Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

MGR/Jaime Garc 08/10/2004

Zoom MRS-4 : MGR/Jaime Garc's user review


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I acquired this unit one year and a half ago in a music store in Mexico city, where I live. It was new, and as I can remember, I paid around $290 dolars for it. The reason to buy the MRS-4 was that by that time I was recording my music in an Onkyo mini disc recorder, but this has only a stereo inputs, and I want to record my music with the posibilities to use multitracking.

The MRS-4 is a very versatile multitrack recorder, I use it in my home studio. I'm an instrumental music composer (I play keyboards, electric guitar and drum machine) and the MRS-4 is and small but powerful tool to develop my ideas, It let me do a basic track and use more tracks or V takes to complement the main idea. The MRS-4 is very well constructed, very friendly with the user (I spent one hour reading the manual, and after I start experimenting with the recording and editing functions) and since I had this recording machine, my demos and pieces are much better done. Also I must say that the sound quality is great.

Well, maybe there is nothing that I don't like about this unit. Probably the only limitation that I find is the smart media card capacity, but I generally buy the 64 or 128, so I have enough time to put 3 or 4 songs in each card. Also, I got a free-software in the ZOOM official page, I install it in my computer and this software let me save my compositions in my PC, so I can clean the card after storing it, and use it again and again.

Zoom always has very high quality products at affordable prices in the market. That's the reason by wich the amateurs, half-time professionals and full-time professionals musicians use these products, I hope.
The construction, performance and materials-resistance of the MRS-4 is ok, you can use it in practically every enviroment (home studio, bed room, traveling and even in a live performance, as a direct take from the sound desk.

In my opinion the MRS-4 is a very nice unit, that has a great cost-value relationship, you get a very useful recorder with high resources and without expend a lot of money. In my case, the MRS-4 let me improve my recording process, transforming my musical ideas in a more professional and high quality demos and pieces. I'm glad that I've had acquired this multitrack recorder. I highly recommended it to the musicians.

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