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e-choes 04/07/2012

Arturia Spark : e-choes's user review


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midi in out, usb

I am satisfied for now, is the most .. AC drives ..

Operation is intuitive it really is going on largely manual,

We find all the advantages of a groove box, it's a real pleasure to deal (in loop mode)
AC leaves much to the imagination ..

and the feast of having the knob of stored above each pad is really well thought out .. we can easily adjust each sound independently and create loops really rich sound.

I do a lot of electronic music right now using analog synths more or less old enough color so hot, and spark up to ca largely I think because the sound is powerful, just as aggressive pr sound heavier than a mild directory hottest hip hop, pop show.

SERIOUSLY I CAN NOT do without it!!

namely that banks are very rich may have downloaded extensions or pack in more ..

I was pleasantly surprised by the samples offered by having ambient sounds of the instruments that limit see the full blow of the rif battery perfectly. I remember hours spent Colé above the spark, it can limit itself to sufir itself is addictive and all of outstanding quality, that's what's right, it sounds powerful and incredible clarity c ' is perfect.

I use it for 6 months and I no longer compose a song without yet I made recently of pop, hip hop and ca's always great.

However I have not used a lot of drum machine before. After I also have a groove box 'Maschine' from native instrument, I find that the drum sound of spark tape over, by the sounds against "Native Instruments" are really excellent, incredible. I do a bit of advertising can be dsl but the alliance "Spark", "Maschine" is amazing (we completely forget the MPC, in my simple opinion of course: p) and if unfortunately you added a little sound " moog "more then this is the beginning of a story ... (Arturia pack offers VST, AU "Moog" very interesting ... not as hot as an original but quite frankly with their particular emulation technology TAE instability reproducing analog oscillators at the time)

sorry I just broadens the subject but anyway go there it is blessed bread!