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Alesis Fusion 6HD
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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Value For Money : Poor
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DEEJAY MY'Z12/15/2013

DEEJAY MY'Z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"UFO SIGN ALESIS"

Alesis Fusion 6HD

The first time I saw the Alesis Fusion I was struck by its futuristic look, compared to other Workstation, I immediately said that this bike was something different ... a kind of UFO in the world of Tritons, patterns or other Fantom ... well I did was not wrong.

At first glance, what is striking is its very compact but very particular lines a little retro design, it pleases and it pleases not sure but it does not leave you indifferent.
I will not dwell on the already very technical reviews provided by other data, but I would summarize by saying that this is a 61-note workstation with aftertouch, weighted and slightly smaller than other keyboards I had more than 600sons factory besides additional banks to immediately download and save to your fusion. Integrated hard drive, all imaginable outputs Maximum polyphony, 4 types of synthesis, built-in sequencer ... well seen as it is shielded in any sense ... enough bourin and American my faith.


Although this synth is a little gas plant, Regarding simple operations (edtions, sequencing, combis ...) the general configuration of the Fusion is not as tedious as I have read before the buy. Indeed, the grip is correct without being intuitive either ... but having started with a Yamaha Motif ES6 and textbook ... I did not lost with the Fusion. Against browsing by the OS we perceive that this workstation enormous editing capabilities and settings but the manual in English is too simplistic to be able to exploit all, notament in the sequencer which I think adds nothing machine if it is only to bugger the OS .. it's a shame because it gives vraimment want to study for ENTERING correctly ... but programmers OS would really bet on a more stable OS, as the shield in settings, which eventually complexiser machine ... it's a pity because there is a hard and indicates integrated vraimment can enjoy ... let's talk about hard disk, the most annoying thing is that the more one delves into the vastness of the fusion sounds more must turn the dial and wait for loading sounds ... will have to be patient I tell you!

Another black namely absolutely for future fusionautes point is that this workstation is falsely malgrès its robust metal housing ... in effect one month after receiving it, I have a resistance that is overheated at the map screen, nothing serious, just a resistance to change. This is in part due to lack of ventilation merger and inefficient fan, even a design error. I Enjoy to thank DEWEAK and audiofanzine forum saved me a heart attack ... and a vacuum!


After a few disappointments go to main interest of buying this machine in my opinion, are the Sounds:

I'll start with the acoustic sounds basic because they are not terrible. Indeed, the strings are not great (I know little synth who apart Roland), acoustic and electric pianos are not catastrophic but exceeded over what is done today, especially when we see a Korg Kronos or SV1. Wind instruments on them are alot more successful. For additional downloadable and acoustic sonorities, they are just bluffing and one understands why these banks there were proposed following ... to rectify the situation! Kits for bateries there than in any workstation ... even if Kit Neo Soul or Soul missing.

Then comes the heavy heavy at all electros sounds (PADS, LEAD SYNTH ....) is the reason I am melting today. Sounds may beings as metallic, cold, cristalins but also profound, powerful, round, short grass ... I who had a very good Yamaha Motif, Korg Trinity, M50, R3, MOOG ... I have the seem to have it all together in one bike ... and it is not finished with 4 pots and its subcategories modeling is so easy a bit like a R3 ... What strikes recess is this different side in the sounds and beans sounds which gives inspiration and the desire to spend time tweaking Sample Types ... maybe more than other bikes Korg, Yamaha sound directly so that makes a bit lazy in publishing.

It is also possbile sampler. Finally connected to a PC it is possible to import sounds, convert them to the fusion and magic ... we can therefore personnalier at will. In any case when you have no budget for MOOG, PROPHET, JUPITER OR VIRUS ... or want to stack the bikes ... the merger proves to be a good compromise ...


Because in the end ... this bike is more of a synth or an unfinished Workstation, call fusion as you want, I've found its use in addition to a Korg Triton EXTREME 88.
What is certain is that it is not intended for beginners in the world of workstation. it makes me think a little about Linux versus PC or MAC ... it's off track guys! ... but malgrès all these defects (sequencer, OS, loading sounds, fragile ...) related to misjudgment specifications designers ... those who have a fusion guard and even if he did not do well commercially, it is very hard to find in Cygnus ... it may be that something special this little guy is not what we want or we are looking for in the end? ... anyway all those who have had or have a Fusion say the same thing ... "I feel different with this bike" and it goes to the sounds of the desing. Anyway for the price it costs today ... it is given as this machine is well known, underestimated, listed under ... and perhaps ultimately to the delight of those who has one.

neomad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
The keyboard is pleasant (I like Fatar). A well stocked level of controllers: four pots, a jog wheel, 2 button sw, 4 struts Sups. Modulation and pitchbend retro flash! Moog type bomb.
2 audio in + 8 audio sampler for multitrack recording in.
2 + 2 audio out to audio
Sounds: as you want! 80 GB hard disc!
Sequencer: I do not like the. Lineal only, but not the top.


Difficult to begin with, but after a while, a poem ... possibilities are simply enormous, infinite. 4 types of synthesis ...
Against, the manual sucks!


Sounds, just the sound ... superb. The effects are not bad (although Alesis). The expressive keyboard (velocity, aftertouch, etc.)..


 I have used it for 2 years... and I am seeking a 2nd cheap!
The possibility of the beast!
Unbeatable value for price (must pick an Oasys!)

Cripur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
The keyboard is trs enjoyable, flexible and superbly rpondant the game is THE FIRST thing that struck me by putting his hands on it. Playing the piano is a real pleasure.
It has 4 large knobs that allow endless change during his performance the filter (cut-off, rsonnance ,..), the equalizer, the arpgiateur (tempo, note duration, etc. ...) and 4 paramtres dfinissables freely. In short, it's like having 16 knobs door hand. Moreover, as they are ProMinent, the maneuver is reached with your fingertips while keeping an agreement.
The pitch bend and modulation of light and change light intensity according to their value. This gadget can do, but if we play in the pnombre is very practical. I see these prfr wheels on the left of the keyboard to be easier ACCS.
The buttons are a bit plastic, it's true, but they do not look fragile. The knobs are trs Prominent, prompting caution in transporting the instrument.
3 pedals can be connected.


The abundance of features that at first turned the synth a little gas plant. When first switched on, I'm stuck on a message asking me to enter the date and time, until I m'aperoive ct that each of the notch are button.
Discoveries of the possibility of the merger is not it. We first sailed easily into the program mode from the sounds.
Mode "Mix" is tame quickly, since it is the true mode of performance, with the possibility to assign the keyboard instruments simultanment 16 in layer or split zones dfinissables freely. No need to proccuper of polyphony which is standard!
The ergonomics of the operating system is not so horrible that we have read. Navigation through the menus is easy. ACCS was quickly synthse, effects, etc ... With one click we create a mix or a song.
The manual is not great. This is not the fact that it is in English which I ESG, but the fact that he is satisfied with the numrer DIFFERENT DIFFERENT paramtres in menus that can be change. Little or no examples, no effort of learning. If the manual is sufficient for handling functions Elementals, to go further it must go through the tutorials (in English or translated nicely Deweak). If you are like me your in synthse beginners, I recommend the excellent tutorial on synthse VA.


THE FIRST thing to do is sitt gear dballe Hollowsun load sounds from the Alesis website, as well as 18 freepacks gratuitemement available on the site hollowsun.
We then have a large mass of sound.
The piano sounds are good trs, much more expressive than my arranger. There is also a wide range of organs and guitars. There are trs good acoustic sound, some are excellent same (the flutes are gorgeous) and I agree compltement. I deprecated nanmoins buying a Fusion for a musician wanting to use only classical sounds. It is not the purpose of this instrument.
Electronic sounds are extremely many, a wide range of basses, leads, and ground effects. Hollowsun with banks, the catalog is endless. Found with surprise the samples of legendary synths, including Vangelis CS-80, the eminence of Jarre, many sounds "Moog". Hollowsun banks are fabulous, the samples of synths trs expressive enchant crateurs electronic music.
The four modules synthse (VA, FM, physical modlisation, besides the well sampling sr) DCID me for this instrument which is anything but a simple reader sample. They are not to the course list SPECIFICATIONS. For example, synthse modlisation analog oscilloscope offers 3, 8 LFOs, envelopes 8. Among the presets are many of trs sound from the engine's internal synthse Fusion, including great analog sounds that are among my prfrs.
Regarding synthse, the modulation matrix is ​​powerful and trs suggests infinite hung Creations.
The sound palette is so broad and a professional quality if we find something to call without entering the programming. Although sr, we can easily rcuprer samples on the net or via the sampler is Intgr aisment affordable. It's easy as plugging in two Jacks Cables entries Fusion, and crushing sounds of other instruments.


I use this synth for a month now, and I still discovering many things.
I was looking for a synthtiseur complter my Yamaha arranger, with a small Bugdet (maximum 800 euros). I m'tais First-oriented analog synths modlisation as the Roland SH-201 or the Alesis Ion. In fact, it was by chance I saw on the price of MusicStore Fusion and I struggled to believe given the impressive list of features.
I could see in stores on Roland Juno-G or Yamaha TR-61, but impossible to buy much less for more.

I really like:
- Play the keyboard
- Electronic sounds excellent
- The standard hard drive (80 gigabytes!)
- Easy import USB
- Synthse modules not found on other workstations
- The sampler intgrbr /> - the fact that there is no need to buy optional cards coteuses supplmentaires
- The community trs active, both on Audiofanzine international forums.

What I like least:
- The design that does not do it homage, but if we end up doing and find it beautiful, especially all lit in the obscuritbr /> - no vocoder / between micro that would have made a workstation really complte
- A bug that sometimes locks the instrument when I browse the catgories mixes and makes me a reboot.
- The fact of being obliged to go through the net to buy, despite the refund or exchange within 30 days and 3 years warranty

If there was no bug finally bit the teacher, I would be totally conquered. With the Fusion, it's like having multiple instruments in a runis. At the ridiculous price, 780, which I bought new, it's an opportune inoue! For a musician with a tightened Bugdet is an incredible opportunity to acqurir MRIT an instrument that all the superlatives. A small vritable Oasys!
The only default is the price of Fusion! It is almost too expensive! Take the Fusion, sell it under a Japanese brand three times its price, and he would have been a huge success. My opinion is that the Fusion as the only workstation Alesis sale, the designers have put the package without proccuper to price ranges as do the Korg, Yamaha and other Roland. That's how you get a vritable powerhouse.
Obviously this choice I would do! I never found as well, putting even more expensive. I am proud to possder an Alesis synth because I feel of being "DIFFERENT" from other musicians in the world format Korg-Yamaha-Roland of the workstation.
I would have never discovered the Fusion without Audiofanzine. Thank you.

Maxidingue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
Synth-style keyboard but touch the piano, my excellent taste
Pitch + modulation (light type Alesis, fun) + rel time modulation matrix with 4 assignable knobs)
ULTRA complete description see connection
Tons of ditables sounds, presets not great amount of inhabitants, but in patches gratos hollowsun high qualitbr /> Connection USB to PC (or Mac?)
MEGA polyphony, 128 channels depends on the type of synthse


Setup was pretty simple when you understand the concept
Edit fairly sharp but a lot of menus
GROS very didactic manual


Factory presets enough guys, very American. Fortunately there are the banks Hollowsun
PAD grandiose and webs, low fat goods, lead acid well. I do not like the sounds of guitar or equivallent
Big effect section made in Alesis (they know what it returns ....)


I use it for 3 months. I'm beginning to master.
I love the concept of "MIX" which allows overlay layer and create split and multi timbral config VERY easily
Report quality staggering prices

I without hesitation Rasht

strangenono's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
-Dja ennonces repeatedly
-No editor pc
Full-polyphony, enough for all
-Sounds for all styles


-Edition sounds simple (for a synth without knobs) with menus and submenus but pnible times less than on some new machines.
-VA and the sampling are easily sufficient for the closure of the samples (that is always the hardest). It lacks a good editor pc, that would be the best!
-FM is a little more complicated from a SY77, terminology from Alesis' s nothing to do with a dx or sy is a bit shocking but hey there are so many possibilities.
The m-manual has not yet been used but it is the size of Botin, terrifying ... s will have to bring it to the part sequencer and mixer as there are mysterious zones or the arpegiatteur seems to trigger phrases .. .


The sounds are great even without effects. It's going to the acoustic sounds romantic in East via the electro or rock. The presets are many trs (see over) and the beautiful banks of hollow sun bring more indniable. This synth can do anything, the FM will provide cold and metallic timbres, the VA will delight the lover of old school sounds and sampling that will sound an infinite possibilities ... The pads are superb (and much more playable than just the newts to be sunny), pianos and EP trs are good, the bass, but even small BMOL for brass few and unconvincing APRS ... you have the sampler To overcome this and also it is a hard Dique! Ended the era and we had to charge the bank for the floppy drive or hard drive scsi, everything loads at startup, we can do without laptop live!


I have recently but it is almost already tamed and loved it! I like the small tps not loading for some sounds but ca s' stop there. Amazing that such a machine is not very popular, yet it is as much that a Korg Oasys and costs 7x cheaper! Previously I tried the Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif and Oasys but that is expensive for what that is. It is better and it is amricain that ask for?!

julien75014's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
See below


See below

But: the edition is slightly complex. Missing buttons ...

Navigation is sometimes long (there bcp sounds and they are pre-load in the browser, it takes qques 10th of a second)

The two manuals (one large and one simplified st in French



Banks are gniales Hollow sun gratos. Not everything on the site alesis. Must also go to the site hollow sun.


He qques weaknesses, but the report qualitprix deserves a 10.

Deweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Fusion 6HD
- What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves?
5 octave, touch, high-quality synthetic

- What controllers (pitch, modulation, sustain ...)?
The pitch bend and modulation are backlit in blue :-)
Three pedals: Sustain, switch, controller

- What connection (Audio, MIDI, Pedal ...)?
Outputs: two symmetrical pairs jacks, an ADAT port, an S / PDIF coaxial
Input: a pair of jacks with adjustable gain symmetrical for sampling, plus 8 other jacks for multi-system (individually adjustable gain menu)

- How many sounds, effects? What styles? Are they edited?
Not bad effects of good quality, an unlimited number of sounds as it is stored on the hard disk. The edition is very comprehensive.

- Via a utility Mac / PC?
Free software (FusionConvertor) to retrieve samples in Akai format, Wave, AIFF, soundfont. But there is no editor software.

- What is polyphony? ...
Varies according to the synthesis engine used: 272 votes for an oscillator sampling (there may be 4 by sound), FM 240 votes, 140 votes in VA, 60 and 48 votes for the two physical models.

I do not put that 9 because there is no digital input or microphone input, which would have really made the Fusion independently.


- The general configuration is it simple?
The PC hard disk is formatted, it is accessible from a computer when the USB cable is plugged Fusion.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
The feature tree is logical and sound. This machine is really designed as a PC, learning is quick.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
It allows to side, nothing more. We are far from what Roland offers. Here no such practical functions are covered, but not really explained. Fortunately, tutorials are available on the Alesis site. on the other hand they could be included in the base package of the synth.

9 / 10 because of the general manual


- The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?
Absolutely! 4 types of synthesis are not there for show: each has its own characteristics. The Fusion is a true chameleon of sound.

- Are they realistic?
May be less than the competition, but realistic or not, the bottom line is they sound!

- The effects are they effective and responsive?
There's something for everyone: amp simulators, slicer, tithe, leslie ... Good quality overall. The reverbs are excellent.

- The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch to)?
This is the best keyboard 61 keys that I have now. The velocity sensitivity is very good (and widely configurable). The aftertouch requires significant pressure, which makes it less accurate than on my Z1, for example. I have the impression of an "on / off" but usually I am doing that myself.

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate ...?
Genesis fan, I was delighted to find in banks Hollow Sun sounds Emulator II, Mellotron and other vintage keyboards :-) The "Holy Grail Piano" is nice, but I find that my Kurzweil sounds a bit better. I have not tested on stage or in a mix, maybe it will become clearer.

[edit] In a discussion with the creator of the Hollow Sun banks, it told me he was big fan of Genesis in the early (and he even made the backline to install keyboards Tony Banks on stage). This confirms my impressions :-)

Overall the Fusion has excellent sound, not always realistic but decidedly pro. I did not find any rotten sound, everything seems exploitable. Banks Hollow Sun are really a plus, sound equipment available is super wide (there was even a collection of samples of dictation Magic ...).

And with the sampler and the import of bran is not limited by a fixed ROM or expansion cards at exorbitant price (is not it Mr R. ..)


- How long have you use it?
48 hours of happiness :-) I made several times around all the sounds and trying to explore all the menus and functions. I still work two days but I opened the manual once.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
At the very least, I would say the dial and knobs. They work well but seem fragile, especially in regard to the dial (which is always asked during editing).

For the most difficult to make a choice :-) I like the format very compact (less than a meter long, 13kgs for a very complete machine). I love the concept of multi-synthesis synth / sampler / sequencer and audio recorder AFTERNOON. I like the feel of the keyboard, which reminds me of WSA1: flexible, precise. It allows a very fast paced and does not reveal tiring.

Above all, I like the sound of this synth! There are no metal side and no breath sounds may be hot or crystal, the dynamics are very good, the range covered is very broad.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Voui :-) I have at home several synths (Korg Wavestation EX and Z1, Roland JD-990, Juno-2, MC-505 and DJ-70, Kurzweil PC1x) and I owned in the past one-JD 800 and a Technics WSA-1.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
Unbeatable. For 1130 euros including shipping, this synth will allow me to leave the stage quietly, leaving three keyboards at home. Before I decided to take a workstation, my config was scenic, two keyboards, a VR-800 for my audio + 01v sequences for premix / keyboards. The Fusion can replace all these devices, while taking in the trunk of my car with a small amp!

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
I wonder why I had not thought of before! 13kg and 90cm for a complete and compact config live, what more? I do not know if currently there is a machine that can compete with the Fusion.