
What is your opinion about the value for the price?
good, I bought it at 600 € in hand and well worth the AC, I have a friend who has a record of good fcature integrated whole, which of course is easier to use, but its not worth it this map.
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Yes, without hesitation, but I do not know the new products on the market.

utopik's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
I have long hesitated to buy the beast ...
I hesitated between the motu 828MKII, Aardvark Q10, RME Multiface, the Presonus Firestation and the Edirol UA-1000. I might add the Tascam FW1884, but I finally ruled out as too expensive and too ugly for my taste ...
The technical love me more attractive are the four preamps Dtd roland cut to high-end brand. If you look at the various sound cards that I have quoted more or less the same characteristics. The motu can use its 12 inputs + ADAT input, but only has 2 preamps (more are on the PC, the drivers are not necessarily fully optimized). The Q10 has failed to win the game with 8 input preamp, but its price is slightly higher and it uses a PCI slot. The RME despite having the best A / D converters, has no preamp, over the half-rack is not great. The presonus had everything to win, but the drivers are not developed for AMD, I gave up ... The Edirol UA-1000 is a is a good compromise between each of these cards are:

- 4 high-quality preamps (in this price range ...)
- The A / DD / A very good
- I / O ADAT
- E / SS / PDIF
- Headphone
- Guitar input
- Alim phantom
- MIDI I / O
- Based on 2 USB (480 Mb / s)
- Drivers very stable and efficient
- Up to 96KHz Sampling
- LED indication of output, signal / peak

I paid 890 euros in Space keyboard

I use it to record groups and config to drive home studio and record my Virus C.
My PC is an Athlon XP2500 + Barton on ASUS A7N8X motherboard, 512 MB RAM Corsair XSM400, Maxtor 80 GB HDD 8 MB cache 7200 Tr / m
I use Cubase SX2, Kontakt, for soft, and various microphones, guitar, Virus C in hardware.


Installation in 3 minutes flat, without any problem under Windows XP Pro ...
No conflict, even with the onboard sound card.
Setup made simple ultra 2 minutes (for all software Cubase SX2, Reason 2.5, Live 3).
The manual is in English, but personally, I did not open ...


The drivers are perfect ... No crack or crash ...
I do not know if they are updated regularly, but because it works, I do not care ...
I mainly use Cubase SX2 with Kontakt, and Reason.
Inaudible latency direct monitoring. I guess less than 3 sec.
I'm already risen to 12 tracks + 4 read with recording effects without audible latency (48KHz) ...
To give an idea of ​​the performance of audio rates, I plug my guitar into a preamp, I run cubase, I use Amplitube VST + + chorus + reverb dynamics as an insert in cubase first on the track of the guitar. I go in after the volume of my guitar and I play. Plug-ins are applied in real time with no audible latency of the raw sound of the guitar. I do not need guitar amp ...
The MIDI performance are similar ...


I use it for a week, for 3 hours a day on average ...
My favorite is the side you plug nickel and it works the first time.
What I like least is the fact of not being able to simultaneously record analog and ADAT inputs (18 simultaneous tracks are they really useful for home recording?).
I think that is excellent value for money considering the quality of the preamps and converters.
There at least you do not pay for the brand, but the quality ...
One can add that in terms of design, it is a beautiful machine.
In conclusion, I would say that I do it again because this choice, I was really pleasantly above the exceptional quality of this interface, which I was not asking so much at first.

I add a few lines after 10 months of use.
This card is a gem! I have never had a problem, I recorded a simultaneous tracks of 10 batteries 48 KHz 24 bits (the 96 KHz no point to my eyes (ears)) with 15 tracks read smoothly and without lag ...
I add that the small features of the card that does not necessarily useful to take fast start to their importance. Buy it, it's a bomb!

Shift 3 years later ...
This card is really great, I recorded with many bands since, without ever having a problem. I always use with Cubase 4 and it works nickel especially given what this costs now;)

J-Luc's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
- 10E and 10S simultaneous pramplis good, no latency are the reasons for my choice. I / O, SPDIF taient so requests.
- Use home-studio, the time required by more than 2 simultaneous input and need to make a mix spcial monitoring during recording.
- Dell PC XP SP2 PIV 2.4 G 1024M
- Couples My Yamaha MX12 / 4, condenser microphones, Casing to live, and expander POD2

[Edit August 2011] Seven underpass Cubase6 64 and 64, the BTE is worn like a charm.


- Installing directly with drivers 2.0.
In 3 minutes, AU-1000 is recognized and installed XP
Another 3 minutes and CoolEdit and other MS applications are running.
Another 5 minutes (that long, eh?) And Cubase SE (1 and 3) is reconfigured reconnat MIDI and all new I / O
Another 15 minutes and everything is valid including Logic 4.8.
Another hour (the time to understand the CONTRL $%*&# panel) and a mix spcial is programmed to enable the direct monitoring while recording.
1 minute and the UA-25 is dsinstallbr />
- Configuration is clear but not simple. The BTE is complex!

- The manual? trs but well done in English. It does not impede me but ...


- Drivers? PERFECT! Lights before the PC or APRS, it works always. Multiclient Windows, ASIO nickel, SPDIF sync with p'tits onions. I dcu t from M-Audio and enjoyable surprise Edirol UA-25 and.
- I use version 2.0.0 in July 2005
- Cubase SE, LA Gold 4.8, CoolEdit are my favorite tools.

[Updated November 14]
- Latency can get 8/10ms Cubase SE 3 SE 1.7 but I have to put 10/12ms (cursor in the middle panel of the AU 1000). I prcise I use Groove Agent 2 on all my projects and has supported quite a machine. All fawns, the latency we do not care a bit as the AU-1000 has a direct monitoring much more flexible than ASIO.
[/ Update November 14]
- I Verify that I could read 18 tracks (compression and EQ per track), I do not know how I can save.

[Updated 13 March 2006]
Trs always satisfied with the AU-1000 that has not betrayed not once, I prcise that this interface does not PLOP at all, or the ignition or extinction. This may be a dtail but ...
[/ Update 13 March 2006]

[Updated 6 August 2011 and Cubase as Seven-64]
I would go down easily below 6ms latency in Seven if the USB driver from Microsoft was not a bug Gnant. I do not intend to change the interface, it is perfect, trs direct monitoring is effective.


- I AU-1000 for 4 months, I use it almost every day, it MRIT to be better known.
- I had: an ISIS (although the era can not glop glop not), an M-Audio Quattro (very good, but concerns as W2000), an Edirol UA-25 (trs tr s good).
- Excellent Q / P AU-1000 is a great machine.

The AU-1000 attack on its 7th year in my order, she has seen Windows 2000, XP and now Seven.

slow_pulse_boy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
With a budget comfortable and not knowing exactly what would be necessary or gadget for me, I wanted to bet on a map scroll: MIDI interface, analog I / O and pramplifies line, I / O num ricks, effects inserts, headphone jack, 4 frquences chantillonage of between 44.1 and 96khz ...
It turns out that the only card that offers everything is USB 2 and therefore only runs on PC (XP, what is more): I have not seen inconvnient.
I use it in home studio with a P4 3ghz card P4P800, 1 MB RAM, 2 x 160 GB hard.
I use it for MIDI programming, and to catch bass and guitar without amp (just passing by pdalier) and a compressor / limiter insert.


The basic installation takes half an hour, APRS how we can use the basic functions of the card (Listen to CD). For the rest, as nophyte audio, and discovering together the map and software squenceur, even when I have a little bav to run the whole Fawn stable. The ping-pong based "see the instructions for the other product," he tired quickly. However, it is more level and configuration squenceur General for the computer it takes, but when even small BMOL: since the map "requires" a platform and OS, and has a kind of agrment squenceur with whom I have chosen j'esprais that all falls a little faster in operation ...
The panel CONTRL is certainly ugly and dpourvu of VU meters, but the fact is that I never use it (my only use is to disable the wave out 1-2 to cut pregnant at costs at a headphone).


I use Sonar 3 producer: no problem in recording two instruments simultaneously with a latency of 6ms; trying to go lower (but o is intrt to beat that kind of record? ) adcroche sometimes.
I had the opportunity to mix a project with 19 audio tracks stro many effects, some greedy trs (I used to test the limits of the box). Pushing a value close to the latency of the second, you can load a lot, but the effects the most CPU-intensive (pitch shifter and gate) can not be used in "time rel", for against, it can be run a total of six compressors, 3 reverbs, EQ on all tracks and a time limit or a modulator in the here and!
Not updating the driver I know. It is Designed to run with XP Service Pack 2 (up days included), so it is completely single-platform.


Premire is my sound card, I have not had the opportunity before me to the teeth on a Soundblaster, an Isis or anything else, I possde for 6 months and j 'by using a semi-intensive (10 hours per week).
I chose to pay the price not to be bored not spend ct a vital function that I would default and therefore do not regret my purchase, and I think I have my russi time. That would do it again I repeat (although I enjoy working with the Presonus Firepod that came out since).

luther's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
I must say I t attracted by the USB 2.0, and with Edirol, I never ue surprise.
Intgre in my rack, under the effects DIFFERENT bass and guitar, it has no pb installation possible, rather reliable under WinXP, the card I compltement suprime the latency .
I use it with Pro Logic 5.5 platinum, and large type plugins, Trilogy, Symphony Orchestra, etc ...
In addition, I record live guitar, bass, vocals and even an electronic drum V-Session drum set.
Nothing to say except a little sorry for the doc is still not available in French.


No bp installation. no conflict, all without a hitch.
Be careful however to PC USB controllers, as it is USB 2, do not plug into a controller or is already a usb1 peripherals as the controller of the PC assigns the lowest (c is to say in usb1).
In most cases, the PC are two teams of USB controllers, so you must make sure to put all usb1 peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc ...) and usb2 on the other controllers.


The drivers are stable trs, there is no update at this time to my knowledge.
I have for now Russia recorded 8 tracks at the same time without pb


I bought this card ds its release, the advantage of the 10 inputs and 10 outputs of these (combined SPDIF, audio) lets you mix all for monitoring.
I expect nothing else from a card at the moment, at least according to my needs.

Vlad-Drac's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
See product manufacturer ... I'll just say this card is ulta complte in terms of its CHARACTERISTICS.


As for installation, there is no simpler! Describes the manual trs well the procedure. No incompatibility (PIV 2.6 GHz, 1024 RAM, 200 GB HDD). A small BMOL for the manual which is a bit succinct ...


The drivers are super stable, no problem until now. overall usage is very easy with a little practice. Latency is ngligeable (about 5 ms).
The control panel is not trs beau ... it is nevertheless simple and effective.

nothing wrong.


I use it now for over 6 months and I am extremely satisafait. As for the price (about 800 euros now), and although I find that it is not excessive and complements justification for such a product ... This is not really the case with competing products that I consider far too expensive, even if they are also excellent quality.
A little more for its looks really great!

an excellent product!

kiki34's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
The price-to me at first influenced and we pay for now.
-Purpose: home studio, there's enough IO to ca
-Config: p4 2.8 gigahz p4c800e deluxe 1GB ram, 80 gig maxtor serial ata, maxtor 40 gig sata
not need to mixing desk, unless you have a quality that rivals the aves of the ua1000 preamps.
It heats a lot, watch out has put out the when not in use, it says it can work all the time we want no prob, I remember forgetting to turn it off for a week, it always seems to work well, finally I was not proud when I came to realize!


Wow drivers do - for a mega, super stable, Cp is ugly as everyone knows but who cares!
No incompatibility for me, even with other sound cards.
Be a big config anyway, avoid the celeron to use it, it works but we are less comfortable when you put the plugs in Sonar or Cubase for example.
Manual-fr in brief, complete in English: we understand the operation very quickly but it's not easy sometimes, but the telephone and online support is very satisfactory for Edirol, they enlightened me several times, hat. ..


Updates on hold but not essential, we would like the meters in the Cp is true but it will be a long dispensing with, if: it would be nice to have VU meter for each input and output when you want to play without a sequenseur.
-Latency: decent but not stunning in sonar for example. 3 launches with AmpliTube you feel a slight lag, especially in 96khz, 48khz I personally remain in 24 bits or 2 msec latency even with lots of plugs and several tracks.
The quality of the preamps is very good, there's more but we begin to approach the stuff "pro" (a word often overused ...)


I've had two months now and I do not regret my purchase!
The +: preamps, in facade 4entrees xlr (too bad there have not a 48 v for each entry is a pair), latency, stability.
the - I see no except that I hope it will age well: basically it is not too down in price and it is not too fast Competition, otherwise we said we would have to wait before buying, as with ordis.
qualitprix report satisfactory to you to choose between ua1000 and mk2 motu is kif kif, but seems more scalable mk2 share extensions.
This choice I would do so, whether it is a remake that choice within 1 or 2 years.

SergeDhen's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
I was looking for an external card minimum 8 tracks.
My config is below that recommended by Edirol, but I have no glitch
AOPEN motherboard, cpu Athlon XP 1000Mhz 512Mb memory


Install nickel if you follow the instructions (not complicated) you just do the update for XP usb2. This is essential. Installs in 5 minutes!


This card is amazing! You plug the plug into the USB drives you and ON .... it works :-)
Quality of the preamps is surprising. AKG C3000B microphones tried with BEHRINGER B2 and the sound is very clean, good dynamics, no breath at all, good depth. The definition is surprising for a map to less than € 900.
Excellent performance even with 3ms without latching 2 large FM7 vsti The largest and simultaneous.
I use Cubase SX 2

Also HI-Z input is useful for a bass or a guitar without using an amp.
Is recorded without problems. good sync between noon and audio.
Frankly you can go for it. This product is a success.

Deplus, if you move from one PC to another, the card keeps it all settings. This is very useful in the house from the rack at the studio under the arm do not reconfigure. a time saver.


I use it for 5 months.
This card is the foot. Super easy to use. Pure sound. Reliable. No surprises
It also works without the PC as a mic preamp to a mixer or as A / D converter with ADAT output.
Robust and very practical.

I buy for 800, - € VAT in Belgium by negotiating firmly.
Lil' Korgy04/25/2004

Lil' Korgy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol UA-1000
-8 ENTERED symtriques, including 4 mic with real pramp (4 combo XLR / TRS jack and)!
-8 Symtriques output line in TRS
-4 Inserts (jacks off)
SPDIF and Adat-
-1 MIDI in / out
-1 / O Word Clock
Real-AD / DA converters 24 bit 96 kHz high quality!

Use of laptop Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 60 GB HDD, 512 MB Ram for the home studio


Installation in 5 minutes, the installation of the file dicatiel trs is clear
The doc is in English, but brve complte and explicit.


No incompatilit drivers, they are also stable trs. I use it for 4 months and I have not had reinstalled once.
The black point of this product in my opinion: the Control Panel is very sad (if not laughable), and peak-dpourvu of nitre!
The maximum recorded so far is 11 tracks Stros simultanment read without cracking or clik buffers with one-third the size max (there are margin!)
I get a latency of 7ms recording eight tracks simultaneously with corrlateur phase and a spectrum analyzer plug-in running derrire. (Honorable!!)


Trs trs good machine, complte and efficient than 1000!
Trs qualitprix good value.
A choice I would do without hsiter!