Novation Remote 25
Novation Remote 25

Remote 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Novation in the Remote series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 3 reviews33 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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alechat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Master keyboard versatile"

Novation Remote 25
Master keyboard very well designed. Ergonomics adapted configurations Daw
Transport controls, track, and control VSTI VST effects.
Comprehensive connectivity twelve o'clock.
Daw comprehensive remote control (used with Cubase SX3, Cubase 5)

using the touchpad for controls is definitely a plus ..


The touch is very good and the aftertouch is especially essential for effective control or hard synth VSTI

The configuration is very complete Remote intuitive but requires taking the time to set all midi controllers.


Used for 5 years, this keyboard meets the needs of most frequent use of a home studio.
Although the price was high at first, but it proved to be a great creative tool.
The +
Management and control tracks via the faders and control transportation
the touchpad to control midi synths and other VSTI.

Only concern Automap does not work with the remote in win 7 and limit certain controls.

The -
XP is not perfect but under Win7.

PS, I sell it because I do not have time to create or work sequences.

ipm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" novation good as the brand knew how to do before ..."

Novation Remote 25
master keyboard mid / usb standalone store up memories for managing my synths / rack / samplers without using a PC / mac

I do not use VST / software sequencers and other softwares to reason. (I work only hard for years and I do not really want to spend) so my opinion reflects HARDWARE use only.

connectivity huge twelve o'clock!
USB MIDI: Noon (3 midi out over USB)
PHYSICAL MIDI (real ports pm) 2 out + 1 thru (increasingly rare) and 1 in)

is more than full!
1 button on / off (practice)
2 footswitch inputs (switch + controller)
1 USB port

Excellent little master keyboard, it serves me for everything when I do not need extended range of action (ideal for my bass and rhythmic sequences to type out a few step sequencing) totally essential for playing with my filters racks (what about my ultra EMU, this little remote it actually drooling ...)


feel a little soft, not too bounce, but very pleasant to the touch. the keyboard is a bit noisy. (I think this is the same type of keyboard KS4) which frankly was not bad.

[ca however not worth my cyber ​​6 but this is the top, at least from my point of view]

manual is not bad, but I do not use it because the machine is very intuitive, its sub menus do not abound. Usually in 2-3 keys are assigned a button to anything (CC, NRPN, sysex ...)

selection of MIDI channels is easy, you can assign a channel for all the buttons and then specifically. routing ports noon is very easy and complete

I add that the ranges are flexible (eg 0-127 or -64 +64, ca does nothing but air is extremely important to control live racks.

it is small, exactly what I was looking for in my rather small space. the MMC controls are perfect, buttons, knobs, sliders are solid.

Overall, ca breathes good design and especially it is very readable. No need to think to change a parameter (cutoff, reso, adsr approx., lfo ..)


After a lot of testing, I wanted to move towards a remote SL 25 first name because I'm not a fan of the new materials used by innovation in recent years. color me out through the eyes.

the remote SL 25 I liked especially for its readability touble lcd giganteste, but readability is average.

Via an ad, I got a proposal for a remote 25 (non SL) and certainemnet is the best choice I could make for less than 90 euros.

Today, he flew through a dispatch noon, several expanders (03RW Korg, Novation KS rack, JV2080, a well stocked MC505 and 3 samplers.

I recall one button via a configuration suitable for each rack / sampler and without intervention from a computer. short, for my use it is simply top

themssl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A keyboard comprehensive"

Novation Remote 25
The presence of pots and faders


Pleasant to the touch, fully programmable, a bit complicated for my use.
The interface is certainly useful, but I hate small embedded computer!


Quality side, nothing to say, although I have no comparison ...
What I like most is that he has a great touch, and is compact.
What bothers me a little today, is the multitude of gadgets that I do not use (especially computers), and I admit that 25 is rated for a small main keyboard.

possible exchange against interest me more ^ ^

Thiazsch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25
the price and the number and variety of controllers.

midi + usb connector


touch is far from the semi-heavy but for a 2 octave range that is very nice, very sturdy + aftertouch!

manual very clear

no problem with the configuration

and very good accessibility for MIDI channels, program change and templates


I said 2003, it's about, I bought used, via AF also I think, I remember clearly against the price: 180 €!

1 knob had some problems when I got it, and since I broke a fader, but I must say that I lug around a little loose in my bag, however the format is perfect at this level there (I think I compared the dimensions with a newer model which would not fit precisely).

Before this I had an evolution (with a lot of octaves), for the price, a keyboard / controller very correct, but in comparison, both the quality of the keyboard like controller is just incomparable.

What I like about him is therefore:
- Its size: it comes in most suitcases, it is very compact (number of pots, encoders, faders, buttons, XY, ..)
- Build quality: the keyboard and touch controllers and is also dropped several times and I can say that I do not spare much, but still a loyal companion ^ ^

quality / price ratio totally excellent

with experience, I will have much if I could have purchased before

wyz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Novation Remote 25
The amount of control, presets, USB port.


The keyboard for me, but I'm not keyboardist, guitarist but for the use, that is almost perfect, it saves me significant time to control my DAW (Cubase 5), small flats, c ' are the system checks for a beginner to noon, I haven 't found the manual very explicit,
but ultimately, it allows for configurations at the top, and it has only two controls affect change presets without getting lost in the configuration.


I use it for a year, for my first control surface, that is tip top, I wanted a pro m audio axiom 49, but more expensive than the remote.
I blame this machine, that is its configuration when it starts much hassle for me, it was an obstacle course. That's the negative.
The good news, the buttons are of good quality, the touch controls are very nice. compactness, for my part is very convenient for the clutter on the workspace (for my part I put on the desk drawer for the keyboard under the computer, a small adjustment of the height of the it is that is nickel), for transportation, it lacks a cover, a small craft is being studied in my R & D center
And yes I would do this choice despite the galley at the beginning, this time was largely profitable both in terms of time money.
Virtual Decadence07/20/2005

Virtual Decadence's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25
Motivation for choice

- 8 encoders, 8 knobs, 8 sliders, 24 buttons.
- Price (euros 355 bought at the Apple Expo 2003)
- General for manufacturing quality
- Systm template
- Connection used: USB (but everything else is).
- It would be an adapter included AIM but ... (It works well with a standard adapter, otherwise I get good feed it with a USB card Cardbus / USB on my powerbook but not with the standard USB port amientation the mac).


- Keyboard super enjoyable (from a M-Audio is the day and night)
- Easy installation (USB)
- Simple configuration with Reason and Logic.
- Ergonomics gnrale at the top.
- Navigation between the templates easy.
- LCD back-light super convenient (depending on display presets with names in the clear).

With no surface CONTRL ddi I use mainly to control Logic (comprhension environmental ncessaire the template tlchargeable Logic is despicable, there is better ).
Excellent also with Reason and Live.

NOTE: The Remote 25 ncessite a small program that translates MIDI data to make it work with standalone instrument Native on Mac OS X. But it works well.

11/2004 EDIT: Advice for Logic users: try the remote with the software LC-Xmu ($ 38 online at the site of its publisher This mule a Logic Control (no it not your motorized fader opration by the simple mind) and it is a pure delight with the Remote 25. It changes your life from a hacking environment.
You have access to change your bank to use faders or encoders on all tranches, plugins ...

EDIT 26/05/05: Novation provides a software editor for Remote SERIES. trs well done, this life-changing piece of software for edit these templates. You win a lot of time and can dsormais archive on the computer Manir simpler than a management tool sysex.


I use it for a year. I like the ergonomics gnrale and navigation. The touch keyboard as well.
Before I had a variety of keyboard in the same genre, with a Radium 61 M-Audio, which seems to me fade depuisr (touch the keyboard and the faders are horrible, and then have it when non-volatile presets same practice).

Problem: the mini joystick for modulation / pitch has a spring that has dboit after one year. We had to open the bte to replace and he could see redfaire any time.

With exprience ... I would do this choice. Except when they have finally released a version 49 or 61 keys.
Or I will opt for the audio version but it existed in firewire and not USB (which can RVer).

Qualitprix excellent report that I saw the promo benefitted. Otherwise it is trs good retail price.

EDIT 26/05/05: Most recent internship pub Announces Bass Station (in plugin pasen hardware) comes with all the balls .. Remote for purchasing the two sparment that much :-) .. a is the blow even more now.

EDIT 20/07/2005: I wanted to sell to buy more but I can not help myself dfaire. So I go up the overall score. Especially with the last edition of software patch that makes life easier and the price that Whereas down.
Dr Driller10/15/2004

Dr Driller's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25
MIDI channel 16, each control in a config channel may have a DIFFERENT.
CONTRL for each choice between DIFFERENT type of controls ..

8 faders, 8 pottards endless pottards 8, 24 buttons, a touch screen, a pitch bend wheel and modulation, button stop / play / record / rew / ff ...

Ergonomics exellente: NBRS presets, record card to mark CONTRL, orders penss well.

USB connectivity and noon, USB power, mains or batteries.


Average keyboard but I've seen much worse, the faders seem not stable in the hand, and the endless pottards not enjoyable.

Simple, practical and ingnieuse.

>> Not need to read the manual: D


Making a little cheap.

thanks ergonomics well thought it really helps to keep control over bcp instruments, live for the endless pottards completly also switch between different mode of control with just the encoders and buttons are kept m My control over others.

It is installed at home, I think it will move, because it is good, despite a quality manufacturing probably related to the price offered for the possibilities: D

minimax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25
Small keyboard (a few more notes could have fit in the same format ...)
lots of buttons and knob
3 outputs (USB, midi1, midi2)
configurable desire between the outputs, MIDI channels, the types of messages ...


Keyboard a bit short ... (2 octaves is better than good but I still have ten fingers)
the rest ... super ok
instructions in French on the website (hopefully because I knew nothing noon)
all buttons and faders can be configured in different types of messages (CC, Chang Prgr, NRP, etc.)


I've had fifteen but I have some problems with some buttons that do not work as they should according to the manual ... see my post
I saw that some have had problems with then maybe towards SAV (Note that for a!)
I use it to control live and reason (the samplers) to rewire
I use it with an external power supply (not included) to avoid any heating ...
I chose it mainly for its cot while a small (keyboard + faders + knobs) programmable
portable and lightweight (I also have an old Yamaha V50 25 kg)

I add a little flat today's my opinion
the keyboard off again in the box to the seller ...
an encoder knob endless (the data value n6) just let go ...
3 months of use (not even intensive) and has been able to walk! (Yeah I know was coming, but I hope that has come only once) ...
thank you for the guarantee

Evy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation Remote 25
The numbers and different types of touch controller keyboard aftertouch evec


I love the touch I really think is to be the best in its class I served especially for the renter to squenses (short) synthbr /> it is better prvoir another keyboard more cosquent for "real" keyboard player
Gnral the configuration is fairly simple but cinfiguration templates is long too long .... (finally seen the control numbers has affected it's a bit normal)
Book the manual is in English but in tlchargeable franais (62 pages) it is my opinion very interesting ...


A week

+: Multiple controllers and eur numbers

- There is a book without cable (or twelve o'clock or usb) either no power supply ...
the templates recordings
a mk149c Evolution but there's no comparison ...
seen good manufacturing quality usb cable but when I hit the same!
yes I would do this choice!