Zoom MRS-1266 CD
Zoom MRS-1266 CD

MRS-1266 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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MGR/Eric K 12/01/2003

Zoom MRS-1266 CD : MGR/Eric K's user review

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I purchased this unit from Music 123. I have been looking for a multi-track recorder for a while and have compaire features from other manufacturers. This unit had more features in the price range being equal. Paid 950.00

The MRS-1266 CD is very easy to use and is laied out in a very logical manor. The manuel is easy to follow and has a great result in the finished product

Cant really say that anything about this recorder that I dont like

The construction of this unit is very well done. It is very solid and all of the controls and buttons are easy to use and dont bind up. The unit is made of quility parts and is not a bunch of plastic that will break after minimal use

I am very satisfied with this unit and as other Zoom equipment that I own works as it should and does what it states it does and not just skims the surface. The 1266 for the price range is the best unit for the money with more features and effects and recording applications that outher units in the price range

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