PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL

AudioBox 1818VSL, USB audio interface from PreSonus in the Audiobox series.

public price: $499 VAT
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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 5 reviews56 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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sw80's review"Download the app and control from your iPad"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
The 1818VSL is made by PreSonus Audio Box and is very similar to the 4x4 model that they make. This interface has 18 inputs and 18 outputs making it the ultimate interface to have if you are recording a lot of tracks simultaneously and needing to mic up a bunch of different instruments or drums so you don’t need to switch out cables as you would with a smaller interface that does not have as many ins and outs. The preamps on this model are very quiet and warm. It does come with Virtual StudioLive software for free, this software is not the best software but if you don’t already have a DAW then it will work great for you.


A cool feature about the 1818VSL is that you can control everything remotely from your iPad. There is an app that they make that you can download and it will work great with the 1818VSL. It will allow you to control all of your parameters like EQ and panning.


I have used this interface multiple times since October of last year, each time we use it I know that we are going to get great sounding recordings easily. It is very easy to set up, much like all of the other PreSonus interfaces are. The 1818VSL has 10 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs. The audio outputs are all TRS and inputs are XLR and TRS.


This unit can be racked and being that it has so many inputs you will not have to get behind it to swap out cables. So once it is racked up then you are good to go from the first time you start hooking up your gear. It has MIDI in MIDI out and MIDI thru. The price of the 1818VSL is around 400 dollars now which is a great price for all of these inputs and solid preamps. It does not have any effects on it though, which would be a huge bonus if it did.

squall974's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" emotional lift"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
everything has been said 8 XLR input is what motivated me to purchase
as to save battery for example is more useful you can add 1 preamp with adat hop and 8 more


drivers are no shit, dear friends if you want to invest in this card I warn you that it is better to have a mac because otherwise if you have a pc with windows 7 and you have a graphics card (that is what I have found for me) your card will make crack and pop without stops and regardless of your machine or application whatsoever of listening to music or mix
just change the buffer in software presonnus for more or less latency and there is drama. you can of course try to put up (I think it was 2048), but nothing to do, yet I am with a good machine:
(A 3570K with 8 gb in 14900). team to prsonus was really lame for once, I had to make this card I found nice at first, but nothing to do except wait for a more stable version of drivers. and I could not wait


the nickel system! ben at least that ...


I no longer use it, I used one month full and I searched for a solution to the problem of buffers masi nothing to do, the value for money is good if the product in full operation since Octo preamp in it n 'there is no bcp manufacturer do at this price.

I will not make the choice to go to presonus malheureusment this event has been traumatic and more I saw that it was not the only product to know the problem at home.

ps: type crack and pops vsl 1818 on google and you will find you even the extent of the damage
Nico fiddle player01/24/2013

Nico fiddle player's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really good!"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
8 inputs xlr, the sampling frequency converters Class A, USB connectivity (I do not have firewire), low latency, the software comes with Studio One ... all this led me to buy this card.

I use with condenser mics for recording acoustic instruments (guitar, violin, bodhran, mandolin, Irish flute ...).

I use a less powerful PC (win xp sp3, 2GB ram, AMD 1.2 Ghtz, 70 GB HDD only!) And it works great!


Worry-free installation, no driver problem (use the ones offered on the site Presonus).
For the moment, I have not tested with more than 2 tracks simultannées recording and playback 6. No problem.


Everything is really clear, I have not struggled at all. Just read the manual and download the latest driver.


For 1 month. Previously, I was using a Edirol FA66 I sold. It worked well but I did not have a FireWire port on the PC (motherboard has never accepted PCI Firewire, I had to take an old Toshiba laptop - it worked anyway).

I like stability. What I like least, not much, but it still a bit warm but nothing serious to find something.

Yes I remake this choice (at the same time do it a month, but I'm not disappointed).

weshman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" disappointment ..."

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
It was so good on paper: VSL technology, FatChannel, 8 + 8 ADAT tracks and also DAWS. And then coupled with Studio One, it was perfect!
The interface is directly connected to my computer core2 duo with 3GB of RAM 2GHZ


Must already be able to install the driver to judge whether it is stable or not. For my part, I am not able to install it correctly! And I have too much hassle for almost two weeks, visiting the site and forum, and here I have not enjoyed the Audiobox!


"Pops and crackling"! that's what we're talking about the forum about the presonus Audiobox 1818vsl!
To see the config is the scope of any expert
It is not compatible with MAC moutain lion and USB3.
The manual is against nickel by


How long I use it? for two weeks and it does not work
I tried several models and edirol no problem, but I wanted something beefier: what a disappointment
Least: I already said everything
Most: its promises, its ergonomics
It is 500 € in the trash!
Obviously me and the presonus units: one is finished. Against by Studio One is a wonder!

JeanLuc.E's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Big Problem!!"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
Of promises on paper.


This card is not compatible with the new MacBook Pro 2012 equipped with USB 3.


In addition, beta drivers could solve the problem seem to be operating as Mountain Lion 10.8.2.
So if like me, you bought your MacBook between June 2012 and the release of Mountain Lion or your other software does not run on Lion Mountain (and the list goes on), this card is useless!

I even tried it on when a post iMac Core 2 Duo 8GB (Snow Leopard) with ProTools 10.
A project of 34 audio tracks + some plug ins audio engine plant because of a lack of resources CPU with a buffer to 1028 samples!
This project runs smoothly even with the internal sound card / mbox 2 / mbox pro 2 with a buffer at 64 samples!


Ben after a night of misery, I contacted my dealer to try to exchange it against a firewire card (Focusrite Saffire 40 or Lexion IONIX)

I spent much of the night on the Presonus forum only to find that the card does not guarantee reliability. Computer PC (Core i7 2600K + 8GB) fail to record 8 tracks without cracking!
A shame, we were doing multi track recording under Windows 98 with Pentium 3!

A casting error ...

PS: I remain convinced that the firewire is better suited for this purpose.

terrybaber's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" + excellent sound card software"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
choice motivated by the different opinions on the net and Audiofanzine

used with a pc asus windows 7 I3

Use personal records and rock bands / music french


super stable, no drivers bp in 6 months

software used one studio, presonus vsl, reaper

no audible latency


installation without pb
very good convivalité
English manual sorry for you


test the tascam with 16 outputs (I can not remember the reference) a cata!!!

very good sound recordings Rock (live bands, two in both rhythmic and vocal)
jazz recording personal

very very good price / quality ratio

I became pro presonus recommends undecided and you will not be disappointed

omstrauss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent interface"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
Home Studio on recent 3200 MHz PC under Windows 7 - Bought for couples Studio One software + interface more modern than my M-Audio Firewire 410. Direct integration of Melodyne plugin.


Easy installation - not the least crash in a month of intensive use.
Studio One 2.0 is really an excellent software computer music, higher quality sound with Cubase 6, and especially the plugins home Fat Channel (from the console Presonus Studio Live) make the difference. Including the EQ and compressor. Next to the Cubase EQ eg pales must often dig the curves to get a result with the Channel EQ Fat, you can sculpt the sound with small patches on the equalization curve. The presets (Vocal, instruments, general mix, mastering, and many are well suited). Seamless integration of external VST plugins including audio plug on MIDI tracks.

The setup software and programming interface is very well designed. Big sound. Ability to program for use without a computer, eg for live recording.

Few ms latency, no problem.

How many tracks: on average a good half - from 10 to 12 with 2 or 3 audio plugs per track - and 4-track MIDI format


Manual a bit short. To look and watch the video tutorials. A better! Once we know how everything works, we see that it is well thought out.


My +: sound, ergonomics, quality hardware and software with Studio One 2.0
My -: improve documentation - preamps excellent but a little sensitive, can quickly clipper. - Studio + Live software interface management a capacity-efficient processor and RAM, it gets hot with plugs as NI Maschine or especially Melodyne (integrated with Studio One) eg .... I will have to increase the memory, from 6 to 8 GB or more.

A safe blows, one of the best moment of USB interfaces, and Studio One is worth a visit. A "bundle" ideal cheaply.

rp22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs ALMOST right!"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
- The 8 inputs / outputs.
- Violin, among direct mics (Schoeps + KM184)
- Maquetage PC asus


- Not the drivers are not stable!


Installation average (several tries to achieve)


A generally positive, but when even a little less enthusiastic than the ultra Previous notice! :-)

and +:
- Good sound & dynamics
- Easy to use (once you install Arussi)!
- Manufacture of solid appearance

the -:
- Drivers book does not work, it is the correct version Tlcharger site prsonus.
- The doc paper is provided in English. Do we still need to remind manufacturers and importers that they must provide a doc in the language of delivery!
- The LED output levels are "lgrement" approximate.
- A USB cable a little bit longer Please, Mr. Prsonus! :-)

This is what I can say this card yet.
Without being "the incredible vnement" announced by Prsonus, trs was still a good card in usb.

By the way, thank you a + + Michenaud for super fast delivery.

(Ds bte that was available because Presonus seems to be a victim of its success and have difficulty providing !?!!).


In my opinion complment Previous and After a few days of use, I confirm the problem of drivers!
Driver probably out too tt?? !
Loss of sync in use, instability gnrale card, not always recognized at first boot the computer, installing it is often necessary to repeat several times ...
This is the kind of problem ... I think it must be Prsonus hate to release a version 2 of this driver!
I prcise that problem occur with XP as well as under win7, and what with various squenceurs (same one supplied with the card)

A lot of progress to make this the cot Mr. prsonus!

Otherwise, when she walks, the sound and dynamics are nickels!
The Dark Judge12/18/2011

The Dark Judge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Unbeatable for the price, 100% happiness"

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL
In my home studio, I use two microphones, two guitars and a synth ... matre a keyboard and a few different MIDI peripherals. The all clear on ADAM A7X and I work the evening or at night with headphones ATH-M40fs.

For consquent, I had a card that possde enough of pramplifis (2 + 2 + 4 for my synth which outputs spares for its effects) and Allow me also to have a MIDI I / O format 5-din classic.

The AudioBox 1818VSL sduit me for several reasons, indpendamment the fact to know and use the products Presonus long time:

- 8 inputs combo Jack / XLR pramplifies faade in which 2 Mic / Instr. and 6 Mic / line symtriques
- Pramps XMAS (I have always supported and dfendus to be one of the best in the market)
- 8 outputs which are routed in 6 TO
- 8 ADAT
- 1 I / O S-PDIF two-channel (Stereo) which s'avre particulirement INTERESTED for my multi-effects BOSS GT-8
- The potentiomtres notched with graduation and finish all mtal
- About the results particulirement latency performance.
- The choice of USB 2.0, which ensures perfect compatibility with my DIFFERENT computers.

In addition to pure design and careful that we know Presonus, the finish is perfect, the female connectors on the card is really neat, each potentiomtre exudes solidity and Ergonomically, it is not s'emmle not brush ...

Currently on my old configuration (Core 2 Quad Q8200, 4GB RAM, Win XP + Win 7 64-bit, nVidia GTS450, Reason 6.01 and Studio One Pro) as on my laptop (Acer 9920G: 21 ", Dual Core T7200, 2 Gb of RAM, nVidia 8600GS, Win 7 64-Bit, Reason 1.6 + Cubase 5) or my living room PC, small config without intrt (4450th AMD Dual Core, 4Gb RAM, nVidia G9200, Win July 64 -bit) ... the Audiobox installs and syncs perfectly in seconds.

The fact that possder VSL interface allows you to apply corrections for non-EQ SETTING THE ngligeables for my speakers, which allows me to leave the corrections on the monitors ... 0 j'apprcie!

So I look forward to delivering dernires spices for the PC that I go right now (3960x Intel Core i7, 32 Gb RAM, ASUS Deluxe P9X79, Velociraptor 600GB x 2, x 2 Radeon HD6870. ..) and that will allow me to use my EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs as my last refills without caring one iota of RAM.


Regarding the installation of drivers, I have not used the supplied CD I prfre Tlcharger the latest version directly on the site of Presonus, found in a few clicks, without difficulty. The program contains the drivers and software interface, which installs automatically, without difficulty, without a course of ncessiter ingnieur computer and lets you use the IMMEDIATE interface.

Once the Getting Started guide provided (English only ... dtail ngatif disparatre should know in the weeks ahead Arbiter, the distributor Frans de Presonus) we are left with a simple software interface clear and that allows efficient handling.

Ds the opening of my DAW prfr (Reason 6) I select the driver and the Audiobox enabled the number of inputs and outputs that I intend to use. To test, I launched a simultaneous recording of six 8-channel audio equivalents (2 microphones, two guitars, two tracks Stros type Line) and I left the eregistrement last 3h37mn. No loss of sync, no accidental crash, no lag on the ESG.

In reading, for testing, I used a project in Studio One Pro, with 17 audio tracks, VST tracks 9 (6 + 1 EWQL Steinberg The Grand 2 + 1 + 1 EZ Drummer Rewire Reason has six tracks with a Dr. . Octorex and the rest in NN-XT)
- No dcrochage
- Its irrprochable
- Low latency remains

In fact, speaking of latency, I get a latency of 5ms and 6ms in between with these rglages output:
- Buffer 512
- 48Khtz
- "Normal" mode

I do not use 88.2 KHz or 96KHz but I would do a test to see if consumption is proportional or if the card brings more.


To return to the installation of the Audiobox and soft ... it's really plug and play: one branch, you double click the app, you wait a few seconds the LED on the sync interface turns blue ... and it can be used.

Lasts from the start: less than 2 minutes!

However, I have less apprci the manual in English only ... with all the Presonus's delay on this interface, it could well anticipate and provide a manual in French. (Although for me it is not a problem, I think most users who do not hear it in English).


So here APRS one week of use, I'm really happy with my choice and I do not regret my hsitation with trs good Ultralite MKIII Hybrid ...

My Hoontech DSP24 I will miss it ... sr but ultimately, they have much in common among all audio interfaces I tested rgulirement or I use through my dplacements, 1818VSL this is by far the best choice in Mati sr Home re-Studio gauge if a report in this range QualitPrix budget.

Not only in connection trs trs complte and opportunities, Pramps XMAS always keep promises ... converters are reliable and ergonomics is irrprochable.

Try it ... you will love at first sight.