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  • The best 8-inch powered monitor speakers for less than 700€ per pair
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    The best 8-inch powered monitor speakers for less than 700€ per pair

    11/18/17 in Active Monitors

    Sometimes you need a couple of big speakers, but can't necessarily afford them. Don't panic! There are some speakers with an 8-inch woofer that can manage the low end quite decently without setting you back more than 700€ (about $800). We haven't tested all of them, but you probably have had (or have) the chance to listen to most of them.

  • Setting up your home studio – Part 6
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    Setting up your home studio – Part 6

    09/05/17 in Studio monitors

    So far we have focused on the room that will accommodate your home studio, its soundproofing and acoustics. The time has come to start thinking about everything that will go inside. Let's begin with the one thing you can't do without: a monitoring system.

  • Dynaudio LYD 7 Review
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    Dynaudio LYD 7 Review

    10/03/16 in Dynaudio LYD 7

    We are the first to brawl about the lack of innovation among speaker manufacturers. Dynaudio is one of those brands with an undeniable know-how, but whose road map only seems to lead into a desert where you can find a rock or a cactus from time to time...definitely not the best place to be for a thirsty home-studio owner. So it came as a surprise …

  • Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Review
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    Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Review

    06/13/16 in Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube (2014)

    You just got your main monitor speakers and are already looking for a second pair? Boy are you a compulsive buyer! What's that you said? Auratone is back with its famous 5Cs? Okay, well maybe just this once I'll turn a blind eye...

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Dynaudio presents LYD series monitors
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Dynaudio presents LYD series monitors

    04/07/16 in Dynaudio LYD

    Dynaudio Pro have announced the launch of their new LYD Range of Studio Monitors.

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 8340A & 8350A
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 8340A & 8350A

    04/07/16 in Genelec 8340A

    In addition to two new subwoofer models, Genelec is also presenting two new monitors, the 8340A and 8350A.

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 7360A & 7370A subwoofers
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 7360A & 7370A subwoofers

    04/07/16 in Genelec 7370A

    Genelec introduces the 7360A and 7370A, two new subwoofer models.

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Palmer Monicon L
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Palmer Monicon L

    04/07/16 in Palmer Monicon L

    On his home ground, German manufacturer Palmer presents its new Monicon L Passive Monitor Controller.

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 8430IP
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 8430IP

    04/06/16 in Genelec 8430A IP

    Genelec presents the 8430 IP Network Compatible SAM Studio Monitor, which is compliant with the AES67 and Ravenna industry standards.

  • [MUSIKMESSE] Drawmer MPA-90 poweramp
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    [MUSIKMESSE] Drawmer MPA-90 poweramp

    04/06/16 in Drawmer MPA-90

    Drawmer is to introduce the MPA-90, a class-D stereo poweramp.