Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom MRS-4

MGR/Jaime Garc08/10/2004


Zoom MRS-4
I acquired this unit one year and a half ago in a music store in Mexico city, where I live. It was new, and as I can remember, I paid around $290 dolars for it. The reason to buy the MRS-4 was that by that time I was recording my music in an Onkyo mini disc recorder, but this has only a stereo inputs, and I want to record my music with the posibilities to use multitracking.

The MRS-4 is a very versatile multitrack recorder, I use it in my home studio. I'm an instrumental music composer (I play keyboards, electric guitar and drum machine) and the MRS-4 is and small but powerful tool to develop my ideas, It let me do a basic track and use more tracks or V takes to complement the main idea. The MRS-4 is very well constructed, very friendly with the user (I spent one hour reading the manual, and after I start experimenting with the recording and editing functions) and since I had this recording machine, my demos and pieces are much better done. Also I must say that the sound quality is great.

Well, maybe there is nothing that I don't like about this unit. Probably the only limitation that I find is the smart media card capacity, but I generally buy the 64 or 128, so I have enough time to put 3 or 4 songs in each card. Also, I got a free-software in the ZOOM official page, I install it in my computer and this software let me save my compositions in my PC, so I can clean the card after storing it, and use it again and again.

Zoom always has very high quality products at affordable prices in the market. That's the reason by wich the amateurs, half-time professionals and full-time professionals musicians use these products, I hope.
The construction, performance and materials-resistance of the MRS-4 is ok, you can use it in practically every enviroment (home studio, bed room, traveling and even in a live performance, as a direct take from the sound desk.

In my opinion the MRS-4 is a very nice unit, that has a great cost-value relationship, you get a very useful recorder with high resources and without expend a lot of money. In my case, the MRS-4 let me improve my recording process, transforming my musical ideas in a more professional and high quality demos and pieces. I'm glad that I've had acquired this multitrack recorder. I highly recommended it to the musicians.

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MGR/Ron Leddie12/09/2003

MGR/Ron Leddie's review"Zoom MRS-4 Digital Recorder"

Zoom MRS-4
I bought my Zoom MRS-4, Digital Recorder at Mars Music(bankrupt now) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I can make 4 track recordings all in digital and then burn them to CD, without changing the format. I never have to go back to analog again! I can make professional, studio quality demos right at home, and it only cost $200.00

There is nothing that I don't like about my Zoom MRS-4, Digital Recorder.

The unit is made out of a high grade unbreakable casting (not plastic). It can really take a beating and its performance is not affected by the wheather, the cold of winter, nor the heat of summer, especially here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's fantastic!

I reccomend this product to anyone who is in the market for a home based recording studio, it even has added sound effects that can be applied during mix down. It comes complete with a range of effects for vocals as well as instruments. There are four channels for instrument input, two RCA. jackets for output and a headphone jack. This unit is great, it even lets you make "V takes" (sample tracks) that can be mastered into the finished product, or they can be phased out altogther, if a retake is necessary.

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MGR/Rudo Oude Veldhuis01/12/2003

MGR/Rudo Oude Veldhuis's review"Zoom MRS 4"

Zoom MRS-4
I purchased my ZOOM MRS4 recorder in December 2002 in Germany at https://www.musik-produktiv.de for 299 Euros. I have made midi recordings on my keyboard but I missed playing with real instruments. Now I use midi recordings (piano, bass, drums, organ) together with real guitar. Sounds real good.

The unit is verry easy to use. The sound quality is a little bit under CD quality (32 kHz instead of 44 kHz) but I cannot hear the difference. The unit has some good effects on board. The reverb is excellent, there are good equalize possibilities (parametric and linear) and there are effects for mixdown to give extra dimension to the sound. It is possible to cut, copy and paste with recorded tracks from any place to any place. Also with the back up files from your recording on your computer you can copy and paste and change the filenames of the tracks to move them to other tracks.

Every track has eight virtual tracks.
If four tracks have been recorded you can make a mixdown on 2 virtual tracks. In that way you can free 2 tracks for more recording.

The files can be copied to a PC with a SmartMedia Card reader. Yoo have to but that seperately. The software con be downloaded from the zoom website. It's very easy to back-up and restore your recordings and convert the files to wav with this software.

The 32Mb Smartmedia card that is in the package is too limited in time. If you have recorded 4 tracks for a 3.5 minute song (4 x 3.5 minutes = 14 minutes) in HiFi mode you have only 3 minutes left. Not enough to make a stereo mixdown (you would need 2 x 3.5 minutes). So a 128 Mb card is the best option.

Construction is made from plastic, but if you treat the unit in a normal way there should not be any problem. Buttons work fine.

Sound quality superb! Very easy to use. In no time you can make a verry good recording that sounds professional.

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MGR/Hobz Thompson01/06/2003

MGR/Hobz Thompson's review"Zoom MRS-4"

Zoom MRS-4
I ordred it from my music teacher, in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, to record my songs that I write. I paid $518.85, Canadian.

I really like the ease of use. It's quick, fun, and laid out logically. The quality is fine for the most part. The two inputs are great. I just recently figured out the routing (for signal splitting and stereo sound). The effects seem fine to me. It has a nice chorus and cad simulation. the level display is great. Very easy to read and accurate. The faders are quiet, the bounce function is super quick and easy, and it retains the origional sound quite well.

The worst thing, would have to be that darn RECFULL sign! Not enough space! I record almost primarily on low quality, wich sounds fine (and for some styles, sounds even better than high quality), but I still run out on a regular basis. The good news, though, is that you can always invest in a bigger smartmedia card($120 canadian will get you 120 megs, the supplied card has 34, and does 17 min hi-fi, and I think 33 min long). I guess you need a good CD burner, or cassette recorder. I think an MD would work best. There were a couple little glitches in some parts, excess noise and what have you, but it's usually only on one track.

As with most zoom units, the construction was a bit brittle. I made a case to carry the thing in. The input level pots were noisy after a while, but the faders were fine. Just have to be a bit careful, that's all.

Overall, it is a very good machine. A great replacement for the traditional 4-track, and it's expandable. It would be good for the dudes who sit in there rooms rocking out wiht thier own tunes, looking to make a demo or somehting, just like me!

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MGR/Ricky(Rick Dawg)01/06/2003

MGR/Ricky(Rick Dawg)'s review"Zoom MRS-4"

Zoom MRS-4
I got for a X-mas present from my parents. They bought it from Fox Music around 400-600 dollars.

It has a clean sound when recording. You can dubb solos and stuff over a track you have already recorded. It has two inputs. A good amout of effects on it. Comes with a 15 song holder memory called. Can hook it up to basically anything: stereo, cd burner, midi, headphones. It can run off of 4 batteries.

Hard to use and understand at first. Only has four tracks(of course you could pay more for a 12 track one).

Has very good quality. Constructed out of strong plastic, which acts like metal. Doesn't have a cd burner built in it.

Good tool to have if you are just starting to record or aren't too serious about it yet.

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MGR/Bretzy's review"Zoom MRS-4"

Zoom MRS-4
I was looking for some way to note down the mass of ideas that I constantly seem to come up with and then instantly forget.
This search lead me to the range of digital mini-studios currently available.
Not being the most wealthy musician around, I opted for the cheapest digital 4 track around - the Zoom MRS-4. I paid £220 and bought it in London.

This unit is so simple to operate, my Grandad could do it. Switch it on and within minutes you can be making decent recordings.
It's small (but not so small that you need tweezers to operate the thing!) and uncluttered.
It links via midi to my drum machine, so I don't need to use up a track recording drums (and you can re-work the drums after you have recorded the other parts).
Sound quality is excellent for the price.

32MB smartmedia card supplied is not big enough to do much at all.
Display is a little limiting - they could have made this an LCD and easier to read.
The in-built effects are ok, but not great. they are enough for noting ideas though - which is what I bought the unit for. You really need a seperate guitar FX.
One small point too - Although my drum machine is a Zoom unit too (123), it doesn't sync perfectly, if you stop the track half way through and then re-start it, the drum machine starts from the beginning of the drum song. You are better off recording using the in-built metronome and then adding the drums after.

Plastic but fairly solid. Zoom units always feel a little flimsy. Don't stand on it and you'll be ok.

Excellent value for money and if you already own Guitar FX and a drum machine, there is no point buying the Boss BR-532 as the inclusion of these is the only thing the Boss unit has over the Zoom MRS-4. Save yourself the money.

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Fieu59's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Useful today?"

Zoom MRS-4
Everything has already been said


Read the manual to become familiar with the device.


Everything has already been said


I do not go over the features, everything has already been said.
Is what I kind of device is still useful now with ordis, sequencers etc ...? Well I would say yes.
Price level, they are found to € 30-50 (whatever the brand). It allows to register without much cost to start and later or pass on PC / Mac or on more expensive recorders.
It also helps to learn the basics of mixing, we can walk everywhere (eg on vacation.).
So for the beginner who wants to record music to judge its progress, to try the composition, I think it's perfect.
I would need to ensure to find a device provided with one or more cards and preferably 128MB (allows 2 hours of maximum records in degraded mode, which I think is not that bad), because the problem is that the card format used is no longer used and are rather expensive occasion.

SlapKid's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Convenient format but spcial"

Zoom MRS-4
I use the gear for 8 years, irrgulirement like guitar interface (via simple pedals)-headphone.
The onboard effects are very useful to me (clean guitar amp simulation, 2-band EQ, reverb and delay) for my use.
The headphone output here must, I can use my akg k240df (2x600 ohms!) Without problem.

No moving pieces therefore totally silent, great.

I enter in stereo (via Rocktron Tsunami), and if necessary I can record but I'm using it in principle as for the mixer. Not


is not simple, full-function button for I never know what I'm doing exactly. Fortunately the machine memorize options on the card so I just use my two parameters set and basta. Phew.

Track by track, basically, and it's not too stops as nickel to work. The mtronome is very useful, I have not used the MIDI to control a drumbox etc..

For volume-pan-eq-efx snd it's simple to save picco bello buy something else.
I had the micro br, which I find absolutely pouvantable, I keep MRS4!


Once again going to work was great, and as a headphone amp I can find nada rouspter.
The few recordings made with me by Fidler tonn of restitution, whether electric guitar, bass, or electroacoustic.

I find it very very unfortunate that the vehicle is not equipped with one or two microphones intgrs, not only did almost nothing cost more but would have to CUPL the cot practice.

Finally ... Always a useful


PERIOD or another, and so I guess inrevendable care!

To use what is registered you must either make a stereo mix to an external recorder, malpratique or convert to wav on the computer (via card reader smartmedia). Then convert to mp3 most cases, not so bad opration.

on the other hand if it was the guitar track of the century can then import it to Cubase and company, you see if it is plausible eh ...

Reliability issue, Algeria and not difficult for food, not as jerky as little machine. Especially for its era, a time computer must match the stone age ...

Repeat this choice I do not know too much, as headphone guitar amp so I think. Recorders numriques I had in me not ready more convinced that I must say this lens. Perhaps the computer that will be the solution (netbook quiet, who knows ?)...

goka's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Better than a dictaphone"

Zoom MRS-4
see above
in any case quite a possibility level connectivity, input and output
eg: ability to record two tracks simultaneously use


still quite grown, it must spend a minimum of time on manual but the basic functions are quickly assimilated and are somehow more interesting: recording tracks / trails and zor


I said, registration and shoo! that's all, the dynamics are good, sound is good but not with such a machine that will work the sound effects are useless ...


Almost 10 years waaooo ca dates me!, Bought new for almost 300euros today, I would do this choice because I largely pays for itself
AC at the time was intended as a concentrate of technology (to paraphrase the pub) but did not count as it evolves extremely quickly and that the needs of consumers who understand that sometimes nothing is better than most
say that to make a demo even base it will be a feat to make something sound with any computer and log base ..
cons by the machine can be very interesting trip recorder as not to lose his teeming musical ideas!
thin I just realized that I said almost the same thing qu'éric65, j'post okay anyway!
eric 6511/30/2006

eric 65's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom MRS-4
- 2 line spacing for recording.
- 2 Input-to to connect a CD player for example.
- 2 output data lines.
- An evening out.
- 1 x headset.
- 1 multi-effects Intgr.
In short, at least for beginners or use quickly.


Operation is simple and intuitive but ncessaire to read the manual to understand all the little tricks of the craft.


I find her okay. That said, given the price of the machine, do not ask him too. The multi-effect is used if there is no other place themselves under the hand. I regret that there is no distortion, which I think would be advantageously replaced limiters. In fact, I think it's a tool plutt fate or bassists, guitarists nomads.


I used this device as notepad to record my ides of t during the holidays and I find it fulfills what rle trs. A beginners there's something to learn about the recording. However, as I said above, I regret the absence of distortion that would have made MRS4 a real Swiss Army knife for the trip.
Everything must be of the same report that reconnatre quality-price trs good because it allows all of the same make DMOS honntes. I would do gladly that choice if I went on vacation more often because, since last August, he stayed in his box .....