Zoom MRS-802CD
Zoom MRS-802CD

MRS-802CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

MGR/Anonymous 06/08/2003

Zoom MRS-802CD : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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Paid: $699.99

I bought the MRS-802cd at my local Sam Ash store. I was stepping up from the Zoom MRS-4(great unit for the $). I was looking for more storage, more tracks, and the CD burning ability. I enjoy writing music and want an easy means of demoing music.

I have got everything I was looking for. In my first weekend I was able to, record a 7 track + 1 str Drum track song, perform multiple mixdowns, compare them, and burn the one I liked best to a CD that sounds a 1000x better than my expectations. I found the preamps & effects (for guitar, vocal, keyboard & bass, as well as mixdown mastering) portion of the unit to ample and easily customized to get a sound I was more than happy with. I didn't buy this because of the effects (I have the Boss ME-33 and a couple Boss stomp boxes), but it is definitly a big bonus. I find Zooms interface very logical and easy to use (which is good because I didn't like the manual). I was totally thrilled with the quailty of the first CD I made. Everyone I played it for asked if it was done in a studio, (some had done studio recording before). Anyway, I feel it was worth every penny, and would replace it in a heartbeat if anything happened to it. Knock wood.

The manual. Could have had more info. Like how to turn on the pre-count.

The Bass simulator is weak, doesn't matter though if you have a real one.

I wouldn't move it around to much. The MRS-4 I had did a little traveling and held up, but I didn't pay $700 for it. I you don't drop it or hit it with a hammer it should hold up.

Great unit, would recommend to anyone.

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