Zoom MRS-1266 CD
Zoom MRS-1266 CD

MRS-1266 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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MGR/Michael Sturrock 01/25/2004

Zoom MRS-1266 CD : MGR/Michael Sturrock's user review

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I bought my unit new from the Music Station
in Inverness, I paid £600.00 for it and must admit I was a bit scheptical at first
when you consider that an equivilent Yamaha
unit is closer to 3K, anyway I took it home, read the book and within a few hours I had produced, mixed and recorded to CD a
pretty impressive recording ,I am absolutely delighted with the machine ,its everything and more for my requirements.

its build quality ,ease of use ,recorded sound quality and mostly the price!!!!!

could do with an external monitor facility, but for the price i paid
I can live with an LCD.

Nicely finished, nice colour and solid

I am glad I visited the Music Station that day as I managed to buy the last unit they
had in stock.

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