Zoom MRS-802CD
Zoom MRS-802CD

MRS-802CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

MGR/Danny Linden 12/03/2004

Zoom MRS-802CD : MGR/Danny Linden's user review

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I got the Zoom MRS-802BCD on ebay for $500(us) but it normally goes for $700(us) if you have the CD burner in it and $550(us) without the burner. I got it because I wanted to have a way to record my band and to record songs that I came up with. I wanted the CD burner in it so i didnt have to take it to the computor to get a cd, I can do it all in my room.

What I like about this unit is the manual because it walks you throught everything that you are trying to do and is pictures of what it should look like. The recording itself sounds great. I had no idea what it was going to sound like when I got it and I was very haappy with the end result.

The system is very easy to use. I was able to have a whole song finished in 1 hour. I never once read the manual. It is very self-explanatory.

The guitar effects on the consol are ok. I have a Zoom effects pedal board so i do not use the effects that much.

That drums on the recorder are some-what realistic. They have over 250 pattersn and over 250 fills for those patters.

I can't say there is anything I dont like about the MRS-802BCD. Its great!

The bottom is a metal plate and the top is hard plastic. Its seems very sturdy and strong. Its heavy so it doesent move if someone bumps it.

I would recomend this recorder to anyone looking to buy a digital recording device. Im 15 and play in a band with 3 other guys and have no problems whit it. It is great for the solo artest or a whole band. Buy one today!!!

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