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Arturia Spark user reviews

  • Arturia Spark

    Arturia Spark - "classic "


    The spark is a great forward thinking idea put forth by Arturia. I wasn't sure what to expect considering this was Arturia's first walk in the park with a drum type machine and it was to be my first drum machine, but I have been very happy with the r…

  • Arturia Spark

    Arturia Spark - "One of my favorite drum machines"


    Totally independant unit. Tons of drum sounds. This unit is very much its own thing. I'm not sure I can compare it to any other drum machine. The capability is well on par with the price point. The stock content is actually very good. 808 drums…

  • Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

    Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine - " Top notch"


    How long have you use it? I received this morning. Have you tried many other models before buying it? I have several BAR (mfb 503, roland RX8, Alesis ....) What thing do you like most and least? What I like the most: it's easy and it soun…

  • Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

    Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine - " This is simply HUGE!!"


    Sparkle is not super well stocked with connectors (at the same time it is a controller so if you want a MIDI use your audio interface) It only has a USB port to connect to PC. There are about 500 sounds good on editable on which you can assign 2 + …

  • Arturia Spark 2

    Arturia Spark 2 - " Absolutely agree with the previous review ..."


    The installation is done it without problems? YES, easy as pie Have you experienced any incompatibilities? NO niquel The general configuration is easy? Much clearer than before and this is not a facelift as heard ... The manual is clear a…

  • Arturia Spark

    Arturia Spark - " The big fat"


    Usb port port midi in and out c is hybrid controller requires Nbrx sounds styles etc. .... (good idea of ​​guys ARTURIA to develop patterns by beautiful people ... Crystal distortion) Multi thoughtful internal effects (2 +2 per track back two mas…

  • Arturia Spark

    Arturia Spark - " favorite on the spark"


    I am using my spark with an average hp pavilion dv7 laptop, it runs very well even if I want to change the pc for more fluidity and thus push the software to its connection maximum.niveau c moi.le is perfect for a single default my taste is the lack …

  • Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

    Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine - " Editing workflow to review ... but seems great for live"


    View test On the box it is set as THE SPARK 1.6 is compatible with mac os 10.5 out this is not the case ... even after contact with Arturia. it surprises ... however it works but not optimally and logic pro 9 crashed sometimes. I will test shortly…

  • Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

    Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine - " almost Genial"


    USB connection plug & play if the app is open, some unusual concerns disconnections (just disconnect and reconnect the cable) but no impact on the sound if it is running. effects of good use for the small touch pad (very live) comes with a big …

  • Arturia Spark

    Arturia Spark - " Good box!"


    Hard controller with Software PC / MAC compatible. MIDI In and Out on the controller. Touch Pad effects. 1500 + instruments with different complete kits. All the editable sounds of their respective motor (sample / TAE / Physical modeling) …