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Zoom MRS user reviews

  • Zoom MRS-1608

    Zoom MRS-1608 - "Zoom MRS1608"


    I'm a UK guitarist of many years standing :) I write, play and sing. My last band was a left leaning folk rock band called Tricks Upon Travellers. Recorded 4 CDs and always got good critical reviews but no financial success. Highpoint was a Glastonbu…

  • Zoom MRS-802CD

    Zoom MRS-802CD - "Zoom MRS-802BCD"


    I got the Zoom MRS-802BCD on ebay for $500(us) but it normally goes for $700(us) if you have the CD burner in it and $550(us) without the burner. I got it because I wanted to have a way to record my band and to record songs that I came up with. I w…

  • Zoom MRS-4



    I acquired this unit one year and a half ago in a music store in Mexico city, where I live. It was new, and as I can remember, I paid around $290 dolars for it. The reason to buy the MRS-4 was that by that time I was recording my music in an Onkyo mi…

  • Zoom MRS-1044CD

    Zoom MRS-1044CD - "Zoom 1044CD"


    I purchased this unit on an online auction. With shipping it came to $628.00. I use it to record my own music, and to use as a back up for my guitar. I play at nursing homes for free, and I am limited to funds, and this was absolutely perfect. I …

  • Zoom MRS-1266 CD

    Zoom MRS-1266 CD - "Zoom MRS 1266 HDD/CD"


    I bought my unit new from the Music Station in Inverness, I paid £600.00 for it and must admit I was a bit scheptical at first when you consider that an equivilent Yamaha unit is closer to 3K, anyway I took it home, read the book and within a few …

  • Zoom MRS-1266

    Zoom MRS-1266 - "Zoom MRS-1266"


    Bought this at Tony's Music Box in Fredericton Everything - finally a one-stop shop for all your recording needs and the ability to burn the project straight to CD from the same unit! n/a Have not opened it up. Buy one today! This review was ori…

  • Zoom MRS-1266 CD

    Zoom MRS-1266 CD - "Zoom MRS 1266CD"


    Purchased over the new, new, for 950.00 The features are a great idea. 1) Simple to use. 2) The idea of many multiple effects and REMS 3) In unit CDR 1) Very Poor sound quality in the end product. Final sound is weak, brittle and the reason tha…

  • Zoom MRS-4

    Zoom MRS-4 - "Zoom MRS-4 Digital Recorder"


    I bought my Zoom MRS-4, Digital Recorder at Mars Music(bankrupt now) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I can make 4 track recordings all in digital and then burn them to CD, without changing the format. I never have to go back to analog again! I can make profes…

  • Zoom MRS-1266 CD

    Zoom MRS-1266 CD - "Zoom MRS-1266 CD"


    I purchased this unit from Music 123. I have been looking for a multi-track recorder for a while and have compaire features from other manufacturers. This unit had more features in the price range being equal. Paid 950.00 The MRS-1266 CD is very eas…

  • Zoom MRS-802CD

    Zoom MRS-802CD - "Zoom MRS-802CD"


    Paid: $699.99 I bought the MRS-802cd at my local Sam Ash store. I was stepping up from the Zoom MRS-4(great unit for the $). I was looking for more storage, more tracks, and the CD burning ability. I enjoy writing music and want an easy means o…