Zoom MRS-1266 CD
Zoom MRS-1266 CD

MRS-1266 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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GOTCH 10/18/2003

Zoom MRS-1266 CD : GOTCH's user review


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6 analog inputs (with 2 XLR's) 2 with ability to enter or low Scratch Live
48v phantom power
MIDI input and output spdif
2 tracks recorded simultaneously with effects
6 recordable tracks simultaneously without adverse


Finish "plastic" -> to hang carefully if you want to keep it long
FX section: the classics; factory patches nice and configurable but lacks the "warmth"
Part Drum machine: bin .... it's a drum machine;) with bass line.


Sound quality is satisfactory to mock treated.


7 months of use;
the most: - 6 tracks recorded simultaneously (nickel for a sound to combine)
- Transport (carefully !....)
- Price ok without CD (900 € nine on a German site)

the least: - punch in / out not possible in six simultaneous tracks
- Fragile
- It's all in one step € 1000 -> effects and midi sounds not awesome

Personally, I used especially as a mixing desk before throwing on my PC. editing is possible on the machine but less simple than the computer.
It's not pro stuff but it can be a good complement to a PC without a sound card "multi inputs."